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Oh god, Day 0 is tomorrow fdhgjfdhtujfdsyh

Who's going?

My friends and I have table H6 at the artist alley! Like last year, I will give out free small prints to the people that can correctly guess who I am. If you got one already, give others a chance; I only have a limited amount of them;;

Anyway, hope to see you guys! I'll probably be behind the table most of the time, though I do wanna wander around the rest of the alley to see other artists;;

Oh man, I feel so unprepared :'u
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I'm going on Day 1. So you're H6? I can't wait to see you!!! You're one of my heroes!! :squee:
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Well I /hope/ I find you, I WANT DEM AVENGER KEYCHAINS! /sobbb so freakin cute ;__;
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I'm going! :la:
Trying to finish my last minute Iris cosplay ;o; (BW2 version)
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TAKE ME WITH YOU! so i can steal your stuff and drawings and keychains I'm not going T.T
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will you be there on Saturday too?
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I'll be there every day!
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This time I will be able to purchase more things this YEAR! YEAY! xD
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I, random watcher number three hundred and forty-seven, will be there! As Emmet! As I was last year! : D

I was going to make a ton of little Joltik plushies and hand them out to people (you included), but alas, I ran out of yellow thread. So, if you're going to ALA, expect a Joltik then!

As it is, I'll just be purchasing an Avengers keychain and running away like the awkward little thing I am.
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Someone take a picture of her for those of us that can't come :U
We must know what you look likeeee!
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I can't wait .
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I'll be there! I'm going to do my best and guess right o3o
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