ahh I don't post enough here//POINT COMMISSIONS??

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Sooo, how is everyone?

I've been busy trying and failing to balance school, two internships, video games, and personal projects. I can't believe Black Adventures' second year anniversary is coming up in two... less than two days;;; Time passes by too quickly!

Anyway, I've never made a journal on other places to find me. For whatever reason you wanna contact me, the best place is through Notes here on DA, or non-anon messages on tumblr, though I hear their message system isn't the most reliable. I'm also kinda active on twitter!

My main tumblr: artist-black.tumblr.com/
Derp tumblr for anon questions: ask-artist-black.tumblr.com/ (got a ton on unanswered questions right now though;; )
Twitter: twitter.com/artist_black

Also, I seem to have accumulated points here again, so WHO'S TAKING POINT COMMISSIONS? I'M JUST CASUALLY GONNA ASK FOR PERSONA 2 FAN ART FROM EVERYONE. (please link me to your prices if you're taking commissions)
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crap, i was hoping you were doing commishes TT^TT
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Well, I have done some private commissions recently :u
The reason I'm not advertising commissions is because I know I can't finish things in a timely manner right now;;
But if you don't mind waiting over a week or so, note me with more info!
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Sounds like a bit of a hassle ^_^
If you still have points too I can take commissions~
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I Dooo 2 Point Chibi Commissions. o3o
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I'm currently not taking point commissions, but I do know that :iconpettybluez: is! Here prices are here: [link] and examples are here: [link] . Anyway, I wish you luck with balancing school, internships, and video games at once. It must be quite busy over there. ;v;

Also, the fact you mention Persona 2 makes me want to replay the game. ;v; It's been a year since I last played it...
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I'm taking point commissions~
Now's a good time to ask too, everything I give is temporarily pick-a-price! [link]
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i would, i do MMD work though. my price changes based on what you rquest.
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I am making point commissions: [link]
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I'm taking commissions ^^ I'm thinking 25-30 points.You can look through my gallery and choose a style,because I do a lot of different things xD /I'msoinconsistent OTL
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but my :points: prices are soooo expensive XD
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I'm taking point commissions! I don't have a set price per se, but note me and we can come to an agreement on how much you want. :)
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School and two internships? o___0 Holy cow, how do you do that and still find the time to work on BA? I have so much respect for you right now.
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well, the internships count as class credit, so the workload isn't significantly higher than what I'm used to;;;
but my schedule is all fskjghgdjhfd because I have to go to LA every week
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She's taking point and cash commissions.
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Haha, Persona 2 fanart, of course xDD

Well, if you liked the previous one I did for you, my commissions are still open. (Prices have been changed though, sorry ^^; )
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[link] i do cheap point commissions.
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I take point commissions and I have also playing (am playing) Persona 2 so
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yes good
what are your prices?
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Oh SHIT I need to catch up with your webcomic!! XD
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My point commissions are open!
The link for the prices are in my signature ;v; <3
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Mine are open
they always are
and always will be XDD
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My buddy :iconnatsukoknight: does pretty good work and she's inexpensive, too.
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I feel funny.. after reading the Tornadus Dream World thingy.. :iconheaddeskplz: It's beautiful. I can't stop giggling.

I take point and money commissions :D
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