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The Road of Courage - Chapter 9Chapter 9 - The Missing PieceWhile Twilight and her friends had a evening picnic, enjoying each other's company, Johnny and Dukey were looking at the night sky and its stars. The soft glow of the moon and the sparkling stars gave them a serene aura. And Johnny knew it too well, since the night always comforted him, when he needed it the most back then in his former world. The night was the most peaceful of the whole day of his life, when everything else went hellish.But this time, he had nothing to worry about. He found new caring friends, a new home and a community. However, there are some obstacles, he and his best friend had yet to conquer, like getting over from the remaining demons and letting go from the past.The others were having conversations with each other, when Gil went to the duo for a small talk."Hey, Johnny...Can I talk to you for a moment?" The aqua stallion asked."Yeah. What is it?" Johnny was curious to see, what Gil wants to talk about."You know, this place feels much better than...I can't say it's name." He looked down."Yeah. I know, what you're saying. At first, it was awkward settling down in a world of ponies and other creatures and even living as a pony myself, I kinda got used to it after a few days...sort of. My flying is still wonky though." Johnny scratched his head.When Gil looked at Dukey, he was...puzzled. Not only can he talk, but also is a half pony. A weird mix between a dog and an earth pony. He is basically a hybrid."Uhm, your dog looks...quite odd." Gil replied."I heard that! Plus, I still have no idea, how this happened.." Dukey sighed.They had no idea either, how it happened, but to save frustrations, the trio chalked it up with magic, even though Dukey was mutated."The thing is...Why did you decided to help me?" Johnny asked. He wanted to know, why Gil went through all the trouble to get the monsters arrested.After a sigh, the earth pony explained: "It's quite simple. You're my bro. On the day, I found out about your disappearance, it felt like my world came crashing down. I wanted to know, why. At first, I asked them, that if they know why. But they just shrugged and said that they have no idea. They also said, that he probably ran away, because he didn't do the chores. However, my gut was twisting, indicating that something wasn't right. Back then, I had no idea so I kept asking, but they always refused to answer. I kept trying and trying, but to no avail. At that point, I felt like, they were hiding something and started to lose my patience. So, I decided to find the answer by myself, by sneaking into your room and find some clues. This is, where I stumbled across that video and after watching it in my room, my anger reached to the max. I was so disgusted. And this is why I decided to get involved on the crusade.""It's true. We also decided to help him complete the mission." Mr. Black, Mr. White and Eugene came to him with a confirmation."In fact, I even sent the compilation of evidence, that they made, to everyone around the world. In order to make them see the truth." BBB nodded.Johnny was surprised. He had no idea, that there were people, who cared for him back then and actually were concerned, when he and Dukey left their world behind. It was quite a rarity, since the whole abuse made him forget about everything else."I don't know what to say, other than...thank you." He was touched by their dedication."Hey. As long, as you're ok, we are glad. I mean, hell, these guys had nightmares about you killing yourself!" BBB pointed at Gil and the agents."It's true. Somehow, that video emitted a negative aura around us and when we slept, nightmares occured. And god, it was really bloody awful. Literally." Mr. Black explained and the two shudder from that experience."But now that the whole mess is over and that we found you safe and sound, albeit as a pony, there is nothing to worry about." Mr. White smiled and the gang watched the night sky, when everyone saw shooting stars.]"Oooh! Shooting stars! Make a wish, everypony!" Pinkie Pie shouted.Everyone closed their eyes and thought of a wish each for a moment, as the shooting stars can still be seen. After a while, they opened their eyes."So, what did you girls wish?" Rainbow Dash asked."Parties! You?" Pinkie grinned brightly."Cool adventures. Duh." The prismatic mare shrugged."Mine is for great fortune in fashion and a great future." Rarity replied."Well, I wished for a peaceful future." Fluttershy warmly smiled."Mine is to help everyone about friendship everywhere, spreading the knowledge and harmony around Equestria and beyond." Twilight smiled."Well, what about yours?" Starlight asked Johnny about his wish."Simple. My wish is to be completely free of the past and start anew." He smiled."Same thing." Dukey nodded."We all do!" The group agreed. The guys looked at them with confused expressions."By the way, why did you guys decided to go there?" Johnny asked."Well for me, I wanted to escape and do my own destiny, not to be controlled by him!" Jillian growled a bit, remembering the reason."Don't you mean the-" However the men got cut off by the pink unicorn."Do NOT mention his fucking name! I'm so done with him!" She yelled loudly, which caused everyone to look at her in shock, even if Twilight an her friends had no idea, whom she was referring to."Are you serious?" Dukey asked."Yes, I am!" She continued to yell, causing Fluttershy, Dukey and even the agents to immediately hide in fear."Geez, calm down. Tell us, what happened." Johnny calmly told to the pink unicorn mare."'s just... what he did was just...unvorgivable..." Jillian apologized, while remembering the moment.Porkbelly, hours agoIt was a warm day in Porkbelly, when sounds can be heard inside of a green house. Meanwhile, Jillian was listening to music with her headphones in her room. She was really bored, as since Johnny's disappearence, she had nobody to talk to."Back then, when you vanished, I had nobody to talk to. It came crashing down and at that point, I'm stuck. So, I refused to talk to anyone personally and spend time to the internet, in order to distract myself from my dad. Not to mention, he outright refused to me to find friends.""Man, this is getting really boring!" She groaned. "I miss Johnny..."She sighed and buried her head on her pillow. Suddenly, her phone started to glitch and a video begins to play."What the? What is going on?" She was confused and annoyed at the glitching."It was at this time, when I watched the video..."The video included a massive compilation of Johnny getting abused by his own family. From inventions, tests, punishments, etc. Needless to say, the green-haired was shocked at the immense abuse."What in the..." She was in utter disbelief about the truth. "This can't be!"She ran downstairs."Where are you going?" the voice of her dad can be heard. A man in a dark green suit blocked the door, but Jillian jumped out the window."I should've locked the window earlier." He facepalmed.She ran and ran as fast as she could. Her heart was racing, as she continued running through. Eventually, Jillian managed to reach to her goal, only to see Johnny's family being arrested by police."When I saw them being taken in by the police, my fears were confirmed.""Oh my god..." Jillian was speechless. She took a few steps back, when she heard a voice, calling her. Immediately, the green-haired girl groaned, when she recognized the voice and sure enough, her father, known as the Dark Vegan had followed her."What do you think, you're doing!?" He yelled."Have you not watched the video, dad? It's the reason, why Johnny is gone!" Jillian barked."Eh, who cares!? With Johnny Test gone, I can finally furfill my goal of destroying planets witout any hinderance!" The Dark Vegan laughed.Witnessing her father's lack of empathy of his disappearence and the whole treatment, made her fill with anger."At this point, I had enough of his bullshit...""You know what, I'm done! You're fucking heartless!" She yelled loudly. It didn't sit well for the Dark Vegan."Hey, watch your language, lady!" He yelled back."I don't care! I had enough of your selfish and heartless ways! You didn't care for Johnny, for me, my mom or anyone else and instead care for your stupid plans, that would inevitably fail anyway!" Jillian snapped with tears in her eyes."How dare you!?" He was outraged. But she turned her back against him, as a sign of standing by her decision."I'm done! No more hiding, no more being passive! I have enough of your bullshit!" She was about to walk away, when the Dark Vegan pulled out his sword and was about to do something, when he was watched by the crowd, who were still there after witnessing the Test family's arrest."Hey, what do you think, you're doing?" A citizen asked."Out of my way, this is just a personal matter between me and my daughter!" He yelled at the crowd, but they didn't believe him."Yeah. Trying to disipline your daughter with a fucking lightsaber... You know, that you're not playing with us, when we saw the truth of what happened in this house!" The crowd soon got more angered."While he was distracted by the crowd, I ran as fast as I could. Hell, I used all of my stamina and speed in order to run really far away from him. And knowing, that he would look after me after he dealt with the people, my only solution is to go underground. So, I ran to that "Area 51.1" place and looked around for a bunker to hide."The green haired girl ran to the military base and immediately hid from the soilders. Knowing, that there are bunkers, she had to come up with a plan. Eventually, that plan came with a soilder, holding an ID card to a bunker. So she waited, until the soilder came at a close proximity to where she is hiding. Sure enough, when he walked to the crates, Jillian knocked him out with a plank and stealthly hid him and took his ID Card away from him. The next step was to find out, where the bunker is and how she can access it. However, she had to do it all, without being detected."Thankfully, there was a cloaking device lying around. So I used it on myself, in order to sneek past the moronic guards."She used the cloaking device and snuck past the guards and looked around for a door or an elevator to a bunker. She found one, but it was already taken, so she had to keep looking. Eventually after so many attempts to locate one and frustations and anger building up, Jillian managed to find an elevator, leading to a second bunker. And nobody is inside. So she placed the ID card on a scanner and soon, it granted access to the elevator. She then walked in with no hesitation. After a turbulent ride, it stopped at the lowest point and opened the door to the bunker."After finding a bunker, I hid there from him. I was actually scared for my life..."Jillian walked around and sat on her bed for a while, when suddenly, she stumbled across a computer, that was connected to a drone outside. She turned it on and activated the software, allowing her to see from the point of the drone's view."After finding a computer, that was connected to a drone, I used it, in order to see, what he's doing. God, I wish, I couldn't see that damn moment..."The drone looked around the whole city, yet there was no sign of the Dark Vegan. Jillian thought, that he might went home from a failed effort to find her, so she controlled the drone to fly at her house. While positioning the drone to a position, where nobody can see it, she saw him having an argument with her mom."I can't believe, that you would try to do that to our daughter!" She was outraged."Hey! I was trying to teach her a lession! And besides, with Johnny Test gone for good, I can finally destroy planets without any problems and improve Veganda for the better!" He proudly responded. But his wife was unamused."You really didn't change much after your defeat, huh? All I wanted is to live in peace, without any mentions of destroying him or Earth or any planet! But you always and I mean ALWAYS keep having those thoughts in your head! Why not just forget all of this and start over for once!?" She yelled.At this point, the Dark Vegan had enough. The failures and the fact, that his wife and daughter didn't support his plans were ultimately enough to make him snap."ENOUGH!" He pulled out a ray gun and shot his wife with it. It didn't kill her, but instead putting her in a hypnotised stare. As she got up, her eyes were glowing green and she showed no emotions."What do you want me to do?" Even her voice was different. It sounded more monotone and emotionless.Meanwhile, Jillian was horrified by the Dark Vegan actually hypnotizing her mother, the one who is also against his redundant plans. She shut off the programme, before she could see more of it."After witnessing that moment, I felt like my world has been shattered to pieces... I had lost my mom to his madness and with that, coupled with you disappearing, I truly felt alone...with nobody to talk to...This was the point, where my anger and sadness got unleashed..."She started to scream and destroy any object in her way. Her large amount of anger and sadness had blinded her senses, while she was wreaking havoc in the bunker. Glass breaking and wood smashing can be heard and feathers falling can be seen. After destroying the bunker, Jillian fell down on her knees and started crying."I've had enough! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF HIS BULLSHIT!" She screamed with tears in her indigo eyes. After what it felt like 2 hours of her sobbing and screaming, the green-haired girl finally stood up with her fists clenched."That's it...He crossed the line..for years, I've been living in a cage, without any light... but now...I want to get out! I'LL LEAVE THIS SHITTY WORLD! I'M SO DONE!" She yelled in the air and went to the door, while taking the ID Card.The green-haired girl scanned the ID card on the scanner, which gave her the access to open the door and allowing her to enter the elevator. After a few minutes, the elevator reached top level. During which, she used the cloaking device again to hide from the guards and from the Dark Vegan."I tried to find a say to leave this world. I was looking around to find something, when I overheard a conversation of leaving this world..."After she overheard a conversation, Jillian slowly sneaked towards the source, only to see Gil, BBB and the men in black activating the portal."At that point, it felt like, my prayers were answered. So I went to them, in order to leave it all behind."She deactivated the cloaking device and ran towards them."Hold up! I want to come with you!"Equestria, present"Oh my God..." Johnny was horrified."So, what you're saying had no freedom and despite your protest, didn't care about your opinion?" Rainbow Dash asked."Yeah... It still hurts, even after I left..." the pink unicorn mare looked down. Tears were forming in her eyes again, as even retelling that tale still hurts."Oh dear...I'm so sorry about what you've been through." The former principal looked at her."That must've suck." Zizrar shook his head. However, when everyone looked at him, he answered: "What? The video made us open our eyes. Plus, even we have morals."While Jillian sighed in tears, the slightly elderly earth pony prepared to tell his story."As for my side of the story, I'm gonna explain it now." He said.Porkbelly Junior High, a few days agoInside the principal's office, the former principle, known as Jules Harm, was doing his usual work. However, he looked sad, as he grabbed a poster about a missing person and looked at it. But not any missing person. The person, who disappeared a few days ago, was none other than one of his students and the one, he helped him with his kindness: Johnny Test."Ever since your disappearance, I felt like, something has been taken away from me..."Meanwhile, in one of the classrooms, Mr. Teacherman was teaching his students with the usual subjects. As usual, students looked uninterested and bored. It went on, until the bell rang."Okay, class! School is over, but remember! If anybody has an idea, where Mr. Test is or have any clues, then we will talk about it tomorrow, because we will be a part of a search party! Understood?" Mr. Teacherman asked to his students, but they all left, without giving him an answer.Back in the principal's office, Mr. Harm was still doing his work, like talking to the teachers, until he finished his day and went home. However, he kept asking himself as of why did Johnny vanish so suddenly? The last time, he met Johnny before his disappearance, he was his usual self and in good spirits."I kept asking myself, how it happened..."Even, when he was laying on the bed, the questions were still in his head."In fact, the questions kept me awake, since the circumstances of the situation was pretty strange. I wanted to know the reason, as of why...but I was left in the dark. At the same time, I felt tired. I needed some sleep. So I thought of thinking about it tomorrow.""Maybe tomorrow, I can think of that question.." he sighed and fell asleep.The next day...The principal was starting his work in the school by typing down some documents."The next day, I went on with the usual schedule. Hours have passed and there was nothing out of the ordinary, until..."Suddenly, his computer started to glitch."What in blazes..?" He was confused.Then, a video started to play. After the introduction by an unknown being, known as "The Shadow", a montage of the worst moments inside Johnny's home life can be shown. Experiments on his body, abuse, neglect and so on. All of the bad things, that would scar anyone. The principal was shocked and outraged. He couldn't believe, that Johnny was suffering behind close doors."I can't believe it! This is horrible!" He slammed his fist on the table.But before he could ask himself, another video showed up on the screen. It was the Shadow again, this time, he had something different to say. He said:"Greetings, again. My name is the Shadow. I know, that you are outraged about the reason. However, I'm afraid that the abuse is not exclusive to his home life. No no. His school life was also in shambles, just because of the same thing: Abuse and neglect, except add bullying to the list of atrocities. If you don't believe me, there is another compilation. Please watch it at your own risk."Another compilation started to play, only this time, it contained recordings from cameras. It showed Johnny being bullied by a group of bullies, lead by a tough, mean boy, named Bumper. The bullying was not exclusively verbal, as Johnny was shoved into lockers and even being kicked, punched and hurt by them. Sometimes, other students can be seen witnessing the whole ordeal. What's worse is, they didn't do anything. They just watched and laughed. Even the teachers ignored the bullying problems. As if that wasn't horrendous enough, Johnny was doing bad at classes and nobody helped him. Instead, they would only make it worse. This, coupled with the bullying incidents, were enough ammunition to break a person. And it seems like, the abuse at home and at school is what pushed Johnny over the edge and vanished shortly after.Needless to say, the principal was shocked, outraged and broken."I can't believe it...All of these horrendous what made him disappear..." He teared up at the story. He now felt sorry for Johnny now and wished, he could've cursed at everyone responsible, but he couldn't. It wouldn't be wise to do so."I knew, that once everyone watched the second video featuring the abuse at school, the reputation of Porkbelly Junior High would suffer greatly. There would be massive outrage and hatred towards anyone and I was pretty sure, that many of them would blame me, even though I had no part in the abuse. Even then, I felt partially responsible, because if I knew the reasons sooner, I could've taken action immediately and sent Johnny to a psychiatrist. So, to save myself from the rage of the world and wanting to find your whereabouts, I quit my job shortly after. There was no coming back from this one."He packed his stuff and left the school with no looking back and without telling anyone. They wouldn't deserve his answer, after what they did to Johnny. Mr. Harm was walking around town with a somber look. He was also scared, that Johnny might have committed suicide because of it. His thoughts were interrupted, when he found a note."What's this?" He asked, picked up the note and read it."Dear Mr. Harm,I know, that you are outraged at the situation and even worried about Johnathan's whereabouts. But, I have some news to share. Meet me inside of Area 51.1. Specifically, in the room with the secret portal. Please go there.Signed,The Shadow""Area 51.1? The secret military base?" He questioned."I knew, what Area 51.1 is, thanks to some limited information. But there was a problem: I can't get into the base unannounced. Not to mention, I've never been there personally. I was left in the dark again, when I encountered a group of people and moles running."He saw the Bee Keeper, Brain Freezer, Zizrar and his mole people running."Hey, excuse me!" He yelled, getting their attention. They stopped and looked at him."What are you doing? We are going to Area 51.1! We wanted to know, where Johnny Test is!" Brain Freezer replied."So do I. The Shadow wanted to meet me in the room, where a portal is." Mr. Harm replied."The portal, huh? Maybe he went to a portal somewhere...but where?" Zizrar thought to himself."Trust me, I've seen the videos about the reasons behind Johnny Test's disappearance and they were horrific. I was shocked about the extent of the abuse. I feel guilty for not knowing these reasons before and not taking action." The former principal looked down. But the elderly man, formerly known as the Bee Keeper, placed his hand on his shoulder."We all are." He replied. "And this is why we're going to the military base now. To find a way to search for Johnny and apologize.""Since you are worried, like us and wanted to fix the're in." Brain Freezer nodded."Thank you.." The former principal smiled.Thus, the group continued their journey and eventually, after getting through the guards, they got inside Area 51.1. They were looking around a room with a portal and it wasn't until Zizrar found it, alongside the agents, Gil, Eugene and Jillian, who just arrived. The group gathered in front of the entrance."When we arrived at the destination, I was surprised by the amount of people near the portal.""Isn't that the daughter of the Dark Vegan? What is she doing here?" Zizrar asked."I have no idea." The Bee Keeper answered. "But what we do know, is that he is currently in a world, called Equestria."Once Mr. Harm overheard Jillian's reason of leaving this world, his heart was once again crushed. He hardly knew her, yet her story about her potential abuse from her father made him feel sorry for her as well. As for Jillian wanting to find Johnny and apologise, the former principal can relate. He wanted the same thing."I know, what she meant.." He mumbled, went inside, where the group are and said: "You are not the only one, young lady."Equestria, present"This means, you guys went there, in order to fix the mistake?" Twilight asked."Yes." He nodded."Not to mention, we wanted to start over with a clean slate." Zizrar added."When I heard about the news of his disappearance and later watching the compilations, I immediately wanted to fix my mistakes and thus went with them." The Beekeeper explained his reason."Same here. Even though we fought against Johnny seveal times, we also assisted him. Plus we were really shocked by the reasons behind your disappearance. We may know things about evil, but that was really horrendous, even for us." Zizrar added."Wait a minute, you didn't tell us, that there were a second video!" The agents were mad at Eugene for not telling about the second video featuring the school security footage, however, the obese unicorn was unphased and calmly explained: "Turns out, that the abuse is not exclusive to his home life, when I hacked into the school security cameras. I mean, the bullying and torment from bullies, other students and even teachers, coupled with the abuse at home, are enough to break a person apart, you know?""Fair enough." The agents got the point and calmed down.Meanwhile, Johnny and Dukey were sceptical of Zizrar's claim of starting over with a clean slate. After all, he tried to destroy them several times in the past and they feel like, he would soon betray at any last second. The same thing can be said to the Brain Freezer as they glared at the blue unicorn."I know, that you guys wouldn't believe me. However, we can show you, that we come in peace this time." Zizrar promised, with the mole men spreading their arms out, showing that they have no weapons. But the guys were still sceptical, so they searched the entire mole group for any contraband. Eventually, they couldn't find anything."See? No weapons!" Zizrar responded."We did gave them a warning before we went there." Mr. White assured the stallions, that everything has been checked."What about you? Why did you decide to come here? I'm pretty sure, this is one of your tricks, icehead!" Johnny glared at the Brain Freezer, while Rainbow Dash couldn't help but laugh at the name "Icehead". But her reaction resulted of the prismatic mare being glared by everyone and getting an elbow hit from Applejack."Sorry." She apologized."Anyway...One, I don't have any plans on freezing you or everyone else-" But his sentence was interrupted by an elbow hit from the agents. He got annoyed."Do you mind? I'm trying to tell my story! Ahem...sorry. Anyway, I do not come here to cause havoc, which is NOT MY INTENT! And second, the reason is kinda similar to Zizrar, but more complicated."Porkbelly, few days ago...We see the Brain Freezer, flying around the whole city and freezing some people. But something about him was off. The blue-skinned cyromancer looked like, he had lost something important to him."After your disappearence, everything felt colorless...and it feels like, a part of me has been torn apart."After some stuff happened, he sighed and went to a park, where the boy can sit on a lonely bench. Nobody was around him, since everyone ran away from him almost immediately. But that didn't matter for him. As he heard the birds chirping and the breeze blowing the trees ever so gently, he looked around, only to see a happy couple under a tree, kissing. Tears started to form in his icy blue eyes, before slowly freezing to ice. He also witnessed a group of kids having fun, playing as villains and heroes. The cyromancer reminded him of Johnny Test. Even though, he was an enemy and wanted to freeze him solid for all eternity, there were times, that they had fun racing and hell, even teamed up on a few occations.Of course, there were times, that we had fun, despite being enemies... However, seeing those people being happy and having two things, that were impossible for me to get, things got really emotional. Those two things, I missed were friends and a soulmate. Mentioning the latter word alone caused me to remember a cruical moment for me."A flashback within a flashback showed Johnny and Dukey actually helping him find a girlfriend, in order to reform him. It ranged to being honest, online dating, etc. And while all of those efforts failed miserably and went back to his evil self. eventually with the power of a device, that allows someone to get a makeover, he got a new look and even got some female admirers, while giving them some iced coffee. After the flashback, he remembered, that one of the girls actually asked him out for a date, in which he said yes. Their relationship was perfect, almost like a fairytale. That was until the makeover vanished, due to it being temporary, allong the girl see, who he really was. From that day, his heart was broken and frozen. So much so, that he went back to his evil ways once again. He planned to freeze Johnny Test and the city for good, so he can destroy everything, however the plan was permantely derailed, thanks to Johnny's disappearence.At that point, he felt like, his purpose was lost."I felt like a wothless being... all of the pain, all of the misery lead to my breakdown..."Soon, the Brain Freezer couldn't hold his emotions any longer and broke down in tears. He cried for hours and during which, nobody came to him for comfort. He felt alone, broken and devastated...until he heard a familiar voice."It sure sucks to be alone and worthless..."The blue boy looked at the other side, only to see Zizrar sitting next to him and holding a daisy."What are you doing?" He sniffed."Well, just walking around, while feeling empty..." Zizrar sighed."Let me guess, the disappearence affected you too?" Brain Freezer asked."Sadly, yes...Despite our shortcomings, he did help us time after time and even had some fun. I mean, Earth has some wonderful things, like books, drinks, parties, everything! However recently, I felt really lonely... Like something is missing from me. Not even my mole men could entertain me, when I always have a hollow feeling. If Johnny was still around, I would obvioulsy hide it, in order to not hurt my pride and kept trying to destroy him...but alas, that day turned everything upside down..." Zizrar explained, while looking at the daisy. He started to pick off each petal of the daisy, in a style of "Loves me...loves me not".Eventually he picked off the last petal...and he got the bad result. Brain Freezer was touched by his sincerety and honesty."You know, we are not so different after all." He looked at the mole king. The king soon connected the pieces and knew, what he's talking about."You're right! I mean, even if we are seen as sore losers and have our differences, the strong connection and the yearning feeling of being loved pushed everything else away!" Zizrar agreed."Do you know, what it means?" The cryomancer asked."Yes!" The mole king hugged Beain Freezer tightly. Even with the suit, the bear hug made him gasp for air. Immediately, he pulled away with a nervous smile and a chuckle."It was at this point, that I made a friend... a best friend..."They decided to spend the remaining day with some fun. Like performing pranks at unsuspected people, playing games, racing around and even showed each other's technology. Howeven, even if they had a fun time, they still felt empty and incomplete.During the night, Zizrar, his mole people and Brain Freezer were looking at the night sky, when they saw a shooting star passing by. Immediately, they made some wishes. Some of them contain having some gifts, but for the duo, all they wanted was to be loved."You know, it sucks that Johnny Test just left without any reason. Like what is going on?" Zizrar asked."I have no idea, pal. Last time, I saw him, he was his usual self." Brain Freezer remembered the last time, he saw Johnny before he vainshed. It was a sunny day and when they met again, the same things would occur: A fight ensues, but Johnny wins in the end."Same here to me...However, I have a feeling, that something isn't right, but I don't know, how to describe it..." Zizrar shruged with a sigh."Hmm..We should take a look at it tomorrow. But right now, we need to rest. That day was surely a rollercoaster." Brain Freezer looked at the mole people."You're right. Maybe we can find some clues. Okay, everyone. We have to go back underground. Tomorrow will be a new day!" Zizrar told to his people."Good night, pal!" The cyromancer brofisted the king before departing ways."We hoped, that we could at least find some clues about your whereabouts. But we had no idea, that it would come by itself sooner..."The next day...The Brain Freezer, Zizrar and the Mole people were looking around, while wearing sunglasses and without detection. It went on for a few hours, but without success."Ugh. Still no sign of him...but there is a familiar face, I just saw..." the blue-skinned cryomancer suddenly found an elderly man, who was looking around. He recognized him, due to the bees around him."You know him?" Zizrar was confused."It's a long story." Brain Freezer replied.The group went to the elderly man, known as Dr. Beebles. However, the Brain Freezer knew him as the Beekeeper back in the day."It's been a while, since last time." He looked at him and the bees."What are you doing in the town, boys?" The elderly man asked."Well, finding any clues about where Johnny Test is! Right now, we are at a dead end." Zizrar answered."What a coincidence. I'm also trying to find him as well." He told the group."And you have your bees to assist the search, right?" Brain Freezer asked."Exactly. However, they couldn't find any signs of him." The Beekeeper sighed."Same. My mole people couldn't find him either, despite how hard they tried." Zizrar sighed with him."I have an idea, how about we can team up and keep finding any sign of Johnny?" Brain Freezer suggested to the former villain, but he was sceptical."Are you sure, that this is not part of an evil plan of yours?" He asked to the group."No...They all died because of his disappearance." Zizrar responded.The elderly man was surprised about the change. "Oh my. I didn't see that coming..." he said. "But if what you're saying is true, then I will help you." He agreed."Thanks." The blue-skinned boy smiled."Alright, everyone! Let's go!" With the words from the mole king, the group went for a search around the world, hoping that they could find any sign of Johnny and most importantly, if he was alive. They looked around Canada, Australia, Africa, China, Mexico, hell even Antarctica, etc. They used the mole people and the bees to look at other places, that they missed. But alas, they couldn't find anything. When they got together in Porkbelly again, near a TV store, they were exhausted."This is getting really hard..." Zizrar was out of breath."You said it, pal." Brain Freezer wiped his sweat off from his forehead. That sentence caught Dr. Beebles by surprise."Wait a second. Since when did you two become friends?" He asked."Well, Johnny Test's disappearance did have a profound effect on us. It brought us together." Brain Freezer answered, while scratching his head."Yep. All because we found out, that-" Before Zizrar could even finish his sentence, the TVs started to glitch."And then, the big moment came...""What in blazes is going on?" The elderly man looked at the screens."I have no idea." Zizrar shrugged.Then they saw a being in the shadows, speaking to them in a disembodied voice. He said, that there is a reason behind Johnny's disappearance and they should watch at their own risk. After that introduction, the compilation of Johnny being abused, hurt and neglected by his own family. At first, the group were dumbfounded. They didn't know about his parents, since they barely knew them at all."What...just happened?" Brain Freezer was speechless."Was that Johnny...being abused?" The Beekeeper asked."Seems like it." Zizrar looked closer.Before they can question though, another video showed up, this time containing Johnny's school life in tatters. Bullying and abuse were the main attractions of the footage."Those videos made us open our eyes..."They were shocked by the revelation. As if his disappearance wasn't bad enough, the reasons made their hearts shatter into pieces. Zizrar slowly began to cry, while Brain Freezer felt sick in his stomach."I can't believe it...his family were the cause of his pain...I thought, that they were concerned about him..." the elderly bee keeper was moved to tears."You know, what they say...They know how to make themselves look normal. Evil...has a way of looking really nice and shiny on the outside." Zizrar quoted."Where did you get that quote from?" The cryomancer asked."From a horror movie, I watched." Zizrar answered after a shudder, since the experience scared him."Please! There is no time for casual conversations! We were so busy with all of the evil stuff, we never noticed Johnny being in distress on the inside. And we didn't reach out for him...which in that way, makes us partially responsible for his disappearance... Which is why we have to make things right now!" The former villain gave them a speech."You're right! We have to find him and make up for the mistakes!" Zizrar wiped his tears away."What are we waiting for? Let's do this!" Brain Freezer started his jetpack up.The group now looked around for areas, they've missed. It was at this point, when they encountered Mr. Harm."During which, we met the former principal and...well, the rest is history."Equestria, present"And this is when all of this happened and ended up going to Equestria. I must say, what you do is very noble of you." Twilight smiled. The group nodded in acknowledgement, since their actions felt like right choices."Yes. We really appreciate your determination to give Johnny some peace at least." Rarity smiled too."Eh...there are still some obstacles, that they have yet to conquer. I mean, you can't get rid of trauma that easily." BBB reminded them."We know." The Mane 6 scratched their heads."But right now, I seriously need some sleep...Today's been a rough day for me..." Jillian yawned."It was a rough day for everyone. Trust me, the penguins and I were stressed by the revelation." The General spoke to her."Well since it's been a...very interesting day for all of us, it's best for us to catch some zs. Tomorrow will be a new day for all of us." Twilight spoke to the whole group."The thing is, all of us have to get used to this new pony life." said Mr. White."We'll help ya with the change." Applejack responded."Only one problem. Where should we sleep?" Brain Freezer asked."Well, you can all sleep in my castle until we can find some homes for you ponies and...hippogriff hybrids, penguins and mole people..." Twilight was very confused and dumbfounded about the lineup of the others."And ponies thought, I have the weirdest look." Dukey responded with a straight face. The mares giggled at the response."Okay, guys. It's time to rest. Tomorrow will be a new start!" Johnny enthusiastically smiled and looked at the horizon. The crowd cheered, as the stars on the night sky sparkled, before walking back to Ponyville.The next day...Inside of Twilight's castle, the purple alicorn was mixing some potions and doing some research, by writing down on her notes, writing some formulas on the chalkboard and doing some trial and error by testing it on some animals. It was around this time, where Starlight was walking around the castle, when she stumbled across the princess doing an experiment. The lavender mare slowly and quietly approached Twilight, who was adding some finishing touches on something."Hey, Twilight!"The purple mare jumped a bit from that unexpected voice, causing the table to shake. Thankfully, she used her magic to stabilise the equipment"What?!" Twilight yelled at the lavender unicorn. Starlight felt a bit uneasy, but proceeded to ask her a question."I was wondering, what you're doing with the potions and what you're experimenting." She nervously smiled."Oh.." Twilight calmed down a bit, but not before explaining her plan. "I was experimenting the concept of hybrids. You see, since Dukey's arrival, I was caught off guard, but at the same time intrigued about the concept. So I decided to do some test and attempt to make a potion. However, I've been having problems perfecting the formula, because I have no idea on how Dukey became like this.""I have no idea either. Maybe we should ask him. ..but at the same time, I doubt, he would answer, since it could be related to the past..." Starlight doubted."I don't know..." Twilight sighed."Twilight! A letter from Princess Celestia has arrived!"Spike came with a letter in his hand and gave it to the princess of friendship. She read the content and understood it."It must be about the preparations of upcoming Friendship Festival. Spike, tell my friends about the news, so we can prepare for it." She told to the little dragon."Got it!" He runs off."In the meanwhile...I have to put the hybrid experiment on hold, until I found out the formula." Twilight put her stuff away and went with Starlight outside.Outside of Ponyville, Johnny flew around the skies with his large wings. His skills got better, but still wonky, as he nearly lost his balance several times. During which, he thought about his future in Equestria."I'm not sure, what the future holds, considering...ugh..." He thought about his fight against his demons. Even though he was gaining strength thanks to his new friends, the demons are still proving him a massive nuisance. However, he has to keep fighting, in order to get them out of his head.As he landed at the centre of Ponyville, the black pegasus walked around for a while. During which, he saw many happy pony families having a good time, causing him to have a somber look. But his expression changed, once he saw Rainbow Dash coming to him."Hey, Johnny!" She smiled."Sup. How's it going?" He asked."Well, we are preparing for the upcoming Friendship Festival and we could need some help, you know?" The prismatic mare asked to him, but Johnny has never heard of it before."What's the Friendship Festival?" He was confused."Well, in this festival, ponies will have a great time, celebrating friendship and the awesomeness!" Rainbow Dash smirked."That sounds awesome!" Johnny smiled."But right now, we are preparing for it and need some help. The others are helping us right now." She told to the black stallion.Johnny was kinda conflicted. Back then, he was known to be very lazy, when it comes to projects. Probably as a result of bad communication or not giving him a clear structure. Or not getting help, since everyone was mean to him. Now, that he moved to Equestria and found some new friends, it could be his chance. But at the same time, he would struggle."So...what should I do?" He asked to the prismatic mare. In which Rainbow responded: "Come follow me! The festival will be at Canterlot.""What?" Johnny had never heard of Canterlot at all, since he's mostly been in Ponyville."I'll show you!" She flew away, with Johnny following her.They went to a train station and went into a train, on the way to Canterlot, while having the tickets. During the ride, Johhny saw more families in a good mood and was basically frozen, until Rainbow called his name."Uh...Johnny? You alright?" She asked.It brought him back to reality and said: "Yeah. I'm fine. It's just, I'm wondering, how long the fight would last. You know, against my demons.""Hopefully, not for long because my friends and I got your back!" She smirked in confidence. Her confidence and determination made him smile.After some time has passed, they reached their destination and exited the train and went to the Canterlot Castle, where the festival will take place.On the castle grounds, everyone is busy. Pinkie Pie prepared for cakes and sweets, Fluttershy teaching the animals about their performance, Rarity was focused on decorating, Applejack was preparing some apple treats and drinks and Starlight and Trixie planning the entertainment, with some help of Tempest Shadow. Hell, the others landed their hand on the preparations. The Beekeeper was putting up a stand for honey treats, with the help of an earth pony, Brain Freezer using his magic to create ice sculptures with the help of Zizrar, his mole people and the penguins, Mr. Harm was helping a pony named Cheerilee on the planning, the agents and the general tried to do some formations with a lot of trial and error and Gil, Jillian and BBB helping some ponies out. They also saw Dukey preparing the stage, alongside with some griffons and hippogriffs."Hey, pal!" The black pegasus waved at the hybrid, getting his friend's attention, who ran to him expectantly, like men's or in this case, pony's best friend."Hey, Johnny! You arrived!" He smiled."So, I heard, you guys need help on the preparation for the festival." Johnnyy noted."That would be really helpful." The hybrid responded."So, what should I do?" The black pegasus asked to the prismatic mare."Well, how about clearing the clouds ? I can show you, how it's done." Rainbow Dash flew up.They watched, as the blue pegasus mare flew fast and kicked a cloud. The black stallion was amazed."See? Now, it's your turn!" Rainbow Dash smiled.He took flight and kicked a cloud. This is where thing get different, as this was the first time, he kicked a cloud."Whoa! That's awesome!" He was starry eyed and got another cloud. This is when the cloud felt solid to him. Johnny was curious about what would happen, if he stood on one. His best friend became sceptical, once he saw a grin."Johnny, don't you dare doing something ridiculous!" The hybrid warned.But it was too late, the pegasus stallion landed on the cloud. But something felt...different. He stood on a cloud!"Whoa! Didn't see that coming..." Johnny was surprised."But...h-h-how?" Dukey was dumbfounded, but Rainbow Dash answered his question with: "Well, it's pegasus magic, which allows us to fly and stand on clouds."He didn't know, if he could take Rainbow's answer. Then again, since the land of Equestria is full of magic and magic is full of possibilities, yet many unknowns, he chalked it up as such and shrugged, as he continued helping the others. Meanwhile, Johnny cleared the skies from the clouds, with some help of Rainbow Dash and a few pegasi. It was around this time, when Twilight and Spike came to check up on the preparation."How is the progress?" The purple unicorn asked to every pony, in which they said "Yes" to her question."Good. Now let's hope, it will be better than last time." Twilight looked at them."What happened last time?" BBB asked but during which, Tempest Shadow looked down."Oh, you see, last time there was an invasion, courtesy of the Storm King and the army. And Tempest Shadow was one of his henchmen. But eventually, with the power of friendship, we saved Equestria and reformed Tempest." Twilight explained."It's true." Tempest Shadow nodded.While this was going on, Johnny was flying around, when he saw some families. Once again, it made him pause with a somber look. When he landed down, the pegasus lowered his head. There is something about those families, that made him feel somber. It seems like, he was left out or something. But before he could think anymore, Twilight tapped him."Johnny, are you okay?" She asked."Huh? Yeah, I'm fine." He looked up. But Applejack was not convinced."Ya sure about that? You don't look like that." The southern earth pony mare responded."What are you talking about? I'm fine, okay?" He said nonchalantly, but Applejack was still not convinced. It didn't help, that sweat started to form on his forehead."Johnny, you're lying." Twilight shook her head."Yeah. Last time I checked, you were looking pretty down." Rainbow Dash crossed her arms."He was?" Fluttershy asked."Well, duh. He was basically frozen and silent." The prismatic mare answered.It was around this time, the three princesses arrived to check the preperations, but instead watched the whole ordeal, as Johnny soon felt the pressure."Hey, look! There is nothing wrong with me!" He nervously smiled.But the princess of friendship shook her head in disbelief. She had researched about depression and pony psychology before "Operation: Healing Light", therefore knowing the ins and outs."No. You are clearly lying. Even if we helped you smile, there is still one obstacle left, that you didn't tell us." She told to the pegasus.At this point, his patience was slowly running out. As if it wasn't enough, numerous ponies overheard the ordeal and gathered around. Some of them are families. As Johnny looked around the crowd and seeing the families, that somber feeling returned. This time, he couldn't hide it anymore, as everyone is watching."Just leave me alone!" The black pegasus shouted."We can't. Otherwise, our efforts will be in vain." Princess Luna replied."Shut up!" He snarled."Hey, listen! We are literally trying to help you! Don't you dare to throw it all away!" Rainbow shouted."Johnny, I've noticed that when you see families, you always have a somber look on your face." Twilight noted."What makes you say that!?" He sweats hard."I mean, your reaction is already proof enough." Rarity responded."I think, I know why. You feel left out." Cadence got the answer."What? No! Of course not! In fact, I don't need a family! I can just live on my own just fine!" The black pegasus shouted.But the princess of love knew better. She sensed that empty feeling in his heart."Are you sure?" She asked."Yeah! I'll be fine anyway." He responded."But, even with that, you would still feel-""SHUT UP!" The stallion interrupted Twilight with a yell, that startled everyone. As silence filled the area, he was panting really hard, as the fury was racing in his body."I'm starting to feel, that you're getting on my nerves..." With those words, he flew away, leaving the crowd stunned in disbelief. Fluttershy was in tears, as she felt hurt by his words. Pinkie Pie hugged the yellow pegasus, as the crowd got disgusted by his behaviour and left. Meanwhile, Twilight was surprised, that Cadence somehow got the answer. As does BBB and the agents."Cadence...Hoe do you know?..." the purple unicorn looked at the pink princess."Love can be interpreted in many ways: Romantic love and familiarity love. As in love in the family. I sensed that empty, hollow feeling in his heart, when he looked at happy families. And that is how I came up with that conclusion." Cadence answered."And when his family abused him..." said the obese unicorn and Twilight, who just caught up with the infos, concluded with: "...his sight on family has been completely shattered!""Exactly! Which is why we have to prove him wrong!" The Princess of Love had an idea."Do you have an idea, your highness?" Mr. White asked."Yes. We have to find a nice, humble and caring family for him. They would help him coping with the pain, while at the same time, giving Johnny a new chance!" She smiled."That sounds like a good idea! What do you think, girls?" Twilight asked her friends about their opinions to Cadence's proposed plan. They all agreed."That's not a bad idea, sugarcube." Applejack agreed."It is a helpful one." Fluttershy nodded."Excellent!" Pinkie jumped in excitement."That my dear, would be very useful." Rarity smiled."Yeah! Awesome idea!" Rainbow Dash smirked."Yeah. It would definitely give him more love." Starlight and Spike agreed in unison."It would make more sense, since Johnny is still a kid. I mean, even if he claims, he can live all by himself, it would make him feel even more lonely." Mr. Black noted."And as far as I know by learning about psychology, that would make the pain worse than it already is, since without a family, he would be forever tormented by the demons." BBB explained."Exactly." Twilight agreed. "Okay, everypony, we have a plan!""But we have to make sure, that the family does not harm him in any way." Rarity reminded."We know, Rarity." Starlight scratched her head.The Mane 7, Spike and Cadence ran off to find a new family willing to adopt him, not knowing that they've been watched.The first stop is at Canterlot. The group were looking around and asking some ponies, but the reception was not positive. Given their typical Canterlot behaviour, they left a bad impression for the group."I don't think, a Canterlot family would suit him. I mean, they act like jerks." Rainbow sighed."Maybe we have better luck in Ponyville." Fluttershy assumed.In Ponyville, they asked the ponies if they want to adopt him. The reception was better than in Canterlot, but many of them were unwilling to adopt him because either they have too many kids, have seen his behaviour back in Canterlot or just weren't interested."Hmm. How about the Crystal Empire?" Pinkie suggested."Maybe..." Cadence thought to herself.As they arrived the Crystal Empire, they did the same thing, asking the ponies. The same reception from Ponyville can be applied here. However, the Crystal Ponies have never heard of his outrage. Some ponies actually considered it, but only left with vague responses, that sounded more negative.Arriving back in Canterlot, they went to Princess Celestia and Luna to report their progress."Did you find one?" Luna asked."No...We couldn't find a suitable one." Cadence looked down."Maybe we have better luck in Cloudsdale or Manehattan or Vanhoover or other places, we overlooked...or...uhm.." Twilight was about to panic."Here we go..." Spike knew, that this was about to happen, when the purple alicorn was stuck. The little dragon gave her a bag to breathe in and out."Uhm...excuse me?" A voice can be heard. As they looked back, they saw a sky blue unicorn mare with purple and pink mane and a golden heart necklace, looking at them with her yellow eyes.,"Who are you?" Applejack asked."Oh, I'm sorry if I came here unannounced. My name is Sweet Serenity and I've heard, that you want to help a pony in need." She introduced herself, while being curious."Yeah. His name is Radiant Thunder and it seems like that thanks to the abuse, he doesn't want a family." Rainbow sighed."It's probably because he is scared of being part of a family again." Cadence looked down."Oh no...this is horrible..." said Sweet Serenity."Indeed. The abuse had changed him for the worst and even if we made him smile, there are still some obstacles on the way." Celestia looked worried."I think, I've heard this story before, while I was moving to Ponyville alongside with my family. And it hit me hard, because this story reminded me of my sister..." The blue unicorn mare sighed in sadness."Your sister?" Fluttershy asked."What happened to her?" Rarity asked as well. And it didn't take long for Sweet Serenity to gather her courage to explain:"When I was a filly, we were living in a small cottage far away with my mother and sister. My father died from an illness, when I was 5. It was devastating for all of us, but it was especiallyheartbreqking for my older sister, Ruby Spark. Despite the grief, we moved on, because that's what he would've wanted from us. To be strong... Everything was fine, until my mother had married a stallion. He was not a nice pony and started to abuse all of us both physically and mentally. It didn't help, that he mainly targeted Ruby Spark. On school, many young ponies bullied her, due to her shy and reclusive persona. It kept going and going, until I had enough. Seeing my family being in an absolute worst state, made me fill with anger and used my magic against him. Immediately after, I ran as fast as I could. I didn't even stop, in fear of being caught. Eventually, I arrived at some officers and explained this whole situation. Needless to say, they immediately arrested him and after my mother had divorced him, we had to move to a different city out of fear. Even then, nightmares of the past kept returning and eventually, Ruby Spark had enough. When I was a teenager and doing my work, I heard my mother screaming and ran towards her, only to find my sister...dead in her room. She had hanged herself. At that point, everything came crashing down and I was really heartbroken. Since then, I avoided talking to other ponies, except for one...High Velocity. We met each other during our school times and it was love at first sight. However, we lost touch to each other after the move and it wasn't after he moved as well, that we reconnected our relationship. One day, I told him my story about the abuse and Ruby's eventual suicide. I was in tears, since the pain was still fresh. However, he hugged me and assured, that this will never happen to me or anyone again and that he will be there for me. I was touched by his nobility and kindness, that I began to cry in his arms. Later, our relationship soon blossomed into an undying and eternal love and we soon got married, when we grew up. And when I heard about his story, it immediately reminded me of Ruby Spark. I want to make sure, it will not happen to him or anyone ever again. Not to my husband, my son, my family and friends and anyone. And seeing his outburst had strengthened my determination, alongside with that of my High Velocity. This is why I made my decision to help.""Oh my goodness..." Fluttershy was shocked."I'm sorry for what happened to your sister, Sweet Serenity." Celestia looked at her with a somber look. "I know that feeling of not helping someone you love on time..." She looked at Luna, while feeling emotional.It was around this time, that a neon colored pegasus stallion with blue wings and purple mane with blue streaks, as well as a beard, landed to a spot close to the group."I also wanted to help too, since I witnessed it as well." He said, while hugging Sweet Serenity."So you are High Velocity. Right?" Rarity asked."Yes." High Velocity confirmed this. "And we made a decision. To take him under our care.""So does that mean..." Applejack asked, but the couple confirmed it with smiles and nods."Yes! We found them!" Pinkie jumped in excitement."But how can we explain that to Johnny? He would probably be upset again.." Spike was worried."Don't worry. We will prove him wrong with the power of family." High Velocity assured the group, that everything is okay."Indeed. We will give him the most love and care, he deserved." Sweet Serenity nodded.Meanwhile in Ponyville...Dukey was rushing into their house, in order find Johnny, since earlier, he flew away after he was enraged."Johnny? Are you here?" He asked.Eventually, he found the black pegasus in their room. But the atmosphere was dark, as he looked back with a mad look."What?..." he growled."Uhh, don't you think, you got a little too far with your emotions?" Dukey asked. But Johnny snarled more and said: "The fuck does that mean!? I don't need a family, end of story!"Then they heard the doorbell ringing. As Dukey answered the door, he saw High Velocity and Sweet Serenity smiling."Uhm. How can I help you?" He asked."We just want to see him." The blue unicorn responded."You mean...I don't think, he is in the mood for visitors." Dukey sighed. But that didn't deterred the couple from going in, leaving the hybrid confused. As they entered the bedroom, they saw Johnny facing his back to them in silence."What the hell do you want...?" He growled.The blue unicorn slowly approached the young stallion, while she felt the tension. But that didn't deter the mare."Go...away..." He responded with a threatning voice."Look..I know, that you are in pain... and you also feel lonely at the same time. But hiding in the dark alone is not a good idea." She softly spoke."Who cares? I don't need a family...They suck!" He looked away."No, they don't. They're important to our lives. Nurturing someone with love and care and guiding them to a bright path." High Velocity responded."Except for me... I've been living in the darkness for god knows, how long! They were nothing but demons from hell! Because of this, I gave up a long time ago..." The black stallion looked down."But that doesn't mean, you have to throw it all away. Even if you think, you can take care of yourself, you would still feel alone. Without a family, you will be lost in the dark with nobody to guide you." High Velocity went closer to the black pegasus. But Johnny didn't day anything other than a growl."Please... we just want to help you..." Sweet Serenity looked worried. At this point, Johnny snapped and stomped on the ground so hard, that the items on the shelves started to shake."Help me?! You can't! I had enough of family and I don't like to be part of one ever again! SO WHY NOT JUST FORGET ALL OF THIS AND-" Suddenly, the black pegasus was pulled in to a hug by the blue unicorn."It's okay, my dear. It's okay." She softly spoke.The soothing and soft voice of the unicorn mare was enough to silence him in shock. Back then nobody came to him when he had problems. Not even his former family back in Earth."We know your pain and I want to make sure, we'll give you the most love and care as possible, while helping you with coping." She softly spoke."W-what?..." his voice became quieter."We promise, that we will be there for you. To make sure, that you'll be happy." The neon pegasus stallion joined into the hug as well.This was the point, where Johnny realized that the couple actually mean well in taking good care of him. Those acts of kindness and love made him very emotional and eventually, when he couldn't hold his emotions any longer, the black pegasus soon broke down in tears, all while the couple kept hugging him."It's okay, sweetie. Let it all out." Sweet Serenity warmly smiled.They kept being strong, despite his sounds of crying being so heartbreaking. After all, they have to, for his sake and for a better future. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the ponies, the Mane 8, Spike and Cadence, alongside with Shining Armor were watching it through the windows. Dukey was also watching it unfold, when he went to check up on his best friend. That sight made his heart feel heavy, while at the same time, it gave him hope, that Johnny would be taken good care by those humble ponies. Eventually, the hybrid soon joined the group hug as well.After a few hours, the black pegasus soon calmed down."I'm's just...I'm so scared to be part of a family again, thanks to the pain..." he wiped his tears."You don't need to worry about it, while we are around. As long as we are here, we'll guide you to a bright future of love and humility."Wait. What do you mean by that? Unless..." Dukey was slowly coming to a assumption, but High Velocity soon confirmed their goal."We will adopt you two into our family." The neon stallion smiled."What? Are you serious?" Both Johnny and Dukey were surprised."Yes. We made up our mind, when we heard the story. Even though it was their idea." The blue unicorn mare pointed at the window, only to see the Princess of Love looking back at them and waving."It was also partially my idea as well, since I want to keep you safe, while at the same time helping you." She continued.After a while of silent shock, smiles were forming on the faces of the best friends. That confirmation gave them more hope for a new, happy life."Hey, what did I just miss?" A navy colored pegasus colt with red and orange mane was entering the house with curiously and confusion."Perfect timing, Cosmic Blaze! Say hello to your new brother!" High Velicity introduced his son to the duo."Wait, a big!" Cosmic Blaze immediately flew to Johnny with starry eyes."Hey, slow down, bro. I have yet to settle in this new life. But in the meantime, we will have some cool adventures." He hugged the navy colt.This was something. Being the older sibling, despite being adopted, gave him something, that he was never able to do, back then: control. That means, he can finally have the control of fun, when it comes to his new young brother."And maybe I can dual as a pet. But maybe as a brother? I don't know.." Dukey didn't know about his role."We'll manage." The couple smiled and gathered a group hug with everyone as a growing family.The group outside were smiling, now that they accomplished the mission."We did it!" Pinkie Pie jumped."Indeed, Sugarcube. Indeed." Applejack smiled."Now that he has a new family, I bet the nightmares would be soon be over!" Rainbow Dash was ecstatic.The ponies celebrated, but somehow, Cadence didn't share their opinion, as the princess of love still felt a turbulence in their hearts.Pony Johnny was flying away in a dark void from the demons, who were chasing him with sharp teeth, claws and piercing red eyes. He was flying faster and faster, all while demonic laughter can be heard."You can run, but you will not hide! Haha!"Eventually, they vanish."" He was wiping his sweat off, when a peculiar sight peaked his interest.The black pegasus went closer and closer to the source, until it's revealed to be his human form, who is turning his back against his pony counterpart, all while he was crying."" Johnny was confused and confronted his human form. "Hey, man! You okay?""I'll never be..." his human form responded, while turning back. Johnny was frightened by this following sight: His human form had bloodshot eyes, sacks under his eyes, a blue eye on his left one, several cuts, bruises and other injuries on his body, his clothes being ripped and some of the injuries left his bones exposed."Oh my god...No! This can't be happening! I thought, I've gone over them..." the pony said in disbelief."No..You only managed to reach it halfway... there is still more..." his human form twitches, all while the atmosphere became creepy. Suddenly, the voice became almost demonic, as he said to the pony counterpart: "Accept the help from your more open or there will be consequences..."This is when the moment took a trip to the most terrifying. His eyes became completely black, with black ooze coming out of them. Blood was dripping from his body and looking more like a zombie. His pony form backed off."Hey! What are you doing!? Don't come any closer! Stop!" His eyes were in tears, but that didn't help, as he witnessed his human form jumping on him.Johnny woke up screaming from his bed, as that ordeal was another nightmare. Only this time, it became more serious. Around the same time, Sweet Serenity rushed to him, as she opened the door."Oh my God! What happened?!" She looked worried."Those nightmares! They keep haunting me!" Johnny was shaking in fear."Oh dear. Come here. It will be all fine." The blue unicorn hugged him and tried to calm him down. But Johnny still had that scared look.Meanwhile in a forest...Night time had arrived in the forest and we can hear the sounds of crickets, wolves and owls. However, in one of the bushes, a tail popped up. It was light purple-pink. Before anything happened, it came back into the if someone is there...To be continued...

Mature Content

TG TF: Jumba and Morpholomew's Lilo experiment,It was hard for me to think about where to go next for a long time. So I let Ryan keep my device that could take anyone almost anywhere, anytime, in any world they wanted and they could always come back to reality making it seem as if they never left. It was especially hard to think as there were still episodes of Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats that hadn't been copied to the right sites yet. Episodes 2-26 of Fix and Foxi and friends had been copied to a certain site. Ryan had managed to get all the Despicable Me movies onto the right sites. All that was left of the Incredibles franchise to be copied to a certain site was Mr. Incredible and Pals. In the meantime Ryan had uploaded all of Lilo and Stitch to his youtube channel. He found out that Experiment 316 had the power to shapeshift himself and anyone else into anyone else as long as he knew what whoever he was doing the changing into looked like. That experiment was named Morpholomew. Lilo used Morpholomew to change into Keoni to replace him while he was away. Just like I turned into Cleo in the world of the Catillac Cats and replaced her while she was on vacation. But all the cats knew about me and no-one in Lilo's world knew about her. Lilo even turned into Jake Long to replace him while Captain Gantu kidnapped the real Jake thinking he was the experiment. Spud had changed into Morpholomew to trick Captain-Gantu into taking the wrong creature. Like Ryan had been turned into Margo to create a diversion when he was in the world of Despicable Me. But Ryan escaped by himself on using the device to come back to reality and Spud needed his friends to escape. A funny thing there was that Margo Gru had been voiced by Miranda Taylor Cosgrove and she was Sarah in that Lilo and Stitch episode. Ryan thought about using the device to go to the world of Lilo and Stitch. He wondered if there was any good reason for Morpholomew to change him into anyone. Lilo was his first choice. He remembered that with Despicable Me I said to go to some time after the end of the last movie. I didn't know if going to before the first movie, during a movie, or between the movies would disrupt the space time continuum of that world or just create a parallel universe that couldn’t be seen through tv. I didn't want to take any risks though. I asked him to see if he knew that with the Incredibles and he remembered. I wasn't there to make sure he remembered. But I shouldn't worry because he had.So Ryan went to the world of Lilo and Stitch near Lilo's home. He noticed Jumba was scratching his head. "Hello Jumba" said Ryan. "I'm Ryan. What are you thinking about?" Jumba looked at Ryan. "How do you know my name?" he asked. "I've seen your past as movies and tv episodes" said Ryan. Then he explained about the device that brought him to that world and things he wanted. "Wow!" said Jumba. "I wonder if I can make something like that device you used to get here?" Ryan thought for a moment. "Maybe you can" he said. "It would be great if someone in my world could duplicate the device. Then I wouldn't have to go to Sam's house and he wouldn't have to come to mine. Maybe more people in my world could travel to other worlds." Jumba started to look puzzled. "I guess that would be good, but who's Sam?" he asked. "Sam was the first to find the device since it ended up in a dump" said Ryan. He said what my full name was and what his full name was. He even said about where he and I had been before using that device and what we did there. He said that he knew about Morpholomew. "I wonder if Morpholomew could do some transformation for anyone to pose as a twin?" asked Ryan. "And dose your alter ego have a name? Or does Agent Pleakley's alter ego have a name?" Jumba was confused. "You and Pleakley had disguised yourselves as Earth humans at times" said Ryan. "Oh we hadn't thought about names" said Jumba. "Well if there's any point in making anyone think you, Pleakley, and your alter egos are different people then you know what to do" said Ryan. "I see that a problem is that Morpholomew can't change vocal cords. Maybe if he could get deep inside to know what the vocal cords of the one that someone else is to change into is like then maybe he could change vocal cords." Jumba thought for a moment. "It seems like a good idea but we may need to do some tests first" He said. "How about doing some testing by turning me into Lilo" suggested Ryan. "That sounds like a plan to me" said Jumba. "But we'll have to get everyone we need together."So Jumba took Ryan up to Lilo's house. Ryan saw Nani, Lilo, and Stitch. In the mean time Jumba went to get Morpholomew. "Hello Nani, Lilo, and Stitch, I'm Ryan" said Ryan. "How do you know our names?" asked Nani. Then Ryan told her what he told Jumba. "How sweet of you!" said Nani. "Making sure things that show our past will last! If you spend time here you may know just what others may try searching up and use that to your advantage." She reminded him of Helen Parr from when he was in the world of the Incredibles. It's a good thing I wasn't there. It's what Olma Eusebia had said when I was in the world of Fix and Foxi. That would be boring. Olma had reminded me of Cleo and Wordsworth from when I was in the world of the Catillac Cats. Anyway Ryan told them as much as he could about me and him using the device to go to worlds we'd been to before and what we did there. Soon Jumba and Morpholomew came. "Ok now to see if we can get changing forms to also change voices" said Jumba. "Do you think you should take the device I need to get home so that you are ready to make a duplicate of it?" asked Ryan. "I'll take it now" said Jumba. So Ryan gave Jumba the device. Then Morpholomew had a good look over Lilo and even checker her throat for vocal cords. Then he moved to Ryan and like a pink star was shining near Morpholomew's hand and his head morphed into Lilo's and he started to change Ryan.As Morpholomew's head turned back to normal Ryan's feet started to shrink then his shoes and socks turned into black sandals that had the straps round above the balls of his feet. The skin on his feet darkened. As his legs shortened and turned brown his trousers disappeared. His pennies and tests shrank inside of him and a tight vagina replaced them and his pants changed to fit and turned lacy. His belly lost hair as he shortened and his shoulders cracked inwards and his arms shortened and turned brown and his hands became dainty. His upper clothes turned into a red dress with short sleeves and white leaves for the pattern and the skirt went down to the tops of his feet. As his neck turned brown his Adam's Apple disappeared. His lips became more feminine. His nose grew and became rounder. His eye brows went from brown to black. When all of his skin was brown the hair on his head changed colour same as his eyebrows and grew down to his belly.Then the star disappeared. "You look like Lilo, but do you sound like her?" asked Jumba. "We can find out straight away" said Ryan. "Ah! It worked!" said Jumba. "Ryan you're a genius!" Ryan wanted to look at himself in a mirror and he asked. "Yes you may" said the real Lilo. So Ryan went to look for a mirror and he saw his new reflection. "Awww I do look and sound just like her! I'm so cute!" he said. Then he went back to the others. "So now we change you back to normal" said Jumba. "Not yet" said Ryan. "I'd like to spend some time like this while you're working on making your own device that can take anyone almost anywhere, anytime, in any world they wanted and they always come back to their own reality making it seem as if they never left. Jumba work on making your own device while I talk with the rest of you so we can understand each other more." So off Jumba went with the device Ryan needed to get home and Ryan talked with Nani, Lilo, Stitch, and Morpholomew.Ryan said what he could about his world and what he liked to do there. Stitch said what he could about before he came to Earth and what he did on Earth. Lilo and Nani said what they could about their lives. They even pointed out where their stories met.Soon Jumba came back. "I've done it" he said. "I've made my own device." Then Ryan explained what I had told him to be sure that anyone that used Jumba's duplicate of the device would use it safely. "Messing around in the past could have a major impact on your present reality" said Ryan. "Even messing around in worlds where your reality could see you effect them could have effects on your reality. So be careful." Jumba thought and understood. "Ok we'll be careful" he said. "You do understand why I came to what all that my world saw of yours saw as the future" said Ryan. "Yes" said Jumba. "So that all of what your world saw already happened and you couldn't change it. Ok then lets change you back." So Morpholomew went up to Ryan and like a pink star was again shining near Morpholomew's hand and his head morphed into Ryan's old, then back to normal and he changed Ryan back to normal. Then Jumba gave Ryan back the device he needed to get home. "Does Ryan have to leave?" asked Stitch. "Yes" said Ryan. "This isn't my reality. And I have to sort out my youtube channel if things in my world that show your past will last. I've had a great time here and I hope you lot have to. Well goodbye Jumba, goodbye Nani, goodbye Lilo, goodbye Stitch, and goodbye Morpholomew." and together the others said "Goodbye Ryan."Then Ryan used the device to go home. Then he went to his computer and went to his youtube channel and put of much of his experience as he could into the descriptions of his videos that were about Lilo and Stitch. He decided to rest then and when he was ready he'd see if anyone in reality could duplicate the device that could take anyone almost anywhere, anytime, in any world they wanted and they could always come back to reality making it seem as if they never left. Then he and I wouldn't have to go back and fourth to each others houses to take it in turns to use the one device. Things would be much easier for us then.
White Flower by PastelRicky
pastel jade flowers by PastelRicky
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Sketches and Studies
Losing my head by mylittledeadbunny

Mature Content

Freaky Dysfunctional BBW Family 2 by MrSmuttyDoodles
3D Art
Yo! Goku and Gohan here! by plua3dart


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