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Batmobile - The Tumbler

Well. I finally finished the model. Took a long time. Pretty much my longest project up to date. Broke my back modelling it. But learnt a lot. Hope y'all like it.

3DS MAX and Photoshop.
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The Iranians also have their own version of the Batmobile…
I'm curious to know when you are actually going credit the people who actually made the models you use, like this one. It was modelled by Russell Tawn in Lightwave and the model is freely available to download at, although if twats like you keep claiming his work as your own it may not be available for long and neither will any of his new models!
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Sorry to disappoint, but this model is mine. It's something I did in 3ds max in my spare time several years ago. 
Rubbish, fool. Like I said in your gallery. Russell Tawn who made this model took the deliberate step of making up his own tyre textures so that it was different from any existing reference material of the tumbler, so you carry on deluding yourself mate but your name has been plastered over every 3d art forum as being a thief and I'm talking about the forums that the pros visit, not a shit tip like Deviant Art.
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KUDOS! amazing work my friend, your amazing with 3d's max.
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WT*! Amazing work. You are a pro. *-*
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If I hasn't known this was 3D I might have thought it's a photo, it's that good :thumbsup:
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you're really good
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Wish someone could put it inside a game (NFS Most Wanted for example?), to see how it performs...Great Work BTW...
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wow, that is fantastic work..
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HOLY CRAP! i have to know, as a computer animator and modeller.... is the model available anywhere to download?
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My god that's shit hot man!serious amount of work and effort obviously went into this keep it up! WOW!
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holy shit its the best tumbler ive seen rendered

definitely faved+
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holy shit its the best tumbler ive seen rendered

definitely faved+
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Wow... awesome!
Great job! :worship:
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man this looks so real! U probably have spent a lot building the geometry, then the texturing, then getting the right lights...

I'm gonna fav this! :thumbsup:

q: what rendering engine have U used?
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I can not believe it is done in photoshop!!!.
It's AWESOME. at first sight I was sure this was a photo you got from the movie studios.
Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just plain CRAZY ! Wicked kewl! If you got time, it'll be cool if you visit my gallery. I got Tumbler too, tx !
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Awesome, just awesome, probably better that the version they used in the movie. My gob is thoroughly smacked.
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