So, unlike my previous stints of twice a year, here I am with more updates and new folders:

:bulletred: Critiques Requested
:bulletred: Comic Pages + Not Fan Art

These two folders are set to two a week, to keep them from being flooded. Please remember that Critiques Requested doesn't guarantee receiving them, but I do strongly urge that if you submit to the folder, consider giving a critique to another.  

To gauge the potential of a small contest for this group, if you would take a few moments to click a single button for me in this poll:  I will work on possibly putting something together to get this group a new icon. It's been a few years.

Blendervember - Because I'm always lateHello my loyal subjects and people who just randomly stumbled upon this.
As the title suggests, I completely missed out on Inktober, both because I was busy with work and was busy at the university.
But now, with my potato pc finally replaced with my new beast of a rig (it feels so wrong to spend two years of savings for the parts),
I'll actually be able to pump out new renders at a much quicker pace.
Which brings me to the whole point of this Journal:
I'm going to do all the Inktober prompts in November.
And because I'm oh so clever, I named it Blendervember - How creative of me!
Anyways, if you are interested in joining me in my dayly adventures you can head over to my vimeo channel,
where I will be uploading some timelapses of my dayly work. Additionally there will be a discord channel,
where I'll be discussing with everyone who's interested in 3D, Blender, Games or anything else for that matter.
Looking forward to meeting a few of my watchers over there and of cou

Starframe3D is doing a November variation of Inktober, with a bit of a twist, featuring renders instead of Ink. Please Check them out and see if it's a thing you're interested in!

If you have an event or contest you'd like to feature, you can note the group, or submit it to the folders. I will make an effort to be featuring things with frequent updates. Emergency Commissions can either be comments on the main page as they have been or you can note the group as well. I will do my best to stay on top of it within a week.

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Thank you for featuring my silly little excuse ;)
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