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Different Slave, Same Outcome

Poor poor Jabba.... he just can't find a decent slave girl that doesn't want him dead.

Got asked by :icondarkwarrior: to join in with other artists on drawing well known ladies and putting them in Princess Leia's slave outfit and so i came up with this! Rapunzel is still fairly new, but she's already becoming an instant favorite with people out there. Hopefully i'm the first to come up with this idear:)
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As escravas sexuais dele eram princesas então morreu feliz.

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Use what you have to strangle him. Leia had chains,she has the hair.

A Mulher Maravilha teria o laço.

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Don't Jabba's guards ever notice when their boss is being strangled by a slave girl? 

Ele gosta e orientou a nunca interromper.

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It's nitpicking but I feel like she should be choking him with a braid since Princess Leia had a long braid part of which was wound into a bun at the back of their head. Given the scene where Rapunzle gets her hair braided by little girls, you could have done a nice little tie-in with the flowers flying everywhere.
Just a thought, still a very cool pic.
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Oh, God, this deserves a reward!
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I agree!  So UNBELEIVABLY hott!!!!!
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 Take That, and Strike a Blow for Blondes everywhere with Really long Hair.
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Ha ha! Nice!
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Bet this slave tastes better though..
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It's Leia all over again!
Final thoughts of Jabba the Hut, "I should have cut the hair...."
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So if she sings right before he dies, does recover just to die again? 
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Turn the table Jabba! I know you can do it!
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She was freeing Eugene from Jabba's palace. Apparently, Boba Fett could tell that was him on the bounty poster just with the wrong nose.
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Do you follow MY gallery, per chance?  ;)
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Saw this on Facebook.  Extremely funny and cool take on it!
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Strangled haha
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Bravo! Also, awesome pic.
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Lucky she didn't break out the frying pan!
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good my-geekself feels delighted 
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