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Mature Content

TG TF: Jumba and Morpholomew's Lilo experiment,It was hard for me to think about where to go next for a long time. So I let Ryan keep my device that could take anyone almost anywhere, anytime, in any world they wanted and they could always come back to reality making it seem as if they never left. It was especially hard to think as there were still episodes of Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats that hadn't been copied to the right sites yet. Episodes 2-26 of Fix and Foxi and friends had been copied to a certain site. Ryan had managed to get all the Despicable Me movies onto the right sites. All that was left of the Incredibles franchise to be copied to a certain site was Mr. Incredible and Pals. In the meantime Ryan had uploaded all of Lilo and Stitch to his youtube channel. He found out that Experiment 316 had the power to shapeshift himself and anyone else into anyone else as long as he knew what whoever he was doing the changing into looked like. That experiment was named Morpholomew. Lilo used Morpholomew to change into Keoni to replace him while he was away. Just like I turned into Cleo in the world of the Catillac Cats and replaced her while she was on vacation. But all the cats knew about me and no-one in Lilo's world knew about her. Lilo even turned into Jake Long to replace him while Captain Gantu kidnapped the real Jake thinking he was the experiment. Spud had changed into Morpholomew to trick Captain-Gantu into taking the wrong creature. Like Ryan had been turned into Margo to create a diversion when he was in the world of Despicable Me. But Ryan escaped by himself on using the device to come back to reality and Spud needed his friends to escape. A funny thing there was that Margo Gru had been voiced by Miranda Taylor Cosgrove and she was Sarah in that Lilo and Stitch episode. Ryan thought about using the device to go to the world of Lilo and Stitch. He wondered if there was any good reason for Morpholomew to change him into anyone. Lilo was his first choice. He remembered that with Despicable Me I said to go to some time after the end of the last movie. I didn't know if going to before the first movie, during a movie, or between the movies would disrupt the space time continuum of that world or just create a parallel universe that couldn’t be seen through tv. I didn't want to take any risks though. I asked him to see if he knew that with the Incredibles and he remembered. I wasn't there to make sure he remembered. But I shouldn't worry because he had.So Ryan went to the world of Lilo and Stitch near Lilo's home. He noticed Jumba was scratching his head. "Hello Jumba" said Ryan. "I'm Ryan. What are you thinking about?" Jumba looked at Ryan. "How do you know my name?" he asked. "I've seen your past as movies and tv episodes" said Ryan. Then he explained about the device that brought him to that world and things he wanted. "Wow!" said Jumba. "I wonder if I can make something like that device you used to get here?" Ryan thought for a moment. "Maybe you can" he said. "It would be great if someone in my world could duplicate the device. Then I wouldn't have to go to Sam's house and he wouldn't have to come to mine. Maybe more people in my world could travel to other worlds." Jumba started to look puzzled. "I guess that would be good, but who's Sam?" he asked. "Sam was the first to find the device since it ended up in a dump" said Ryan. He said what my full name was and what his full name was. He even said about where he and I had been before using that device and what we did there. He said that he knew about Morpholomew. "I wonder if Morpholomew could do some transformation for anyone to pose as a twin?" asked Ryan. "And dose your alter ego have a name? Or does Agent Pleakley's alter ego have a name?" Jumba was confused. "You and Pleakley had disguised yourselves as Earth humans at times" said Ryan. "Oh we hadn't thought about names" said Jumba. "Well if there's any point in making anyone think you, Pleakley, and your alter egos are different people then you know what to do" said Ryan. "I see that a problem is that Morpholomew can't change vocal cords. Maybe if he could get deep inside to know what the vocal cords of the one that someone else is to change into is like then maybe he could change vocal cords." Jumba thought for a moment. "It seems like a good idea but we may need to do some tests first" He said. "How about doing some testing by turning me into Lilo" suggested Ryan. "That sounds like a plan to me" said Jumba. "But we'll have to get everyone we need together."So Jumba took Ryan up to Lilo's house. Ryan saw Nani, Lilo, and Stitch. In the mean time Jumba went to get Morpholomew. "Hello Nani, Lilo, and Stitch, I'm Ryan" said Ryan. "How do you know our names?" asked Nani. Then Ryan told her what he told Jumba. "How sweet of you!" said Nani. "Making sure things that show our past will last! If you spend time here you may know just what others may try searching up and use that to your advantage." She reminded him of Helen Parr from when he was in the world of the Incredibles. It's a good thing I wasn't there. It's what Olma Eusebia had said when I was in the world of Fix and Foxi. That would be boring. Olma had reminded me of Cleo and Wordsworth from when I was in the world of the Catillac Cats. Anyway Ryan told them as much as he could about me and him using the device to go to worlds we'd been to before and what we did there. Soon Jumba and Morpholomew came. "Ok now to see if we can get changing forms to also change voices" said Jumba. "Do you think you should take the device I need to get home so that you are ready to make a duplicate of it?" asked Ryan. "I'll take it now" said Jumba. So Ryan gave Jumba the device. Then Morpholomew had a good look over Lilo and even checker her throat for vocal cords. Then he moved to Ryan and like a pink star was shining near Morpholomew's hand and his head morphed into Lilo's and he started to change Ryan.As Morpholomew's head turned back to normal Ryan's feet started to shrink then his shoes and socks turned into black sandals that had the straps round above the balls of his feet. The skin on his feet darkened. As his legs shortened and turned brown his trousers disappeared. His pennies and tests shrank inside of him and a tight vagina replaced them and his pants changed to fit and turned lacy. His belly lost hair as he shortened and his shoulders cracked inwards and his arms shortened and turned brown and his hands became dainty. His upper clothes turned into a red dress with short sleeves and white leaves for the pattern and the skirt went down to the tops of his feet. As his neck turned brown his Adam's Apple disappeared. His lips became more feminine. His nose grew and became rounder. His eye brows went from brown to black. When all of his skin was brown the hair on his head changed colour same as his eyebrows and grew down to his belly.Then the star disappeared. "You look like Lilo, but do you sound like her?" asked Jumba. "We can find out straight away" said Ryan. "Ah! It worked!" said Jumba. "Ryan you're a genius!" Ryan wanted to look at himself in a mirror and he asked. "Yes you may" said the real Lilo. So Ryan went to look for a mirror and he saw his new reflection. "Awww I do look and sound just like her! I'm so cute!" he said. Then he went back to the others. "So now we change you back to normal" said Jumba. "Not yet" said Ryan. "I'd like to spend some time like this while you're working on making your own device that can take anyone almost anywhere, anytime, in any world they wanted and they always come back to their own reality making it seem as if they never left. Jumba work on making your own device while I talk with the rest of you so we can understand each other more." So off Jumba went with the device Ryan needed to get home and Ryan talked with Nani, Lilo, Stitch, and Morpholomew.Ryan said what he could about his world and what he liked to do there. Stitch said what he could about before he came to Earth and what he did on Earth. Lilo and Nani said what they could about their lives. They even pointed out where their stories met.Soon Jumba came back. "I've done it" he said. "I've made my own device." Then Ryan explained what I had told him to be sure that anyone that used Jumba's duplicate of the device would use it safely. "Messing around in the past could have a major impact on your present reality" said Ryan. "Even messing around in worlds where your reality could see you effect them could have effects on your reality. So be careful." Jumba thought and understood. "Ok we'll be careful" he said. "You do understand why I came to what all that my world saw of yours saw as the future" said Ryan. "Yes" said Jumba. "So that all of what your world saw already happened and you couldn't change it. Ok then lets change you back." So Morpholomew went up to Ryan and like a pink star was again shining near Morpholomew's hand and his head morphed into Ryan's old, then back to normal and he changed Ryan back to normal. Then Jumba gave Ryan back the device he needed to get home. "Does Ryan have to leave?" asked Stitch. "Yes" said Ryan. "This isn't my reality. And I have to sort out my youtube channel if things in my world that show your past will last. I've had a great time here and I hope you lot have to. Well goodbye Jumba, goodbye Nani, goodbye Lilo, goodbye Stitch, and goodbye Morpholomew." and together the others said "Goodbye Ryan."Then Ryan used the device to go home. Then he went to his computer and went to his youtube channel and put of much of his experience as he could into the descriptions of his videos that were about Lilo and Stitch. He decided to rest then and when he was ready he'd see if anyone in reality could duplicate the device that could take anyone almost anywhere, anytime, in any world they wanted and they could always come back to reality making it seem as if they never left. Then he and I wouldn't have to go back and fourth to each others houses to take it in turns to use the one device. Things would be much easier for us then.
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