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Pokemon Negotiations

By artist-black
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If I ever do a BW2 comic, it will be heavily influenced by Shin Megami Tensei;;
So instead of catching Pokemon the traditional way, Ebony would have to negotiate with them!
There will be many failures.

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*Audino is angry*

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poor guy T-T i guess this is why pokemon don't get a choice on being captured.
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That ending is pure gold XD
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Have I replied to this comic before?  Well, I just rediscovered it and it gave me such a good laugh.  Did anything ever become of your BW2 comic?
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"Do you think humans and pokemon can fall in love?"
"Yeeeaaah....I saw a wedding for a Tentacruel and a Water Gym Leader once. I was only stopping to ask directions, but then I got literally roped in as a witness. You'd think Escape Ropes would be easy to get out of, but they really aren't."
"......" *Blinks twice*
"Yeah, thank you for not asking details." *shiver*
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This is beautiful XD
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This is fr too accurate.
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Why isn't purloin's mouth tan? O_o
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That is so completely true it's almost not funny.
Almost, this is still pretty funny.

This also makes me wonder, what would an actual collaboration between Atlus and Game Freak look like?
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Purrloin and the money reminds me on the Gimme Cat monster from Final Fantasy 9. The Gimme Cat begs you a diamond, but it isn't a friendly monster and runs away after giving = its stealing our diamond without anything as reward.
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Oh how I love FF9. xD
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SMT Nocturne meets Pokemon! *claps*
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Whenever I try to recruit Dormarth in Shin Megami Tensei IV
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The better negociation were in Shin Megami Strange Journey, hey. Question first, then negociation, and you could day if it was failing or not at the demon reactions. No risk to give 2 emerald, 4000 Macca and 3 bead to some selfish Lilith before she suddently say "Sorry, but it will not work between us"  Nuu
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anyone else hate it when you've given up a crap load of cash, then they ask for something you DON'T have?
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Damn you ATLUS!!
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We need SMTxPokemon
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Then how the fuck would you get Audino to join your party?
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find her a husband XD
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Learn to lie and bribe. Also if Pokemon were like demons in SMT you would have to earn their respect to at least like you.
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absolutely hilarious and so accurate! I always hated that part when it came to persona 2, it feels like the game is mocking you over and over again. I'd say the negotiation part itself is a good concept, but a really bad execution.
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