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Last of project submissions are on display!

This batch concludes our November's Challenging Projects. I hope you all had fun while working on them and that you are looking forward to new learning lessons :D

I must say the submissions are all fabulous :clap:

Now I'm setting up a poll to see what will one of our December projects be. Don't forget to vote on it!

Read you all soon and happy crafting!



3rd WEEK SUBMISSIONS :thumbsup:

Sheltie BorderCollie Hat by SirLadySketch by :iconsirladysketch:

Cat tree ornament by maytel by :iconmaytel:

Wiry Deer by Rebelshade by :iconrebelshade:

Beaded Star Ornament by Loucife by :iconloucife:

Fleece Cthulhu Hat by bdunn1342, Fleece Brains by bdunn1342, Fleece Top Hat by bdunn1342 and Fleece Gingerbread Ornaments by bdunn1342 by :iconbdunn1342:

:thumb104793275: by :iconfoxglove-honey:

AC club- bear hat by dollmaker88, AC club- Rabbit hat by dollmaker88, Christmas tree egg by dollmaker88 and Snowman egg by dollmaker88 by :icondollmaker88:

:thumb104693393:, season deco 4 by Amaltheea, :thumb104691694:, :thumb104691471: and Season deco 1 by Amaltheea by :iconamaltheea:

Fliptonic Fleece Fox Hat by Blitzergeldert by :iconblitzergeldert:

Lightbulb reindeer by Itti by :iconitti:


Sheep Hat by CraftyFeawen by :iconcraftyfeawen:

Mini Wreaths by Linhorra by :iconlinhorra:

Meditite Hat by amorphious, Eggsecute Hat by amorphious and Paras Hat by amorphious by :iconamorphious:

Blue Dragon ornament by Glori305 by :iconglori305:

Fleece Aviator Cap and Goggles by bdunn1342 by :iconbdunn1342:

:thumb103982330: by :iconfoxglove-honey:

:thumb104331946: by :icon2dazed:

Ornament by Ninina-nini by :iconninina-nini:


:thumb102950010: by :iconsleepinglynx:

:thumb103171794: by :iconamorphious:

:thumb103568868: by :iconrebelshade:

Hello and welcome to our new set of challenging monthly projects :D

It's becoming colder outside (ok, in our half of the globe :giggle: ) plus the holiday season is just around the corner so we are proposing two very practical projects. By completing them you will be set with at least two gifts to give to your loved ones. If not for anything else but this I hope we will have at least as many entries as we had in previous month.

1st challenging project - (fleece) hats

I was really happy to see quite a few tutorials on the subject on deviantArt. As you can see there are many great ways to make a fleece hat and all of them have one thing in common - they are very simple to make.

For those of you who never had a needle in your hand .. don't be affraid! Below you will find an explanation of the stitches and trust me, hand sewing is really really easy :nod:

So... here are some of the hat tutorials... I think you'll get the picture quickly :)

Fleece Hat Tutorial by clearkid

Basic Hat Pattern by Jyrotika

Off site... all of the above explained really nicely:…

A tutorial for a little different hat +Link Hat Tutorial+ by nayruasukei

And as promised... Basic Sewing Stitches and dA published Some Stitches by AshFantastic


Drifloon Hat by clearkid   Fox Hat - Kitsune Hat by shiricki  

Iguana Hat by metallixfaker   Octopus Hat by chibishinigami   kyaaa. biz - Panda Hat by shiricki

Bunny Hat by clearkid   Pachirisu Hat by clearkid  

2nd challenging project - Holiday Ornaments

:xmas: :xmas: :xmas:

We all need them every year and why not make them by ourselves?

Here are links to some amazing ornament tutorials. I'm pretty sure you can all find something nice for you to make - I know I did. There are even quite a few for wire wrapped ornaments which means you can continue using your newly developed wire wrapping skills :D

Loads of different suggestions:… and…

Tree ornaments made from scraps - great looking ones indeed:…

Simple instructions on wire ones:…

Great paper one: dailyscrappinspiration.blogspo…


Snowflake Ornament by lavadragon   Oh Christmas tree by touchxthexsky   Christmas Ornament 03 by padfootsmyhero

Happy Star Cookie Ornament by UrsulaPatch   Ornament Hangers by lindalemela  :thumb25948380:

Red snowflake by zlatnaribica   Beaded angel ornaments by enkelikitten   Christmas Tree by lindalemela

Another great reason to participate

If you are only thinking about participating in this month's challenges I give you a very good reason to actually do it. It's a special Christmas Tree Decoration Contest in which you get to make someone very happy and pleasantly surprised. Do enter!

Submitting your works

This will be done the same as in October. Send us a note titled Project Submission and I'll upload them every Friday as we move towards the end of the month.

Chat room meetings during week-ends

Do come in the chat room and stay for a while - someone is bound to come in and help you if you have a question. You can be there and just chat as well. Isn't that cool? :giggle:

Now go and dig into our challenging challenges. I'm really curious to see the results!

Yours trully,


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