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Hello! I'm the newest blogger around here, kampfly :wave: I'll be doing monthly interviews of members here at ArtisanCraft, so be ready for a whole lot of awesome coming your way once a month :D Please enjoy, and be sure to visit Roses-to-Ashes

Before we begin, let's show the people out there what your craft looks like. What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve made?

These have to be my personal favorites that I have made over some 3 years.
Old and Ugly $65 by Roses-to-Ashes Curly $60 by Roses-to-Ashes Baby Blues *Sold* by Roses-to-Ashes Copper Bonsai $150 by Roses-to-Ashes

So, how did you encounter this particular craft? Where did you first see it, and what made you want to try?

I first saw this craft long before I ever joined DeviantArt. A friends Father actually made them and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever!! :giggle: Ive always loved Trees and combining their form with metal just seems very creative at the time so I decided to have my go at it ;)

How did you learn how to make your wire trees? Can you give us any idea of the process, or how long it took?

As I said before I only saw my friends fathers art.. I never learned anything about it before trying it.. I just went a head and winged it! The process is quite simple for me. Take a bunch of wire and twist it!! the rest is all in your imagination and creativity. How you want the leaves, with beads? or plain twigs? down to a gnarly roots system to something clean and manicured. This also goes for how Time consuming it can be.
For example: Mini Autumn Bonsai $30 by Roses-to-Ashes
This tree isn't very intricate on how it was made so it didn't take all that much time
While on the other hand Copper Bonsai $150 by Roses-to-Ashes
This tree took forever to complete!!

How do you promote your work? Do you frequent conventions or have a store?

I promote my art here on DeviantArt art and I also have a facebook fan page (which I don't frequent very often it has become my latest artistic failure :rofl: ) I actually have never been to any conventions for my art sad to say.. I live in a very small rural area and artsy crafty things just don't seem to fly around here. :(

How do people usually react to your work? What's the general response?

I've had a lot of people tell me they love it and that its very creative! I have never sold one of my trees. But I do hear they make wonderful Christmas gifts!! :giggle:

What inspires you?

Oh everything!!! I daydream a lot and That helps me come up with Ideas. I also love being here on DeviatnArt because a lot of different artist capture so many great trees I'm just bubbling with new ideas! I also have to give credit to a few special deviants who I watch and they also create wonderful trees. beads-poet, Lady-Blue and Rhed-Dawg They are constantly helping me, giving me ideas and giving me critiques on how to better my art skills and I am grateful to have found them!!

What made you join deviantart? And, while we're on this thought, why did you join #ArtisanCraft ?

The love of art of course!! :D I actually joined to share my Traditional art skills at first. (I dabble in all art forms, crafts traditional digital and photography! I am never bored :P )
ArtisanCraft was one of the first groups I ever joined here on DeviantArt. I love watching all the different things people make.. Your members never cease to amaze me at what talent there is in this world :)

I see that you're very involved with here on deviantart. How often would you say you're on here, and for how long?

lol Probably waaay to much! I watch a lot of artists and groups. I love watching all different types of art forms and envy everyone's talent :P

Are there any other people, groups, or artwork you'd like to feature? Tell us a little bit about them and why you like them :)

You shouldn't have asked that you know.. I'll never pass on an opportunity to promote my groups!! They are the main reason why I am on DeviantArt so much!!
My first group is my first group I ever created on here.
:icontrees-with-character: Trees-With-character
I actually saw this group before groups were created, back when they were "clubs". TreesWithCharacter had been inactive for quite some time so I took my change and made the first Tree related group on DeviantArt! We accept any and all art mediums from photography to crafts and if you can make a tree into literature we will accept it!!
My second group is :icontiny-worlds-photo: Tiny-Worlds-Photo and although I am not the original founder I have adopted the group. We were mainly a Macro photography group (my one of many art trades showing again) but since I have taken over we have started adding a few new attributes including miniatures! Which after all are always tiny! :aww:

And finally, I have to ask: Do you consider yourself an artist or an artisan? What do you think the difference is there, anyways?
I am definitely an Artist. An Artist is someone who creates objects which exist purely to excite our imaginations, our sense of beauty. An Artisan is someone who creates utility objects, but applies artistic touches to them to elevate them into the realm of beauty. When I think of an Artist, I think of someone making a painting. When I think of an Artisan, I think of someone carving a beautiful chair. :)


That's all, folks! Like I said, please be sure to drop by Roses-to-Ashes' page to say hello! :hug:

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Great interview.....very interesting...:aww: