GAN is the name that has been given to the respiratory virus that has been concealed underneath layers of ice in Antarctica for millennia.  

[Year 2021]

Due to the continually rising temperatures caused by climate change, the virus has once again become active. What was once ice, has now become water, allowing the virus to be gradually spread to surrounding areas by forceful Nordic Winds. A mere 12 years later, the virus managed to spread across the planet.

 A constant cough and sore throat have been identified as the main outward signs of infection. The most devastating aspect of the virus however, is that it dehydrates the human body 12 times faster than it would normally. For a humans, the adequate water consumption cycle is approximately 3.3 litres per day. This has now become 44 litres per day. Depending on the age of those infected, dehydration would set in after minute or hours, leading to a constant urge to drink water in order to ease their pain and to stabilize their body functionality. Due to the increase in water demand, clean water prices skyrocketed globally, and the situation has reached the point where clean water has become the most valuable and highly sought after substance on earth.  

 [Year 2030]

  Leading scientists around the world began working together to produce a cure. Water consumption had increased by a factor of 2 thousand when compared to the late 1900s. In an attempt to produce clean water from previously unused sources, such as oceans and lakes, organizations such as the United Nations constructed various non consumable water filters. This excessive water treatment process was unsuccessful, as scientists didn't have enough time to validate the microbial reaction the water would have to the antibiotics meant to filter it to make it safe for human consumption. Chemical substitutes used for the dirty water meant that those who were already infected with the virus suffered even more. Hospitals soon reached maximum capacity, and as follows, the low and middle class could not afford to buy water to ease their pain. The human population began fading out.  

  A study showed that those who were exposed to the Gan virus past middle age were unlikely to withstand and endure the pain when compared to the young population (between birth and 5 years of age). The scientists conducting the study explained this by suggesting that the younger generation had developed an immunity to the virus due to self-developed antibodies that reconstructed their DNA so that the Gan virus does not harm the host. The new immune system brought up previously undiscovered body conditions such as stronger pain tolerance, the general improvement of physical aptitudes, water thrust resistance, faster climate adaptation, and slower cell aging.  

[Year 2032]  

 There was an attempt to transplant immune blood cells from immune new-borns to other people, hoping that these antibodies would recognize the anti-Gan cells and reconstruct on their own. Sadly, participants in this experimental study would suffer heart attacks and most often die. This was because both DNA structures were not able to communicate with one another, and the subjects' bodies had constant conflicts of Leucocytes (White blood cells). After a few years, the project was abandoned. In the meantime, the virus had perfectly established itself in the air, and scientists were able to create effective water filtering systems. This lead to worldwide conflicts for remaining water resources. The Atlantic ocean was soon the last existing ocean on earth.  

[Year 2059]  

 Three quarters of water resources on planet earth had been exhausted. Due to rising water prices and difficulty in accessing clean water (due to heavy protection of water resources in high level societies) resistance groups started forming. These groups would ravage water sites. The whole planet had become a war zone, filled with anxious and desperate people. Each side of the remaining groups were attacking one another in an attempt to claim clean water sources for themselves.  

 This lead to a dramatic global temperature increase, and cold areas became three to four times warmer than in recorded history. This resulted in massive waves of refugees who had to leave their home lands due to the fact that it was impossible to survive in their current conditions. They decided to leave to find a new place to establish themselves. Sadly, due to all the existing global stress, they were not accepted anywhere. These unusual conditions, and the growing refugee crisis sparked hatred and rejection from those who owned water sources.  

 The current story is taking place after the great war of the ''Slagveld'' (year 2070 – 2073). This was the war for what remained of the Atlantic ocean. Before the elders old ad passed away, they were assigned specific roles within their religions to protect their history and culture for the future generations. It was hoped that these groups of people would be able to preserve their own history and cherish the values that had been passed from generation to generation.

The end of the war of the ''Slagveld'' resulted in the loss of many people. Four prodigies (or the most talented individuals) were assigned by the last surviving elders. People called them ''Prospers''. The continent was divided into 5 regions, and the Prospers were given land ownership of a respective region: Land of Aleksithimia (Grand Central - Central Europe), Land of Elpida (Eurasia), Land of Slagveld (African continent), Land of Exoria (Nordic countries) and Land of Nekros (The first area that has been affected by the Gan virus, appears to be inhabited). After the election each Prosper applied their own culture and religion to their land. The agreement of peace had finally began. [Year 2073] Four prospers could have made a pact of permanent ceased-fire, however, internal problems of acceptance between the inner population and conflicts within lands were never concluded.

 Remaining territories were still under anarchy rules which constantly led to conflicts between native and previously migrated inhabitants. Due to the lack of natural resources both parties were struggling to maintain a healthy and sane balance; Depending on regions, plantation of resources and hunting were rarely possible without specific constructions and gears; This was the main cause of famine in rural areas.  

 The Lands of Elpida (Eurasian continent) or has never been in contact with anyone from the other lands, there were rumors that these lands who's had a majority of elder population, could not reproduce fast enough and that therefore, the whole western population had become extinct. Unfortunately, after the war, nobody cared to cross the dead ocean and investigate what was going on the other side. Some merchants were spreading rumors that in the Nekros area (Land of the Dead) Gan virus has provoked some sort of mutation within its hosts, specifically affecting wild life and that it is extremely dangerous approaching these lands. Merchant sources were never clarified and confirmed to be reliable as nobody had been to these lands after the infection since reaching Nekros required several weeks of travel. Hence what the merchants told about Nekros was never clarified and confirmed.  

 After the Slagveld war, the fallen ones who could not develop Gan immunity were left behind untreated rotting under the sun and waiting for the decomposition process to begin. According to the four prospers, since there was no cure created against the virus, These people were considered a burden and resources were not to be wasted, as the young generation was already facing severe famine. These who were left on the battlefield were screaming in pain under the burning sun which was intensifying the dehydration process until their heart seized; Meanwhile, the Gan virus was doing everything possible so that the host body would die before it had consumed all its resources. Sadly, the body of the host could not stop functioning until the heart stopped or someone finished them off...  

 The land of Slagveld had been heavily impacted by these problems as the ocean had been depleted and had become a desert. Due to the high temperatures, civilization was scarce and hunting was extremely limited. On the other hand, the land of Aleksithimia, controlled by prosper Aleksithimia himself, has become the richest land of them all.
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