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Street Fighter Ohana: New Challengers

Here's a closer look at the background characters to the same Street Fighter Lilo and Stitch piece I did: [link]
Jumba as E. Honda is my favorite. Seems really fitting..... like putting Pleakley in a skirt. I really didn't second guess that idea at all :)

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Love the idea for these new challengers. :) :love:
Ultimate-Jasper's avatar
Damn Nano thick lol
cursedironfist7's avatar
i love cammy and i love nani. this is perfect!
KatrinaIorio's avatar
Jumba as E. Honda is just priceless XD
blueseigi's avatar
the characterisations just fit good job
StarlyBelle's avatar
Peakley = Sakura? That is just PRICELESS. :XD:
ArtsyAica's avatar
Oh gosh this is just perf! I salute you good fellow!
DeLissio9's avatar
Pleakly you....just......ahhhhh to hell with it, fantastic btw
Holliesaurus's avatar
lilo and stitch great film so cute this is awesome
ArtistAbe's avatar
Thank you Holliesaurus! :D
Sousetsuken's avatar
Nani looks wonderful, David looks cool, but Jumba and Pleakly look goofy!
ArtistAbe's avatar
Excellent! Then I did my job well :)
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Samael391's avatar
love this, but I just gotta point out; Pleakley only has three legs
ArtistAbe's avatar
Yeeeeah... It was one of those things you notice long after it gets posted then smack yourself in the face after noticing it. :(
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Heh, this is hilarious.
RaccoonFoot's avatar
Nani's definitely got the legs for that outfit. XD
ArtistAbe's avatar
Definitely lets me go crazy with her curvy body :)
DeadCobra's avatar
Very funny
Nice Cammy
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