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Harley and Joker Happiest Place On Earth

Harley Quinn and the Joker making the happiest place on earth even happier!! 😆😵🎈🏰
A gal in a romper is a happy gal! 😁 This drawing initially started out with me really wanting to put Harley in one and then it snowballed into a Disney trip!
This piece took much longer than expected. It mostly had to do with that background. I tried looking for some good castle reference online, but then ended up at Disneyland taking a whole lot of photos :D 

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T5-Comix-Cartoonz's avatar

You've done it now, Mister J. Now you're going to have TWO rodents coming after you. Dignity laugh

xxxkayceejrxxx's avatar

The Joker "Disney already have Marvel in their back pocket there's no way at their gonna own us Harley."

Harley Quinn "Yeah Mr. J let's burn down the house of mouse!"

Both lough "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

NudistandNerd's avatar

Hahahaha! It's funny because it's true

littlebutterfly987's avatar

i bought this print from you from Comic con in 2016! im still so obsessed with it!🥰🥰🥰

MysticAvengers's avatar

Joker: (gasps)

Harley: What is it, puddin'?

Bruce: What the-?

Tragould's avatar

let me guess he turns Jafar's staff against him!

ColonelFrontline1152's avatar
If Walt Disney bought DC COMICS.
Is the redhead in front of Bruce and Damian supposed to be Barbara Gordon?
It the frank castle in the black t shirt?
EclipseMaster1992's avatar

It's Bruce Wayne; he's there with Damian and I think Barbara Gordon

HunnyHazel's avatar
This is forever my favorite!
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
Oh, dear. :XD: We'll be lucky if there's any of the park left by the time those two are done!

(Also, brilliant touch with Bruce and Damian in the background!)
Hellotimelord's avatar
One of the BEST Harley Joker hijinks pictures I have ever seen!
Not-Oliver's avatar
This is already 11/10 then you notice Bruce and Damian and it gets even better.
sosnw's avatar
this is some superb storytelling. Great stuff as always.
Darkdealer65's avatar
two things:

1. Something tells me that's Bruce with the scowl

2. I'd ask how Harley was allowed in wearing that, but I've got a pretty good idea
DaemonKing's avatar
Hilarious, and clever addition with the background characters :D
GeliBubbleGum's avatar
Hahaha😂, I love it! 😊😍
gabbygoodarts's avatar
This is amazing! I really love your renditions of Harley. They're the bees knees <3
Is that Bruce Wayne with the ice cream in the background?
carlshocker's avatar
Maybe and those who are next to him are Robin and Batgirl
JMKohrs's avatar
So glad I was able to find you at Phoenix Comicon and get this amazing print!  Gonna have to get a real nice frame for it. :D
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