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8,750 Members
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Lavinia and the Ink Machine: Chapter 2Chapter 2A Symphony in Shadow, She could hear them. Her aunt and uncle. They were talking about her again. Not that she cared, even if she could. Ever since that night, she couldn’t feel anything but sadness. Not an ounce of joy or anger or any other emotion made an appearance. It was this sadness that clung to her, held her voice in her throat. Even if she could speak, what would she say? She only had two questions: where was her mommy? And when was she coming home? But after that night, she had a strong feeling she wasn’t going to see her mommy for a very long time. It wasn’t fair. Just because her mommy was speaking weird and dancing some weird dance on that strange-looking circle in their living room, the police took her away like she did something bad. She was already scared with her mother’s strange dance that seemed to had focused on her. But when the police stormed in and took her mother away, it felt like the world was ripping her up again! Daddy had died in Germany trying to save people from bad men! Mommy was good! Yes, her strange talk and dancing was scary, but it was how grown-ups dealt with the death of a loved one, right? So why did they take her away!?Uncle Henry and Aunt Linda did try to explain it to her. They said that Mommy wasn’t feeling well and that she had to go to a special hospital. But what hospital needed policemen to bring in a sick person? All she knew was that her aunt and uncle were going to take care of her from now on. As much as she loved them, she felt like she was in the way. That they had to leave their house in Pasadena to come live with her on her family’s farm. It made her feel like they didn’t love her, but they just had to take care of her. That they were doing it because they had to and that maybe they were pitying her.And it was those feelings that made her mute. She curled upon her bed, hugging her legs close to her. Aunt Linda had dressed her up in a blue dress with white lace on the collar and sleeves with white flowers on the bottom. Her legs were covered in black-and-white striped stockings, and she wore the shiny black buckled shoes Aunt Linda just bought for her. Her shoulder-length red hair was tied in pigtails and draped over her shoulders. She didn’t see why her aunt had to dress her up. She felt like she needed to stay in bed, anyway. Just then, she heard her bedroom door open. Her dull, lifeless eyes shifted to the intruder. It was Uncle Henry. Being Daddy’s brother, Uncle Henry did look a bit like him. He had the same brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a white shirt, a green tie, suspenders that held up brown slacks, and dark brown shoes. One of his arms was behind his back while his other arm opened her door. His gentle eyes locked onto hers, still showing the hope that he could somehow make her happy."Vinnie? Hey, honey. How are you doing?”Silence. That was her usual answer. Still, that didn’t stop Uncle Henry from trying to talk to her.“I went into town today. Aunt Linda said she was going to make a beef roast tonight and she needed a few things. While I was shopping, I got you something.”She slowly got off her bed and walked over to her uncle, her eyes downcast. She wasn’t in the mood for presents, but she couldn’t turn down him down. Not with all the trouble he had been through. She looked up as her uncle pulled something from behind his back. Once he brought it in front of him, she got a good look at last.It was a doll, but not like any doll she’d seen. It was black and white, almost like a teddy bear. Except this doll had curled horns on the top of its head that made it look like the moon when it was C-shaped. It had two shiny, pie-cut, black button eyes and a large grin on its face and a white bowtie around its neck. She stared at the doll as Uncle Henry knelt down to her level. “Lavinia? I’d like you to meet Bendy. Now, he's a bit of a prankster, but as long as you take good care of him, I’m certain you two can become good friends. You can even dance with him. That’s because it’s his favorite thing to do. In fact, his nickname is 'The Dancing Demon.'”A spark of curiosity flickered in her. This was a demon? Was this what Mommy was talking about in her weird talk? If only she had been paying attention to what she was saying. It…sounded like she was doing something to help a demon? Maybe this was what she meant and got confused? Especially as when she now looked at the doll, she felt…strange. Like...when she looked at the doll, she felt like it was staring back at her. ,Hesitantly, she reached up and gently took the doll from Uncle Henry. A soft smile appeared on his face as she held the doll. A new feeling appeared quietly in her. A comforting feeling. The best she could describe it was that it felt like the feeling whenever her Mommy and Daddy hugged her. She shifted the doll so that she was hug-holding it. She…she wanted to keep holding it. Seeing her reaction must have made Uncle Henry happy as he hugged her.“Don't worry, Vinnie. Bendy can help you be happy again. He always finds a way to make his friends happy. Especially those who are special to him."Special? What was so special about her other than that she was sad all the time now? And how was Bendy going to help her be happy again? She didn’t understand. Once Uncle Henry finished his hug, he made his way to the door before looking back at her, still smiling. “I’ll be sure to ask Aunt Linda to make your favorite dessert tonight, too. You and I both can’t resist her chocolate cake.” He was right about that. Aunt Linda made the best chocolate cake. But she doubted a slice of cake could make her sadness go away. As soon as Uncle Henry left the room, she made her way to the far wall next to her bed. She slid down until she was sitting on the floor, the doll still in her arms. As soon as she sat, she felt the tears flow again. She liked the gift. The doll was rather cute in its odd appearance and she liked what Uncle Henry said about him. But she still couldn’t stop thinking about Mommy. What would Mommy think of the doll? What would she think about her living with Uncle Henry and Aunt Linda? Was she ok to live like this? Or did she have to stand on her own two feet.? She held the doll tighter as one of her tears fell onto the doll’s eye. She wished for someone she could truly talk to. Someone she could truly connect with.What she failed to hear at that time was someone crying., Lavinia groaned as her dream faded and her eyes began to open. Her head was throbbing and a ringing sound echoed in her ears. She grabbed her head as she sat up, trying to stop both the ringing and the throbbing. “Ugh! What the hell happened? Did I fall asleep with my hair wet again? No. That doesn’t explain the damn ringing.” With little choice, she waited until the pain and sound went away before she opened her eyes. Her surroundings reminding her where she was. She was in a lower level of Joey Drew Studios. A room that held coffins and… She looked down and saw that she was laying in the middle of the pentagram she saw earlier. Looking at the candles around her, she was amazed that she didn’t catch fire nor knocked one of the candles over. “Well. That explains the dream. Uncle Henry did say Mom was performing some sort of ritual before she was locked up at the asylum. Maybe she used one of these things in it?” Lavinia frowned at the theory. The dream she had was, in fact, a memory. The day she first got her doll. Back then, she became a mute after her mother went crazy and been taken to an insane asylum. All that she remembered was that it involved some sort of demonic or satanic ritual and that Lavinia was traumatized to the point of muteness and depression. “But how did I start getting better? It’s been twenty years. Why was I dreaming that memory a moment ago?”Shaking her head, Lavinia decided to push the dream-memory out of her mind and focus on what was going on. Carefully getting up, Lavinia when over what happened since she arrived. “Let’s see…the studio, the Ink Machine, fixing the power source…” She trailed off as she remembered what else she had seen. The dead Boris and the creature that chased her.There was nothing she could do about Boris, but there was a chance that the creature was still hunting her. And not being able to climb the shaft she fell through, she remembered why she was here now. “That’s right. I’ve got to find another exit. There can’t be more than just one. Maybe there’s a door that can take me back up.”She then gulped as she remembered the creature again.“And if I’m quiet, I might be able to get out without drawing that thing’s attention.” As she stood up, Lavinia spotted her axe next to the pentagram. Breathing a sigh of relief, she grabbed the axe and smiled at it. “At least I’ll be able to defend myself if that thing does find me.” She then looked at the room itself to find another exit. Sure enough, there were only two doors. The one that would take here back to where she fell. And the one that was held closed by a pair of boards. She also noticed that her hip wasn’t bothering her as much as it did before. Looking back at the opened door, Lavinia began to wonder. “Maybe I can open that locked door with my axe. Might lead me to a stairwell.”Deciding on the path, Lavinia walked out of the room, only to find the path blocked by fallen debris. It looked like an entire floor fell over the hall and got coated with ink. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Lavinia groaned, exasperated. This meant she had only one way to go, now. Reluctantly, Lavinia returned to the pentagram room and used her axe on the boarded-up door. She was amazed at how little effort it took to break the boards or that the door was unlocked when she tried the knob afterward. “Guess I should be lucky the former staff did a poor job at cleaning out this place.” At the thought, her eyebrows furrowed as she remembered the Ink Machine. “But…why didn’t Joey take that machine with him? From its size, he could have gotten something for it.” She then grimaced at another Ink Machine-related memory. “Then again, if it makes creatures like that thing, I’d keep it hidden, too. Or at least turn it into scrap metal.” Just then, Lavinia’s vocal thoughts were interrupted by the sound of falling wood. Freezing in place, Lavinia took note of her surroundings. It was a simple hall with a short flight of stairs. On the stairs was the broken board she figured was the culprit of the noise. Looking up, she saw that the ceiling looked fine. There was a sign on the half-wall above that read “Utility Shaft 9,” indicating where she was. At least, that’s what she was guessing. “Note to self: check out a book on architecture at the library when you get home.” Lavinia muttered to herself as she pressed on.She entered the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and froze again at the sight in front of her. It was a small shelf area that had a banjo, a couple bacon soup cans, some bowls or plates filled with some sort of substance, a small Bendy cutout, and a couple of lit candles. On the wall was another painted message.“He will set us free.”This made Lavinia’s skin crawl. This set-up looked like a shrine. But to what? Lavinia told herself to never look into anything occult after what had happened to her mother. But from what she was seeing, she began to have second thoughts. Especially with the message on the wall. “Who sets who free?” She asked the empty silence. Gaining no response, Lavinia turned right and found that the area was a room that connected to another hallway. One thing’s for certain: this was looking less and less like an animation studio. Looking to the right side of the room, Lavinia found another shelf that had a couple candles, a small Bendy cutout, and a tape. Picking up the tape, she read the name.“Sammy Lawrence.”Remembering the tape player she had with her, Lavinia pulled it out of her bag and replaced Thomas Conner’s tape with the new one. “Let’s see what you have to say, Mr. Lawrence.” Once the tape was in, she pressed play. Its contents made her spine shiver., "He appears from the shadows to rain his sweet blessings upon me. The figure of ink that shines in the darkness. I see you, my savior. I pray you hear me.Those old songs, yes, I still sing them. For I know you are coming to save me. And I will be swept into your final loving embrace.But, love requires sacrifice.Can I get an amen?", “I said, ‘Can I get an amen?’”The sudden voice made Lavinia jump, turn on her heel, and raising her axe in a defensive pose. But there was nobody there. Not a single soul aside from herself. “Then where did that voice come from? It sounded like…” Lavinia shook her head. It was impossible. Whoever this “Sammy Lawrence” guy was, he should be gone by now. At home or at some new job. Though it did make her wonder. What was his job here? Realizing her thoughts were straying, Lavinia shook her head. “Don’t get distracted, Lavinia.” She whispered to herself. “You either need to find Uncle Henry or an exit. Getting sidetracked is the reason you’re in this situation.” And she was right. Her curiosity over the Ink Machine and its function had set her off course. WAY off course. All she had to do was scout, locate her uncle, and then get out to call the police. But no. She just had to figure out what the machine did. She just had to get it up and running. “And now I’m stuck in a decrepit animation studio with a dead Boris and a monster version of Bendy on the first floor.” A thought made her move slowly. If she did get back up to the first floor, how was she going to get to the exit with that thing up there? “I guess I’ll have to figure that out once I find a way back up. There’s got to be a stairwell somewhere in this joint.” Wanting to press on, Lavinia made her way through the utility shaft. She caught sight of two more coffins and another pentagram at the far end of the room from where she entered, making her rush to the hallway. Once she reached the end, she followed the hall to the right before facing another hall to her left. She groaned as she saw that this particular section was flooded with ink.“Again, how many gallons did Joey invest in? At least now I know what it is for.” Lavinia stared hard at the ink; sarcasm duly noted by the silence. Now that she was in a calm situation again, something inside her was speaking up. There was something wrong with the ink. Very wrong. Back on the first floor, she only saw a little bit of ink. At least until she flooded the theater. But she never stayed to look at the ink. Something about it was off. Something she should have seen. “If you had noticed this, Lavinia, you would have never turned on the Ink Machine in the first place.” Taking in a deep breath, Lavinia stepped into the inky corridor. It reached her calves, so she had to carefully trudge through it so she wouldn’t trip and lose her axe. “There has to be an exit nearby. Please let there be a stairwell!” But Lavinia’s prayers were silenced halfway down the corridor. When she reached that point, she saw a figure walking down the hall at the other end, heading to her left. She got a little glimpse of this figure. A man in overalls carrying a Bendy cutout. Relief flooding her, Lavinia called out to him. “Oh! Thank goodness! Excuse me! Can you help me?” The figure didn’t respond to her. Instead, he kept his focus ahead and recited something that made Lavinia’s skin crawl. “Sheep, sheep, sheep. Rest your head. It’s time for bed…” His voice trailed off, leaving Lavinia unnerved. This man. He sounded like the Sammy Lawrence from the tape. But like the tape, he sounded…unhinged. Gripping her axe tightly, she gulped as she slowly proceeded down the rest of the corridor. “Can’t go back now. I better brace myself.” As Lavinia crept toward the archway, she made her body still itself as she peered around the other side.No extended hall. Just a Bendy cutout and a shelf with a lot of cans on it. There was no sign of the man anywhere. Confused, Lavinia stepped into the new hall and examined the small alcove. “Ok. Where the hell did he go?!” She looked for anything that might have been a door or a secret passage. All she found was the pentagram behind the cutout and that the cans were of Briar Label’s Bacon Soup. Lavinia rubbed her eyes, trying to compose herself. “Maybe I’m going crazy. Or I’m still dreaming. God, I hope it’s the latter.”She looked at the soup again to take her mind off the mysterious man. As a kid, she loved getting Briar Label’s Bacon Soup. Not only was it good soup, but it had Bendy’s image on it. Hell, she remembered the poster that advertised it. “How did that catchphrase go again? ‘Just the way the little devil likes it?’” She took a look at the expiration date on one of the cans. According to the label, it was still good. “Guess I don’t have to worry about running out of food. Good thing my Swiss army knife has a can opener.” That was a couple positives Lavinia was able to find. True, she didn’t find that creepy man nor how he disappeared, but at least she had some food. Taking the initiative, she grabbed a few soup cans and put them in her bag before looking to her right at last.Following the corridor, she saw that it did continue, but there was a shutter blocking the way. Looking on the wall, she saw a panel that had three flashing lights next to a lever. She frowned. “Guess I got something else that needs powering. What am I? The studio’s repairwoman?” She took a moment to take in her dry humor before looking into the situation again. “Regardless, I can’t continue with this shutter in the way and I don’t think my can opener will be enough. There must be something to power this nearby.”With her new task at hand, Lavinia began to backtrack starting with the shelf. She moved some cans and found a button with a small bulb next to it. Curious, she pressed the button, the little light turning on and one of the flashing lights by the switch was now a steady light. “Guess I need to find two more buttons. At least I’m on the right track.” With that observation, Lavinia headed back to find the buttons., Meanwhile…As he was making his way down the studio’s levels to get where he wanted, he thought about what he was going to say to the dame. Unfortunately, he was stuck. “Of course you’re stuck, Bendy! You’ve spent your entire existence killing idiots that wander in here and now you want to talk to a dame? Even if that dame is gorgeous as hell. Definitely prettier than, ugh, the Alices. Especially Susie.” He held back a shutter as he made his way down another corridor. “Don’t think about those harpies. Think about that stunning redhead. Heh. You know, I never pegged myself preferring redheads. Guess years of being in the same building as a bunch of black-haired characters has made me want something different. And boy, did different happen!”His grin grew as he thought more and more about the woman. “The only thing that’s making me go more completely nuts over her is the fact that she’s related to Henry. That, and the fact that she seems…familiar. And not because of that dream.” He was right on that. There was something about this dame that was eerily familiar. Something that kept him from killing her (which, for once, he was glad he didn’t) and it was this feeling like he should know her. But what was it? Why was it so goddamn important to him? Why was this redhaired dame so goddamn special?! Whatever the reason, it told him the same thing: he absolutely NEEDED to find her., Back to Lavinia…It took a short dredge through the ink before Lavinia found the two switches. They were both in power boxes on the walls of the utility shaft. One, of course, was next to a pair of coffins. “Definitely rating the tour a 1 out of 5 stars. Run-down, ink monsters, coffins, and cults. Fun for the whole family…not!” Once the switches were pressed, Lavinia walked across the ink hall one more time. “Hopefully, this is the last time. I swear this ink is turning into molasses.” It was no joke. To Lavinia, it seemed like every time she walked through the ink, her legs got heavier. This made her not like the ink even more. Upon exiting the ink hall, Lavinia made her way to the shutter once again. All three lights stopped flashing, letting her know she was able to use it, now. Grabbing the lever, Lavinia took in a deep breath. “Ready or not, here we go.” With a swift motion, she pulled the lever. The shutter, as she had hoped, opened up for her. But on the other side was a boarded-up archway. “More boards. Great.” As she approached the boards, a groan made her stop. “What was that?” She waited for a few moments before relaxing. “Probably just the building. It is falling part, after all.” Still, the pit in Lavinia’s stomach told her otherwise. “Still, I need to be careful. Who knows what else is in this studio?” After chopping her way in, Lavinia saw that she was in a darkened room. She allowed her eyes to adjust, but only a couple of candles granted her some light. “Better be careful, here.” Placing a hand to the wall, Lavinia followed it until she found another archway. Upon looking inside, she saw something that made her smile and frown. At the bottom of a small staircase was the exit! The bad news? It was flooded with ink. “Well. I found an exit at least. But now I need to drain this place, too.” Looking around, Lavinia found another switch. Thankfully, it looked like there was no requirement to use it. “Maybe this will help. Or at least get the lights on.” Taking the chance, Lavinia pulled the lever. The sound of something being flipped on caught her ear, causing her to turn around. At the other side of the door, the dark room she was in was now lit up. On the wall across from her, she saw the sign. In large words surrounded by music notes, records, and some sort of awards was the name of this area.Music Department. Director: Sammy Lawrence.Upon reading the wall, Lavinia now had an I.D. on what role Sammy played. “Music Director, huh? I wonder what made him crazy.” A slight shimmer caught the corner of Lavinia’s left eye. There was a small shelf on the wall and there was another tape. “Another clue? I hope so. The sooner I’m out of here, the better.” Cautiously, Lavinia grabbed the tape and read the label. She grimaced upon reading the name on it. “Sammy Lawrence again? I really don’t want to listen to any more cult crap.” She sighed as she pulled out the tape player again. “Then again, maybe there are some clues as to what happened here.” Reluctantly, Lavinia played the tape., "So first, Joey installs this Ink Machine over our heads. Then it begins to leak. Three times last month, we couldn't even get out of our department because the ink had flooded the stairwell.Joey's solution? An ink pump to drain it periodically. Now I have this ugly pump switch right in my office. People in and out all day.Thanks, Joey. Just what I needed. More distractions. These stupid cartoon songs don't write themselves; you know." , As the tape ended, Lavinia frowned in confusion and disapproval. “Guess before he went nuts, Sammy was a disgruntled employee.” She then shifted her gaze to the area, a slight chill washing over her. “Then again, this place might make a person go mad.” Pocketing the tape player, Lavinia turned around and saw an opened door that led to a lit stairway. Walking into it, she beamed as she saw a door with the word “exit” on it. “YES! Finally!” But as she was about to take the first step, Lavinia froze at the sight of the ink at the bottom of the stairs. It was deep enough that it would be up to her chest if she waded in. And with how the ink seemed to thicken last time she trudged through it; Lavinia decided to not walk down. “I doubt I can get the door open with all of that ink. And even if I did, who knows how much of it is flooding the stairwell.” Looking to her right, she saw a switch. With no option in sight, Lavinia sighed and pulled it. The result was the Music Department lighting up, enabling her to see. “Yes! Let there be light!” She cried out in relief. It was then that she remembered the tape and got an idea. “Sammy said the valve to work the pump is in his office. If I can get to that valve, I might be able to drain the ink and get the hell out of here.”But as Lavinia took two steps back into the Music Department, something large and black dropped from the ceiling. It looked like a large drop of ink. Frowning, Lavinia carefully crept forward, her axe in hand. She gripped the axe tightly, ready to try and be threatening. Yet with each step, her heart rate increased. She was halfway across the room when she saw something that she had never expected to see.The large mass off ink rose, stretching upwards like black gum. Wariness turned to shock and horror as the gelatinous ink took a humanoid shape. It had no legs, just a long tendril that connected this thing to the floor. The upper body held no real detail, just smooth shapes as a pair of arms molded themselves into existence. Completing the look was a head that, while resembling a human, held no real openings. It had a pair of eye sockets, but no eyes, a gaping mouth that didn’t lead to an esophagus, and a nose that held no nasals to breath with. And it was charging towards her.Lavinia had little time to react as the creature reached out to her. A yelp escaped her throat as she swung her axe. The creature backed up for a moment before trying to come at her again. It swung it’s inky arm at her, the fingers barely grabbing at the bottom hem of her sweater. Gasping moans rang like a battle cry in Lavinia’s ears as she dodged swipe after swipe, each one she returned with her own. “Back off! Go away!” She cried out, trying to reign in her growing panic. But the creature did not heed her and, instead, kept coming after her. Suddenly, it grabbed Lavinia’s ankle and gave it a hard pull. The force was enough for Lavinia to fall onto her back, the axe miraculously staying in her hand with her vice-like grip. The creature then began to drag her towards it, its hand clenching hard on Lavinia’s ankle that she was afraid that it was going to break. She needed to get the thing off her and away from her. As the ink monster’s opposite hand began to reach for her face, Lavinia swung her axe again. It was a blur, but she was able to hear a squelching noise when she swung. In an instant, the inky shackle was gone as the creature wailed in pain. Returning her focus, Lavinia was able to see the creature grabbing its arm. It’s hand was gone and it was clutching its arm like if she would have done if someone had cut off her hand. Not wanting to give it another chance, Lavinia lunged at the creature and, with a mighty swing, cleaved the creature’s head. The chore of chopping firewood definitely benefited Lavinia, for the axe imbedded itself so deep that the creature’s head split in two. A dying gasp cried out from the creature before it melted into a puddle of ink once more. Her heart racing, Lavinia dared herself and tapped the puddle with her boot. No reaction. But before Lavinia could sigh in relief, a chorus of groans greeted her. Looking around, three more of those creatures appeared at different spots of the room. The sigh she was holding turned into a groan. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Not wanting to make herself vulnerable again, Lavinia charged at the creature on her right, swinging horizontally so as to decapitate it. Once it was a puddle, Lavinia turned her attention to the other two. Unfortunately, they were too close together for her to take on one at a time. “Come on, Vinnie! Think fast! How can you beat these guys when it’s two to one?”Her answer came as she dodged the hand of one monster. Instead of grabbing her, it flung so hard and fast that it slapped the face of the other monster. The sight would have been comical for Lavinia were this not a life-or-death situation. With the second of the two remaining monsters distracted, Lavinia swung at its assailant, slashing at the base of the neck before removing the axe and hacking the dazed monster in the face. Once more, Lavinia was about to sigh when three more oozed up from the floor. This time, the groan was a growl. “Can’t you guys just STAY DOWN?!” Not caring about precision at this point, Lavinia swung her axe wildly like a mad lumberjack as she dodged the creatures’ attempts to make a grab at her. Like with the two before, Lavinia used her surroundings so that when one creature took a swipe at her, it’d miss and hit one of its cohorts. In a moment of improv, Lavinia grabbed a nearby music stand and swung with her opposite hand, smacking the third creature as if she was swinging a shovel at it. Three more squelching sounds was enough to tell Lavinia that the monsters were down for the count. She waited. Her heart thundered in her chest like she was containing a stampede of wild elephants. One minute. Two minutes. Three minutes. The only thing that she was able to take notice of were the security gate on the left-hand side of the room sliding up, granting her access. Once five minutes had passed, Lavinia was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. No more monsters. Well, there was still the Bendy-like creature on the first floor, but that was a bridge Lavinia will have to cross later. For now, she needed to sit. And she wanted to cry.She went to the right side of the room, finding the remnants of a break room. There was a billiard table and a couple of stacked crates and barrels. There was another security gate, but no way to open it. “Not that I am looking for anything else.” Leaving the rec room, Lavinia saw a set of stairs going up. Curious, Lavinia walked up the steps, finding herself in a small room. There was a chair (which she happily sat on), a desk, and projector that was sitting on a ledge of a glass-less window. Now that she was sitting in what was the closest thing to peace and quiet as she could get in this studio, Lavinia broke down. She covered face in her hands as the sound of her sobs became muffled. This wasn’t what she wanted to encounter! She would’ve been better off if she was caught by gangsters or drug dealers. Not being attacked or chased by ink monsters. And, dear god! What about her uncle? Was this what he was dealing with for a week? Was that why he wasn’t able come home? Was there even a chance that he was alive? The thought made Lavinia sick. “D…don’t think that, Vinnie! You know Uncle Henry! He…he’d find another way!” “Then why hasn’t he come home yet?” More tears poured from Lavinia’s cheeks as the dark voice of doubt clawed its way into her head. Her uncle hadn’t participated in the WWII nor the wars after that. There was no way he had the skills needed to survive this place. Sure, he told her that her father had taught him some things before he was deployed, but was enough to survive this crazy place?“And yet, here I am. Following his footsteps just to bring him home.”Lavinia’s fingers curled, her short nails scratching her face. This wasn’t Henry’s fault. Not at all. In truth, she had two people to blame for her predicament. Herself, for foolishly following without any backup or authorities to help. And Joey Drew, who sent that damned invitation.“Wait a minute…”Lavinia’s eyes widened as she started to connect some dots. “Joey Drew invited Uncle Henry here. He knew about the Ink Machine. He KNEW about that Bendy creature! He KNEW about those monsters!” Her cream-colored skin became snow white as she made the realization.“Joey intended all of this to happen to him!”Almost immediately, Lavinia’s despair turned into anger as she removed her face from her hands. In her fascination with the studio, she completely forgot that Joey was a horrible person to work under according to her uncle. He was even terrible to his business partner and supposed friend! Deep down, she knew this. But the fan of Bendy inside her was denying it all from the beginning! “That was why Uncle Henry left all those years ago! That’s why he found it odd that Joey sent him a letter after all this time! He must have had a grudge against Uncle Henry to send him to this nightmare funhouse!”Lavinia closed her fists so hard that her knuckles cracked. The man she admired because of his cartoons sent the only family she had left into this! And deep down, Lavinia’s instincts told her something that seemed foolish, but plausible to her. Henry Stein was alive! “Uncle Henry won’t go down without a fight. He’d find ways to survive. I just need to find him and get us both out!” She then punched her own fist into her hand. “Then I’m going to give Joey Drew a piece of my mind!”With renewed determination, Lavinia wiped her eyes and proceeded to continue her journey. Looking out of the room’s window, Lavinia saw what looked like the music room back in high school. She looked towards the left and saw a door, Lavinia figuring that the door must lead to the main room by the location. At the other end of the room was another shuttered doorway and a small recording studio. Curious, Lavinia examined the projector and saw that there was a film reel in it. Her interest getting ahold of her, Lavinia pushed the button and looked at the screen on the other side of the room. To her surprise, it was a fragment of “Tombstone Picnic,” another Bendy cartoon. Only this focused on the scene with Bendy and a skeleton both hiding behind a tombstone. There was no sound accompanying the film. “This must be where they record the music for the show.” Lavinia deduced. Switching off the projector, Lavinia looked towards the desk and saw another tape. This one labeled “Norman Polk.” Not wanting to get up anytime soon, Lavinia grabbed the tape and placed it into her tape player. , "Every day the same strange thing happens, I'll be up here in my booth, the band will be swinging, and suddenly Sammy Lawrence just comes marching in and shuts the whole thing down. Tells us all to wait in the hall.“Then I hear him. He starts up my projector, and he dashes from the projector booth and down to the recording studio like the little devil himself was chasing behind.“Few seconds later, the projector turns off. But Sammy, oh no, he doesn't come out for a long time. This man is weird. Crazy weird!“I got half a mind to talk to Mr. Drew about all this, I really do. But then again, I have to admit. Mr. Drew's got his own peculiarities.", As soon as the tape stopped playing, Lavinia’s face screwed up with scrutiny as she removed the tape. “I wouldn’t use the word ‘peculiarities’ for this, Mr. Polk.” Sighing, Lavinia retrieved her axe and walked back down the stairs. “Since I can’t get to that exit without draining the ink, I’ll have to go look for clues to find the pump switch that Sammy mentioned in his last tape.”Following the mental map in her head, Lavinia circled around the Music Department’s main room and looked at the two doors, keeping her eyes out for any more of those ink monsters. “I need to call them something at some point.” Following the door on her right, she found that it went to the music room she saw from the projectionist’s booth. She could even see the room from where she stood. Looking around, Lavinia looked at the various instruments that were left behind: a banjo, a cello, a violin, a drum, and a piano next to the recording booth. Upon closer inspection, Lavinia spotted another tape amongst the piano’s keys. “What’s with all of these tapes?” Lavinia muttered to herself as she picked up the tape. The sticker read “Susie Campbell” on it. Upon reading the name, Lavinia felt something was familiar about it. She…she knew this name. But from where? “Only one way to find out.” Lavinia then placed the tape into the tape player and pressed “play.”, "It may only be my second month working for Joey Drew, but I can already tell I'm going to love it here!People really seem to enjoy my Alice Angel voice. Sammy says she may be as popular as Bendy someday.These past few weeks I have voiced everything from talking chairs to dancing chickens. But this is the first character I have really felt a connection with. Like she's a part of me.Alice and I, we are going places.", Lavinia’s eyes widened as she listened to the tape’s voice. That’s how she knew Susie! She was the first voice actress for Alice Angel! “Who knew the voice actress for the show’s female lead had humble beginnings.” Lavinia thought as she placed the tape with the others in her growing collection. “I wonder what happened to her?”Seeing that there was nothing but the shuttered door, Lavinia doubled back to the main room, humming “Lonely Angel” as she walked. Still no monsters, but now that Alice Angel was mentioned after a while, it was nice to have a comforting tune in her head as Lavinia made her way down the next hall. She came across an intersection that led her two a door and two more hallways. It was when she saw the sign above a large window at the far end that Lavinia figured that’s where she’d go first. But as she crossed the intersection, she felt something. A chill in the air. But there was no draft and she was wearing a turtleneck sweater. Stopping in her tracks, Lavinia’s eyes shifted towards the left hallway. From there she could see two openings. One lit and going down the same direction she was walking, the other leading towards an open door further down the hall. And according to the chill Lavinia was sensing, it was coming from there....
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Hey guys,

Recently a person whom I love very much, has been extremely affected by the covid-19 crisis (his salary has been reduced by 40%) and he can hardly afford to pay the rent, I have little money, but I want to help him in any way I can :(

That's why I've decided to put all my drawings (except custom characters) in 2x1, buy two drawings for the price of 1 :D!

I would appreciate if you could help us!

Thank you very much!

2x1 SALE [CLOSED] by eleoyasha [2x1 Colored Bust]  [CLOSED] by eleoyasha
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