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Book Cover Available - Wolf Spirit

Available for sale as premade book cover.

If interested to buy, note me for more details.

To see it with a title check my facebook page:

You can donate me on PayPal :

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my art.
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Ela deve ser lobisomema ou ao menos peeira.

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Nice work! Here's a poem for you, inspired by this art!

Guardian of Flora

Deep inside the forest where the air is sweet

I came upon a woman in her two bare feet

A spirit of the wood and she was quite untame

Dancing in her palm was an eternal flame

On either side a loyal Canis Lupus strode

Warning me to stay a distance off the road

Something in her aura spoke an ancient good

Guardian of flora in the neighborhood

All along the trail I saw the bones of men

Forest cutters never more to log again

Hunters having hunted in the sacred place

Meeting their demise within her dark embrace

Traveler in the trees I suffered no such fate

Tried to snap a photograph a bit too late

Maybe I imagined her in soft chiffon

When I turned to see her she and wolves were gone

Joseph John Racano


Artwork by: artispixel

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Beautiful, it is described in such details that it gave me goosebumps! :D I am glad that this piece inspired so much !

Your work is inspirational! :)

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those wolves look...INCREDIBLY pissed. the way they look at you screams out: "you fucked up. you fucked up monstrously...and now we are here to send you back to whence you came from...never return to this planet again..."

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Hahahahah they are under control, no worries :D

ah, they're made into good bois, then! :3

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Hervorragend 👍🏻👌🏻
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👌🏻Gern geschehen
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