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Long-form literature and Storytelling
Genietale: Chapter 2,Chapter 2A Thorny WelcomeFrisk groaned when she started to come to. She remembered her trek to Mount Ebott, the ruins, and of her falling into the pit. Yet she fully expected to be dead, or at the very least, severely injured. There was a bit of pain, but it was the dull kind that one would get when they got punched in the arm. Only this pain was spread across the front of her body.Thankfully, the pain faded enough for her to get a feel of what she landed on. “Something caught me. Something soft. And...smells nice?” The aroma was sweet and familiar, enough to warrant her curiosity and make her open her eyes. Frisk’s eyes caught sight of something yellow, but the vision was blurred. She blinked a couple of times before she was able to see what she landed on.A bed of golden flowers. Slowly, Frisk shifted her body to turn it onto her side. Once she did, she looked up and saw the entrance of the pit. To her shock, it was quite a distance. Enough that the rate of survival was pretty thin. But how did I survive? There’s no way a bed of flowers is enough to save me.”At that moment, fate decided to answer her. As Frisk turned back onto her stomach to get up, she caught sight of one of the flowers moving a few inches from her left outstretched hand. When the flower's petals opened, Frisk's jaw dropped in surprise at the sight of a face. Dark eyes opened and focused on her as the flower opened its mouth to speak with a high male voice. "Howdy!",Frisk jumped onto her knees in surprise as the flower laughed at her reaction. “I’m guessing you never met a talking flower before, huh?” The half-genie calmed down a bit, though her heart still raced from the flower’s sudden appearance. “We-well, yeah. But you just caught me by surprise.” The flower chuckled as he shook his “head?” “Yeah, I have that effect on folks. But where are my manners? I'm Flowey. Flowey the Flower."Frisk raised an eyebrow at the seemingly unoriginal name, but said nothing about it as she introduced herself. “My name’s Frisk.” “Flowey's” response was raising an eyebrow at the name. “Frisk, huh? Is it short for something?” Frisk grimaced. She always hated that question. Regardless if she lied or not, experience taught her that someone would find out eventually. And her father had often told her first impressions were always important. So she bit the bullet and spoke reluctantly. “Y-yeah. It’s a nickname for ‘Francesca.’” Flowey snorted at Frisk’s face as she spoke her true name. “Must really hate it, huh?” Frisk pouted at the flower’s response. “Hey! I didn’t pick it!”The flower’s chuckles faded, though he remained amused. But when he looked up at her, he noticed something about her. “Your ears.” Once again, Frisk raised an eyebrow as she touched one of her long, pointed ears. “What about them?” “Never seen a human with ears like yours before.” Now Frisk was confused. Did this flower never see a genie or a half-genie before? Seeing that the flower was anticipating an answer, she responded honestly. “Um...I didn’t get these ears from my father.” Now it was Flowey’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “Your father? What about your mother?” Frisk answered, solemnly. “My mom’s a genie. So I am a half-genie. I got the ears from her.”Flowey blinked in what Frisk interpreted as surprise. "Golly! A genie? I’ve heard stories about them, but never actually seen one." He then shifted himself so that he could get a different perspective of Frisk. “And I never even heard of half-genies, period!” Frisk held back a shudder as she saw the dark eyes look at her up and down. She felt like she was being judged at an auction or livestock being examined before a sale. “Y-yeah. We’re recent.” This only piqued Flowey’s curiosity even more. This was definitely something new. Could this one have more potential then those who came before her? Then again, they were humans, not half-genies.Trying to take her mind off the flower’s eyes, Frisk focused on the area around her. “So? Where am I, exactly?” Hearing Frisk’s question brought Flowey out of his thoughts. “Best play along...for now.” "Hmm. You're new to the Underground, aren't ya?" Hearing this, Frisk turned her gaze back to Flowey, who had stopped analyzing her, with a confused look on her face. “The Underground?” Flowey nodded as he looked up to the pit’s opening, seemingly focused on the sunlight. “That’s what I said. It’s home to the kingdom of monsters.” Frisk’s eyes widened at this. “Kingdom of monsters? You mean the legend was true?”Once again, it was Flowey’s turn to raise an eyebrow as he looked to Frisk. “Legend? Huh. Guess the humans somewhat remember. How much do you know, exactly?” Frisk thought for a moment, regaling her dreams and the legend. “Well, to make it short, humans and monsters were friends once, the genies maintained peace, then the war started when the genies began to disappear. Most of the monsters were sealed away under Mount Ebbot, while the remaining genies and most of Sequin Land shunned the people of Ebbot Island for the war and the fragile peace between humans and monsters.”Frisk’s explanation was quickly cut short by Flowey laughing.“Sequin Land?! That’s the name of the surface?! Who the heck thought of that?!” Annoyed, Frisk folded her arms. “Again, not the one who named it.” This hadn’t quelled the flower’s laughter, which irritated Frisk more. “Ok, smart guy. What’s the name of your kingdom?” Hearing the question made Flowey laugh even harder, much to the annoyance and confusion of Frisk. “Ha-ha-ha! Kingdom of Monsters is it’s name! That’s it! Ha-ha!” Frisk gawked at Flowey’s response. “You’re kidding!” The flower began to wheeze. “I wish! Our sultan is lousy with naming things. He even named his capital ‘New Home!’ Talk about original, right?”Ok. Now that was funny enough to enable Frisk to chuckle. But as she did, she remembered the sealing part of the legend. Looking up, she dared to ask Flowey once he regained some breath. “Is it true? About you guys being sealed in here?” She didn’t need to see his face to know that his smile fell. “Yeah. Unfortunately, that’s one of the parts we wish wasn’t true. Things can come in, but can’t go out.”That last bit made Frisk pale. “Did you just say…‘can’t go out?’” Flowey nodded. “Yep. And even if you tried to climb back up, the Barrier would only keep you here. Hate to say this, Frisky, but you’re stuck here.” Frisk’s eye twitched at both the new nickname and the fact that she couldn't leave. “Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I was just supposed to check out the visions and come straight back! Not only is Dad going to worry, he’s going to freaking kill me!”Noticing Frisk’s distress, Flowey inwardly smirked. A perfect opportunity. “Hey. Cheer up, pal. The Underground ain’t so bad. Tell you what. Why don’t I teach you how things work around here?” Frisk looked at Flowey, still distressed, but suspicious of him. “How things work around here?! I need to get back home before my dad freaks out!” Flowey kept his helpful composure as he began the “lesson.” “Sorry, Frisky, but that’s how things work. If it were easy to leave here, we could have just left a long time ago. Heck, I can’t even burrow out of here.”He then decided to lure her more.“Besides, if you plan on figuring a way out of here, you’re going to have to learn how things are done. One wrong move could prove fatal.” Frisk froze in her spot. What did Flowey mean by “fatal?” Frisk didn’t like where this was going nor the dark look in Flowey’s eyes. Her stomach tied itself in a knot in anxiety. “He’s baiting me. But for what.” As Frisk thought to herself, Flowey began to grow impatient. He needed to deal with her ASAP before she could figure out what he really wanted to do. “Whadda ya say? Shall we get started?” Frisk’s heart raced as he asked her that. Her instincts were telling her to run. But where to? Noticing Flowey’s growing impatience, Frisk nodded to him. “Best play along for now. At least until I can find an exit.”Seeing Frisk nod, Flowey grinned. “Alright, then. To start with, magic down here is different than up there. While we tussle with each other, we have learned to focus our power from one source.” He then pointed to Frisk. Or rather, her chest. “Our Souls. The very cumulation of our being. Your soul does start weak, but it can grow as you gain LV.” Frisk raised an eyebrow. “LV? What’s LV?” Flowey continued to grin. This was too easy. “Why, LOVE, of course.” Frisk internally shivered, confused. Love? What does love have to do with fighting? “Something tells me this isn’t the kind of love that I’m familiar with.”“Hey! I got an idea! How about I share some of my LV with you? You know, to help you get the idea of what I’m talking about?” Flowey offered. Again, Frisk internally shivered. “Why does that sound so wrong?!” But before she could say anything, a small batch of what Frisk could describe as white beans flew out from Flowey. “Down here, LOVE is shared through little white ‘friendliness pellets.’” The flower’s grin grew wider, unsettling Frisk further. “Go ahead. Let them hit you.” At that moment, the pellets shot towards Frisk at an accelerated rate. Her instincts yelling at her to do so, Frisk ducked, causing the pellets to miss her and hit the stone wall of the pit. Her instincts were right on the money as the dust cleared to reveal pellet-sized holes in the wall. Some of the holes were still cracking outwards. After seeing the damage the pellets did to the rock wall, Frisk knew immediately that these "friendliness pellets" were bad news. So without missing a beat, she hopped onto her feet and started to run the opposite direction. Flowey, seeing this, changed his friendly demeanor to fury.,"Hey! What did I say?!" But Frisk wasn’t having any of it as she dodged some more pellets being fired at her. "Can't fool me, Flower-Boy! Those suckers are not friendly!" Flowey’s anger grew. She figured it out already!? Curses! The girl was more clever than he gave her credit for. "Get back here!" He called out as he fired more pellets at her. Frisk ducked again, allowing the pellets to hit the wall instead of her. "Sorry, but I gotta leaf!" Flowey's eye twitched. Did she just make...a pun?! "Why you little-!" Seeing Flowey’s irritation at her pun and the fact that his pellets hadn’t hit her once, Frisk grinned as she looked back at the angry flower. "Sorry! Don't have the thyme for a chat!" "Enough of the puns!" "Why? I'm quite parsley to them!" Flowey screamed in frustration as he fired more pellets at Frisk. Frisk, remembering her training, dodged the pellets and began searching for another exit. Flowey’s anger reached a boiling point with every shot missed because of this squirmy, cocky half-genie runt! "THAT'S IT! NO MORE MISTER NICE-GUY!" “When were you nice to begin with?” Frisk asked mentally "Aww, come on, Flowey! Get clover it!" Unbeknownst to Frisk, that last pun was what made Flowey snap. "AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"As Frisk scanned the wall for any sign of an escape, the ground beneath her shook. She barely was able to dodge as several thick, thorny vines burst from the ground and lunged at her. “Ok. Maybe it was a bad idea to tick off the flower.” The vines lunged at her again, but unlike the pellets, one of them did manage to hit her, cutting one her left cheek when she looked back for a moment. Sensing the blood fall down her face, Frisk began to panic. “Definitely ticked off the flower! No way in heck am I going to die to a freaking flower!” But before Frisk could even attempt to run faster, one of the vines burst from the ground, grabbing Frisk by the ankle. Thankfully, she had thick boots on, so the thorns didn’t pierce her ankle. With a swift movement, the vine threw Frisk towards Flowey, causing her to tumble as she made contact with the ground. Another vine made a lunge for Frisk’s lower left arm and wrapped around it. Frisk cried out as the thorns pierced her skin. In retaliation, she bit the vine, causing Flowey to shriek in pain.“You little MUTT! I’ll make you pay for that!” While he released the vine that was holding Frisk’s lower arm, another came up from behind and wrapped around Frisk’s upper body and, like before, tossed her. However, he made the vine throw Frisk against the stone wall, causing her upper arms to bleed and a couple of bruises appeared on her stomach along with a cut made by one of the sharp stones on the wall. It wasn’t deep enough to disembowel her, but it was enough to make her start bleeding. The vine then grabbed Frisk’s uninjured lower arm and began to drag her towards him. But Frisk pulled back against Flowey’s grip, determined and desperate to get away. Little did she know that something was sparking inside her. “Let me go!” Flowey was about to make a remark when he noticed that his vine was getting hot. Uncomfortably hot. He had little time before Frisk, pulling harder, cried out louder. “I SAID LET ME GO!”A searing pain in his vine forced Flowey to obey. He retracted the vine as flames burst from Frisk’s arm, repelling his grasp. He looked at his vine and found it quite burned. Red slits glowed from Flowey’s beady black eyes in rage and shock. She burned him! Enraged, Flowey sent a flurry of vines at Frisk. The sheer force alone was enough to pin Frisk against the stone wall with each blow after that delivering either a cut or a bruise. One of the vines struck Frisk right at her left eye, causing a bruise to form and swell her eye shut. Eventually, the vines stopped thrashing and instead took hold of each of her limbs, lifting her up several feet over the ground. She tried to struggle again, only to stop when a very thorny vine wrapped itself around her neck.Then, to Frisk’s horror, something flew out of her chest.A shining red heart.But it wasn’t her literal heart either. She could still feel that pump fiercely against her chest. Whatever this “heart” was, Frisk felt it shouldn’t be out! She tried to reach for it, but the fight left her weak. Whatever she did to make Flowey really mad, his blows left her too battered to even try and fight. She attempted to twist herself, but felt a sharp pain in her ribs. The pain was enough to cause tears to fall from her eyes, even the one swollen shut.,Seeing his prey finally subdued, Flowey grinned wickedly. He tightened the thorny vines, piercing Frisk's skin and drawing more blood. He had to admit, this half-genie put up a heck of a fight. One that quite entertained him, even if she did burn him. He was tempted to keep her around to see what else he could do to this smart-alek idiot, but her shining “heart” kept his attention."It's a shame, Frisky. You are quite the fighter. But I have had loads of experience and a way higher LV than you. For now, your SOUL will suffice."He reveled at the sight of Frisk’s eyes widening when he told him what exactly they were looking at. The one eye that was open held fear and a pleading look, practically BEGGING him to stop and just let her go. He chuckled inwardly. As if he was going to do that!He then noticed the tears in Frisk's eyes. Whether they were of despair or pain, he couldn't care. Still, he used one free vine to wipe away the tears."Shhh... Shhh... It will be over soon..."As Flowey lifted a vine ready to rip her Soul from her, Frisk closed her eyes and braced herself, her head falling with shame. “Mom, Dad, I’m so sorry. I was stupid and now, I’m going to die.” But when the vine was about to wrap around the Soul, the sound of footsteps alerted Flowey, causing him to turn around just in time to see a hooded figure running towards him and lifting a hand up. Flowey hissed in pain as a ring of fire appeared around him, burning the vines that crossed it. “Gah!”The searing pain forced the vines to release their prey, recoiling as the figure caught the half-genie. Seeing the Soul in the air, a green light glowed from the figure’s snow-white hand. A couple of cuts started to close as the girl’s Soul returned to her body. The figure waited until it disappeared, keeping an eye on the angry flower that was recoiling from the flames. Flowey barely had time to react as the figure picked up Frisk and ran off. Frisk cracked open her eye, struggling not to lose consciousness. ,She watched unmoving as the figure fled to a far wall hidden in shadow. As they got closer, Frisk noticed a shape in the wall. An opening. “Huh. So that’s where the exit was.”Holding the half-genie closer, the figure crossed the threshold and, with one swift kick, closed a door, blocking the flower from pursuing them. They panted softly as they waited for any signs of a chase. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Flowey hissed as the flames grew closer. Yet his anger grew at not the fire, but at their robed caster. He knew them. And he wasn't surprised that they were quick to scoop up the half-genie and proceed to run into their sanctuary. No. He was angry because he was so close! So close! And then SHE had to interfere!But Flowey was patient. The girl will leave like the others before her. Who knows? She could be the most amusing thing he'd experienced in a long time. After all, she wasn't totally human and he never encountered a genie before. But he didn’t have time to ponder. The flames were too close to his liking. That left him with one option left: retreat. Without another thought, Flowey burrowed beneath the flames, tunneling to another location. He couldn't tunnel inside the sanctuary. It was pure stone and with the flames weakening him, he was in no condition to excavate for his prize.As he burrowed deep into the earth, Flowey made a sinister promise, his mind focused on the "half-breed.""Just you wait, Frisky. Sooner or later, your SOUL will be MINE! I guarantee it!"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inside…Sensing that the attacker was gone, the figure breathed a sigh of relief as they looked down at the hurt child. Their eyes softened sadly as she started to move forward.Frisk tensed up, fearing what the figure could do. They saw this and, for the first time, spoke. “Do not worry, my child. I will not hurt you. I am so sorry I was able to make it just as that miserable creature was about to take your Soul.”The gentle, remorseful words made by a female voice caught Frisk by surprise. She gulped, daring to speak. “Th-thank you…” The figure’s eyes softened at the girl as she made her way. “Shh… Rest, child. I was able to use magic to return your Soul to you, but you are still hurt. Go ahead and rest. When you wake, I will have tended to your injuries.” For some reason, Frisk felt that she could trust the voice. It was soothing. Caring. Nurturing. Frisk made no complaints as she started to doze off, exhausted. “Th-thank you… Miss…” The figure smiled softly as the child started to fall asleep. “My name is Toriel, child. Can you tell me your name before you rest?” Frisk didn’t resist. She laid her head on the figure’s chest as she whispered her name. “Frisk… My name is Frisk…”As Frisk finally fell asleep, Toriel made her way through the various caverns to reach her destination. Normally, she would have led the child around the place, explaining the various traps, seeing if they could fight, the usual. But this situation was different. She needed to get the girl to her house swiftly. As she went down the path, Toriel looked to the sleeping half-genie. “Do not worry, my child. I will make sure you will never be harmed again.”
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Hey guys,

Recently a person whom I love very much, has been extremely affected by the covid-19 crisis (his salary has been reduced by 40%) and he can hardly afford to pay the rent, I have little money, but I want to help him in any way I can :(

That's why I've decided to put all my drawings (except custom characters) in 2x1, buy two drawings for the price of 1 :D!

I would appreciate if you could help us!

Thank you very much!

2x1 SALE [CLOSED] by eleoyasha [2x1 Colored Bust]  [CLOSED] by eleoyasha
Join my raffle!…
I`m holding the raffle, feel free to join!…
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(OPEN) Adopt Auction #79 Werewolf by Anrig
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(OPEN) Adopt Auction #78 by Anrig
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(OPEN) Adopt Auction #77 by Anrig
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  ADOPTABLE AUCTION / open by Raintectlum
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