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Haunted Arkham Asylum gif

It only made sense to animate this piece to match how it works in the Haunted Mansion :) ....... now consider this dismaying observation: this chamber has no windows and no doors... which offers you this chilling challenge: TO FIND A WAY OUT!!! Of course, there's always my way... *fart* ...I mean *scream*

It's pretty fun to look at while listening to this :) [link]

If interested in purchasing this print, please email me at ABERLOPEZ@gmailcom
print size is 11x17 inches

facebook: [link] Tumblr: [link]
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This is the best! My favorite comic book characters and my all time favorite attraction!

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*squees more!* Animated!

Thank you, ghost host with the most! Heart 
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LOL! ... bravo. (in my best Paul Frees voice-over)
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The first time I went on this ride I was eight years old. That room used to scare me sooo bad! The first time I screamed my head off when he said there was no way out. Lol! XD Nw the ride doesn't freak me out. It's one of my favorite non-roller coaster rides! And now you've just made it even better! I want Harley's dress!
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Just thought I'd let you know, the link to Youtube is no longer current. The video's been taken down.
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Incredibly wonderful :squee: 
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That is amazing. Brilliant :D
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THis is so freaking awesome!!
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Just the right mix of ghoulishness, menace and mirth.
And all those in-jokes!
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Oh, this is just so cool.
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and you just made me want to go to disneyland... thanks alot XD
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OMG I love that ride!! :D
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Can I use for a gif?
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Go for it!  Don't forget where to send folks if they ask about it :D

Thanks for taking the time to ask.
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*Gasp* No pants hahaha how sexy hehehhe
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