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Batmobile - The Tumbler Street

Same model. I initially wanted to render a street wise scene, cause I personally think the Tumbler is more rugged and suited for a urban setting. But many people wanted to see it in a cave. I still think had I done a street scene, I could have gotten a better output.

Oh well.

3DS MAX and Photoshop
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You really are a moron, see what gives it away as being a model made by Russell Tawn is that he made up the tyre textures, they are completely different from any existing reference for the tumbler.
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Its not your model dude and will be good if you credit the one who made it !
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It is my model. I did this years ago when my handle on 3dtotal forums was disturbed_1. I do not plagiarise other people's work.
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ahahaha ok retard
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So I don't log in DA much hence the late reply,  but if you want proof that this model is mine, just go here;…
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I've had this as one of my wallpapers for years and only recently realised it was CGI. Amazing work, sir =D
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Haha awesome! And thanks!
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where can i get the .3d file.???
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i want this for my gift this year !!!
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I myself am a Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Can't wait for the third one with Bane and Cat Woman! Is that the actual car?
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I love this car.

Very nice work. :D
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really really great work!!
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Awesome model! Just wow, all those details are great! I have to create a vehicle for a 3D class I have, and was thinking about tackling this guy, but after seeing your model I don't think there's much of a point. Keep up the great work.
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Lol, this model is so good that I have been using it as a referance for my tumbler
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my there a way to get one in 1920+1200 resolution from the side on a black background....

speachless.. :D
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man u rock u have inspired me in makin this tumbler for my portfolio i was wondering if i could use some help from u man i want to make in maya could u gve me some tutorials on this pls man i really need ur help
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Thank you very much! :D
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