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Jesus the Whimsicott

Jesus isn't gonna have an art shift in my comic any time soon, but I felt like drawing him like this already :y

People who don't read Black Adventures and somehow stumble onto this pic are gonna be pretty confused, haa;;

GAH I FORGOT THAT THE WHITE PARTS HAVE SLITS. I may or may not fix that in the future.
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Jesus: You dumbasses.....

Joy: *Smacks Jesus like a boss*

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I am naming my whimsicott jesus now. xD
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Black Adventures...bringing people closer to Jesus~:iconbuddyjesusplz: /shot so hard
Jesus looks gorgeous. I think I want to marry him. Several times over.
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Jesus is lovely looking.

I'll be kicked in the face if he ever saw this, huh?
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Don't FUCK with the Jesus!
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D'aaw I just drew Jesus like three seconds ago. xD
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Jesus, are you wearing your undies?
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I will now make a Black and Friends team on my Black. >:u It shall be done.
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Already done that.

*Smug look*

Sadly, no MISSINGNO.
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AMEN. /shot by N
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Jesus the Whimsicott is like a Pokemno Red Forman with all that callin everyone a dumbass XD
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He does look like a punk
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I know someone already asked how his name was pronounced, but how does Jesus himself pronounce his name?
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but he speaks in english, so he pronounces it the english way :u
if my comic's to be read in another language, I'd want his name pronounced however it's supposed to be in that language
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I demand Missing no. Ginjika :Y
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my friend has a whimsicott named jesus in her pokemon white
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Jesuus! I am your faaaan! (?)

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JESUS, Y U SO AWESOME. -fangirls silently-
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are you going to do joy or missingo???
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human joy's already in the main comic :u
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