.:The official A-Team Codex of rules :.

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Deviation Actions

A-Team NORTH Division:

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A-Team SOUTH Division

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Other Groups

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These rules exist to make life simpler and easier throughout the A-Team art alliance. They should be followed at all times, throughout the dA art team network of affiliates*

Failure to do so will result in a warning, then a ban.

If everyone just did these simple things, there would be no problems.

* Except for Evrything-4-Evryone, they have their own rules that existed before the Alliance..

:bulletred: If you have any questions, please note the group and we will get back to you ASAP. Or comment below.

:bulletblack: Do not harass the members of the group on the comments page. Take that outside, preferably to a private conversation or notes.

:bulletblue: DO NOT purposely torment the staff. We are here to help get you noticed, and if an admin is being rude to you, file a complaint by sending a note to :iconartvelocity:
If you do harass them or disrespect them, without provocation, you will be banned- possibly without warning.

:bulletblack: This also goes with the above rule: Listen to the admins. if they ask you not to submit to a folder, then please don't. this counts as harassment.

:bulletblue: Try not to submit multiple copies of works or resubmit if it is declined. We don't usually decline if we don't have a good reason. If we made a mistake, We'll contact YOU. Note that we usually don't provide reasons when declining from the featured folder. That is usually because of the art quality.

:bulletblack: No spamming, and no trolling*
On the group's page. The only exception to this is when we create journals SPECIFICALLY for that purpose, which we do sometimes as a fun group activity. But even on those journals, being outright abusive, or flaming still will get you kicked out or banned.
*Spamming includes repeatedly asking why you were declined. See above.

:bulletblue: Do not advertise your group/page/deviation/journal on the comments page or journal WITHOUT PAYING first.
Advertising with us is cheap, and it is worth it- your points go to help the group help more artists succeed and be noticed. By not paying, you are robbing them of that opportunity, and risking getting kicked out. Repeated offenders will be banned, and their journals erased.

Journal ad spots are only 10 points, and these ads are simulcast across the ArtTeam network of groups. So yeah, it is worth it!

Note the group or :iconartvelocity: for advertising opportunities.

:bulletblack: Don't be a fave hog. Don't fill them up with your own art, or it will be
removed and you kicked out or banned.

:bulletblack: Do not submit art or say mean things and then leave, you will be banned.

:bulletblue: If you'd like to affiliate, then the tab is on our page.

:bulletblack: DO NOT under any circumstances impersonate an admin. This will get you kicked out and/or banned.

Instead, report the incident to us and let us handle it.

:bulletblack: Do not steal artwork. Thieves will be removed and banned.
We are creating a hotline, so if you see stolen art in our gallery, note us and provide links.

:bulletblue: If you'd like us to feature an artist, then note us. Prices vary depending on contests, etc.

:bulletblack: Do not try to make multiple accounts to cheat in contests and group activities. It's not fair and you will be reported to the admins (of dA)
If you suspect a cheater, then PM our hotline. Just send us a note and our investigators will look into it. But don't argue on the page or BOTH of you could be removed.

:bulletblue: Mark mature art as mature or face the consequences. This is a dA rule. In fact, mature art not submitted to the mature folder will be removed even with a filter (because it doesn't belong there.)

:bulletorange: Be sure to follow these rules at all times, and have fun!
Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions, note the group ^-^

The A-Team

(Art Team Alliance)
© 2013 - 2021 ArtisansAlliance
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ofajardo81's avatar
I am confused as to where to put my artwork since they are labeled with letters. Please help so I can upload my work in the appropriate folder. 
AlexaFiorella's avatar
Hello, I want to upload some photos in DeviantARTUniverse but I don't know where. The folders are just named Folder H to M, does that mean I can put them in any of the folders since I can't seem to find an explanation on which folder is meant for what? :)
TangledWorld's avatar
I need little help!Where to submit jewelry art?I can not find folder? Or you do not have it ?
Thank you in advance! :)
SerassPhoto's avatar
Hi there. I would really love to join a group, but im a beginner. Could you maybe take a look at my account, my gallery and decide if i'm good enough to join? Or maybe suggest a group for joining. Thanks a lot ;)
summerdou's avatar
what do you guys mean by advertising with journals and such, and could you explain how to get the art to be put on because i don't quite understand and i want to understand this fully before joining, does our art have to be really good to be featured here,do you have some kind of scale or something like that to accept our art, do we have to pay to join oh and could you tell me how to send a note to you guys cause...  i sincerely don't know how... anyways thank you if you answer
Thejboy88's avatar
Do you accept fanfiction in your galleries?
TR45's avatar
For the advertisements does this include social media pages????
XTheThiefOfShadowsX's avatar
Um could you take a look at my deviations beforehand please? I just want to see if you consider me good enough! :)
ilovemyhusky's avatar
I understand your rules very clearly and I know donate means what ever amount you choose, but what is generally considered a favorable donation? TY
DarthRegina125's avatar
One quick question,
"Do not submit art or say mean things and then leave, you will be banned."
Could you clarify this? Does that mean don't submit a deviation and then leave the group?
Brittney-Bites's avatar
where is the mature folder?
WannaBeAuthor1011's avatar
Do you have to pay to join?
WeirdishlyMisfit's avatar
......ummmm.... I would really like to join please...could you maybe take a look at my account,my gallery and journal's first and decide if i'm good enough to join ....I'm kinda scarred to just randomly/blindly click the join button without you guy's approval to...and because of all the rules I read kinda pushes me to become even more nervous and a little overwhelmed because I'm not use to joining big time awesome very popular groups like this one because i'm scarred that I might be declined right off the spot for not having good art work to show or not wanted or making the group look bad because of how bad my art work maybe is to them in there eye's i don't know I just want to join a nice, friendly,calm,clean group like you guy's you seem to be friendly right? ;____; I don't want people to think like "okay hey we have a new member great let's see her work *check*...wow she's not good enough let's pretend to like it and ignore her or just decline and kick her out and remove her crummy work out the way" ...and I don't want to submit something in the wrong folder and completely mess up things for you guy's either.... erm... truly sorry for the whole long comment thing I do that some time's by habit because I type fast but i don't want to be made fun of or kick out because i'm not good enough etc. ummm I do have one question about the rule's do I really have to pay by point's whenever I submit to a pacific folder or something like the featured one? heh please excuse me as I kinda really didn't understood that part can you guy's maybe exsplane it to me whenever you can reply back I only have one point witch is sad to look at ;____; .....
Invader-GIR-DOG's avatar
If you guys would like me to join look at my account and decide i am nervous tho because of some of the comments still there say i stole art i didn't know if it would make people angry but plz don't ban me! Comment if you want me in this group on my wall.
Invader-GIR-DOG's avatar
I don't know about this i am new and people HAVE accused me of stealing art
DarkAwesomeness2's avatar
How do you get into this group?
AlexaFiorella's avatar
A question, I accedentally uploded a photo in the Cartoon and Animation folder (cuz I didn't know how to choose folder and klicked on submit, THEN looked around a bit closer.) I have removed it from the folder however (I think that's what I did) and I wonder if I can just re-upload it in the Photography folder?
Do you have to get requested in order to join this group?
AbstractContrast's avatar
I would actually love to be apart of this.. but I can't see paying for it.
Rafflesia-Silene's avatar
when submitting an art... do you have to pay? (^^,)?
artvelocity's avatar
Not at all! Where did you click to get to this page?
Rafflesia-Silene's avatar
I just searched some groups and this group was the first one to show up (^^,) glad that I've seen this ~!
smv1998's avatar
ummm I am new to Deviantart and how do u get accepted in a group and also what are points also how good of a drawer do u have to be cus i am not that good.
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