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Gotham Public Works Cosplay

Keeping the ball rolling with Cosplayer Appreciation Month by spotlighting Tara, Donny and little Jack of Gotham Public Works with their Harley Quinn and Joker nuclear family cosplay :D
I just couldn't stop taking their photos when I saw them at San Diego Comic Con! Great cosplays and very pleasant people #LoveYourCosplay
You can follow them at… and at

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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

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I feel like their child would have red hair, cuz headcannon is that joker's natural hair is red. I LOVE T HIS THO
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That is so cute and messed up at the same time. Great.
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That baby is gonna have a screwed up lie
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I really like how people are excepting of Kenneth Quinn.
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I can just see "Dad" encouraging jr. when he starts torturing small animals. 
I wonder if he'll be nemesis to the son of Nightwing and Batgirl...or Batman and Catwoman. 
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OOOOH a baby joker. I LOVE IT
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Dawww! Lil' Junior!
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That's actually really cool... and disturbing, not sure if I'd want them to be my neighbors.
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Beautiful design. This is perfect B-)
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I love it how Harley's built came out, specifically her broad hips and hairdo. Not only does it portray accurately the model's likeness but also conveys that bombshell / fifties housewife look. Very good!
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The idea for costumes is awesome. You rarely see smething original and creative (as this).
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finally joker  surrendered to HQ
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Hi there, I think your cosplay is really awesome. I work as a co-editor for Caped Crusades another site. It's a website dedicated to all things Batman and I would like to use your cosplay for our cosplay fo the week post. We would of course give you full credit for the costume in the post. My email is let me know if you're interested in letting us post your cosplay. If you are interested let me know what name you would like me to credit and any websites you would like me to link to.
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This turned out fantastic. Well done. 
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