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SeanAvery is a very talented artist from Australia. His dA-gallery is filled with pictures of incredible looking animal sculptures made of wire and, most notable, CD shards.
The sculptures, amazingly vivid, range from little hummingbirds (as large as a hand) made of only a view CDs to large dragons with a wingspan of 3 metres (~ 9.84 ft) made of over 1 000 cut CDs.

Hummingbird-> Hummingbird pendant by SeanAvery Big Dragon by SeanAvery <- Dragon

Multiple DDs and many commissions approve, that SeanAvery's pieces of art have the certain 'je ne sais quoi' and he was kind enough to give me this interview between all his work.


:bulletgreen: Hello SeanAvery would you tell about a bit about yourself, please? Where did the idea of making sculptures with CD shards and computer parts come from?

I always liked how CDs reflected bright and beautiful colours and thought it would be a great idea to make something out of them. Deconstructing the discs into shards was my natural instinct so they'd be easier to work with. The computer parts were an extension of the CD shard idea.

:bulletgreen: Apart from lots of CDs, what else do you need for your scultpures?

LOTS of hot glue, Craft Wireform mesh, wire and paint.

:bulletgreen: If it's not a professional secret, would you give us a short explanation of the process of making a tatting-piece?

I use kitchen scissors to cut the shapes I need out of the CDs, then arrange each shard by colour and size. I then hot glue those shards one-by-one to a wire mesh frame to create a natural feather/fur pattern.

Orangutan by SeanAvery

:bulletgreen: The sculptures sure look like a lot of work. How long does it take you to make a scultpure?

They generally take about a week to finish and are VERY labour intensive.

:bulletgreen: You do a lot of commissions. Did you ever make a scultpure for yourself?

Ha ha, I have enough sculptures for myself, I only make sculptures for other people now.

:bulletgreen: All the sculptures in your gallery - apart from the collaboration with Emma Mcpike - are animals. Did you ever try something else? Or is it just what people want?

I just prefer animals — I feel that understand them better than any other subject matter.

Panda 2 by SeanAvery

:bulletgreen: What would you suggest people who want to try your art?

Be patient, make sure you wear long sleeve clothing to prevent burning yourself with glue and make sure you completely understand your subject matter.

:bulletgreen:  And to finish this interview, please show us your favourite piece from your gallery.

Thank you, SeanAvery, for this interview. We're looking forward to see more of your amazing sculptures.

Thanks so much for the opportunity! These are my favourite pieces:

Bullfinch by SeanAvery Spoonbill 3 by SeanAvery
Meerkat by SeanAvery Rat 2 by SeanAvery


Be sure to check the rest of SeanAvery's amazing gallery.

This interview was held by digikijo

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That big dragon is amazing :O