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DEATH BATTLE: Beetlejuice Vs The Crypt-Keeper



Well here I decided to make another death battle involving two of my favorite horror comedy stars, Beetlejuice and The Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt. If you're familar with the Beetlejuice movie, you'd know that this character comes and goes everytime someone says his name three times. However he is a pretty powerful spector and he could literally zip your mouth shut before you have the chance to send him back. The Crypt-Keeper, or "Crypty" for short, is a zombie who just loves to tell scary stories all through the show, and tell some dark, cheesey puns. Both of these ghouls know how to play it scary and funny at the same time. In fact they also have their own kids cartoon spinoffs which came out in the 90's (which I edited the color of BJ's shirt from). Both themes from the Beetlejuice movie, and the Tales From The Crypt series were composed by the great Danny Elfman. Now if these two were to fight, it would definatley be the all powerful, Beetlejuice, unless Crypty here says his name three times.

Beetlejuice (c) Tim Burton and Warner Bros.

Tales from the Crypt (c) HBO
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