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L'art est la Solution au Chaos

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"L'art est la Solution au Chaos"

Krita 2.8 (git master)
David Revoy's Brush Pack V3.
SID Debian GNU/Linux
Wacom Intuos II
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Quite possibly my favourite use of the hatching brush ever. :D
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It makes me glad even though I had seen lots or really nice uses of krita brushes.To be honest, I'm still trying to trasition from bursh, pen, and ink to a decent digital workflow and krita has been a great help on that direction. It has a really non-intrusive interface that I can just select my basic bixel brush, go to full screen mode and start sketching without any worries. It it to digital illustration as vim is to programming: the best tool to think about what you are doing and not worry how the program works... just a few keystrokes and you're done.

I've bought all the krita's dvd courses and was thinking about helping with some tutorials in pt_br. Krita has been such a blessing that have no idea how to contribute to community since I'm not able to actually help fund the development of the comic book ideas boud had announced a while back. The balloon's and translation parts would be awesome and I'd be most interest in help funding them but I'm not able to pay finance than a couple hours a month.

But, as I said, krita, as well as deevad's and ramon's tutorials, have completely change my view, and work, with digital illustration. What once was a obvious try to work with a rotating canvas as mirrored canvas has now became the only way I can work digitally - with the exception of 3D with blender but that falls in completely different category.

And, even though my introvert nature does not help me, I really appreciate all those favs you have given me.. They are one of the most compelling reasons I try different resources in krita every sketch I make.

Again, as always, I appreciate all of those kind words  you use to address my work. I'll sure try to repay them by creating some good works with krita...