Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse
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"To all that come to this happy place, welcome! Disneyland is your land."

My goodness! I LOVE Disney EVERYTHING so much!!! I seriously can't get enough of it! Such a cliche thing to draw, but I really wanted to do it for myself and any other Disney fans out there :)

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KawaiiRos3|Hobbyist Artist
"Happiness, happiness everywhere"
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Walt: "Everything the light touches is our kingdom."
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DragonStrider's avatar
DragonStrider|Hobbyist General Artist
"Imagine it Mickey, a place with no brown people!"
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Landy-Lov-Alot's avatar
Walt Disney, The Master of Disney Studio and Creator of Mickey Mouse
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Disneypixeldrawler13's avatar
Disneypixeldrawler13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i aprove
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Disneypixeldrawler13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love walt disney
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american069|Hobbyist Filmographer
Wonderful artwork with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.
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diamondtapir's avatar
This reminds me of that moment in Toy Story 2 when Buzz was talking about "delicious hot schmoes" 
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FreshyCandle's avatar
FreshyCandle|Hobbyist General Artist
Your Art is beautiful
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CK-was-HERE's avatar
CK-was-HERE|Hobbyist General Artist
Yes. Just yes.
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TheBlckHood's avatar
TheBlckHood| General Artist
Walt: Just remember mickey, it all started...with a rabbit
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CharlotteSketches's avatar
CharlotteSketches|Professional Filmographer
Feels heart fall apart, cracking into little pieces of childhood memories and nostalgia!
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92CaptainWolf's avatar
92CaptainWolf|Professional General Artist
Very good! Very, very, good. :D
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Ikran's avatar
Walt: "extended copyright... extended copyright everywhere"
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patemvik's avatar
patemvik|Hobbyist General Artist
What inspiration?
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wasfight17|Hobbyist Filmographer
i love this
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scottssketches's avatar
scottssketches|Professional Digital Artist
awesome piece, I love this
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GhostShell5's avatar
"I can show you the world." Great Piece.
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SomePkmn-LovingDude's avatar
Walt Disney: Magic! Magic Everywhere!

Mickey Mouse: *amazed* Golly!
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Garobin4's avatar
Garobin4|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really love your Mickey :)
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Aeolus06's avatar
Aeolus06|Student Digital Artist
haha well done :-) The mind behind the mouse
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Curiosajess|Student General Artist
I thought he was telling Mickey that everything the light touches is his kingdom.
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LeopardSixteen|Hobbyist Digital Artist
If I could favorite your comment 100 times, I would. =)
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