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preethi524 is a young artist from India, who creates stunning pieces of art with pencils. Not by using them to draw, but making the pencils themselves the focus of her art. But see for yourself....


:bulletgreen: Hello preethi524, could you tell us a bit about yourself, please? Where  did the idea of pencil carving come from?

Hi all..!! :wave:

Before I start, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to :iconartisancraft: and :icondigikijo: for giving me this wonderful opportunity..!! :thanks: by Seraphim-Enraged I feel truly privileged to be placed among the chosen ones for the interview, if you may say so :happycry:

Getting back to the question,
I am Preethi :iconpreethi524: from India India Flag Icon by Caitybee !! Well, I have been fascinated with miniature artworks my whole life :deviation: And, every single time I dropped in at a museum, miniatures was the section I always got stuck at :gallery: !! But, never really thought of giving it a try myself!! Until the faithful night of 6th November, 2012, when for reasons unknown I had the sudden rush to pick up a pencil and carve a little heart into it Pencil carving 1 : Little heart.. by preethi524 That's how & where it all began :D

:bulletgreen: What tools do you need for this special art?

So far, I have made use of a paper cutter, nail files and fine sand paper for carving & shaping! A magnifying glass so I can see what am upto :thumb284652676: ! And, of course you will need a pencil :thumb155614836: And a hell lot of patience FOREVER WAITING by Ceavit (Coffee definitely helps coffee plz by dutchie17 :giggle: )

:bulletgreen: Pencil carving is an art of great accuracy and patience. Would you tell us how you proceed to do one of those tiny sculptures, please?

This is the process usually involved in my pencil sculpting :
-> Idea Hit by an Idea by ThreeCharactersLong
-> Sculpting Advent Calendar Day 7 by stuck-in-suburbia : I use the nail file & sand paper to shape the lead, few lead atoms at a time The paper cutter comes in handy for sharp edges! And the magnifier helps to create little details!
-> Spend quite a bit of time on it Clock by BoffinBrain
-> Then possibly, as in few cases, break it by mistake just when I think am about to finish it :frustrated: revamp by blunaowl
-> Ah! This is where the patience comes in! Stay calm.. breathe in breathe out Relax by Droneguard (If all else fails, try coffee again ;) )
-> :movingon: Pick up the pencil & start fresh! (If it helps, pray you don't break it this time :please: )
-> Keep trying no matter how many times it breaks :D And, you are bound to end up with a miniature sculpture that's finally intact :phew:

:bulletgreen: How long does it take you in general to make one sculpture?

It usually takes me anywhere between half an hour to 2 hours to create a single miniature sculpture! That's excluding the time I spent on the broken ones :whistle: by ChaosEmeraldHunter ! The total time it takes me from start to finish including the broken pieces ranges from half an hour to even 6-7 hours :faint:

:bulletgreen: Where do you find your inspiration?

Life is my greatest source of inspiration. That may sound like commonplace meaningless blabber that every other person calls as their inspiration without knowing what they mean, but I'll try to explain myself. We all try to keep our head in the right direction, it may not be easy at times, but in the most difficult of times, you tend to discover yourself.

I believe that challenges and changes that I face is only meant to embolden me to realize the power that an individual can wield in this world. Here we are, so insecure that we are afraid of re-starting our lives, so we just carry on trying to sort out the current mess. We push away anything that is a little away from conformity because we’re scared of it. How can you say you've lived, when you have not tested your limits? When I started it out, creating art at such a sublime level was challenging and exciting (oh hell, it still is!!). But only when you put all you can into art, without fear or favour of the crowd, can you truly make it a source of happiness.

As long as I walk, as I breathe and as I live, I hope that life
doesn't cease to challenge me.

:bulletgreen: What was the smallest sculpture you did until now?

Ummm, hard to decide which one's the smallest :thinking: by Smidy

I believe it should be one of these :D
Pencil carving 1 : Little heart.. by preethi524 or Pencil carving 10 : Wonder of Innocence.. by preethi524 or Pencil carving 9 : Dice.. by preethi524

:bulletgreen: Do you have any tips or tricks for people who want to try about pencil carving? Would it be helpful to first try with something bigger than a pencil tip?

There are several other alternate media that could be used instead of a pencil! Like, chalk, pastels, crayola/crayons Winking Crayons Avatar by shirokuro-chan It might be easier to initially work with these and then move on to a pencil! A carpenter's pencil would also be a good start point, it's bigger than the average pencil we use for all general purposes!

:bulletgreen: And last but not least, what is your personal favourite of all the pencil carving sculptures you did?

I don't have a personal favourite! I love em all :love: But, I do have different emotions attached with each one of them.. Like
The pioneer
Pencil carving 1 : Little heart.. by preethi524
The ones that immediately followed
World at War.. (Pencil lead carving) by preethi524
The one that increased my confidence
Pencil carving 5 : Burning candle.. by preethi524
The one that didn't start with an initial idea
Pencil carving 6 : Drip, drip, drip.. by preethi524
The one that I don't know how I managed to do
Pencil carving 7 : A Note to remember.. by preethi524
The one that magically never broke despite being too delicate
Pencil carving 8 : The 'little' things that matter by preethi524
The one that broke off and seemed better off that way
Pencil carving 10 : Wonder of Innocence.. by preethi524
The one that was the ultimate test of my patience & the most difficult one
Pencil carving 9 : Dice.. by preethi524
The one I did to take a break & do something simple
Pencil carving 11 : Olympic torch.. by preethi524
The one inspired by winter & Christmas
Pencil carving 12 : Snowman.. by preethi524

I would like to mention two of my friends here..
:iconthewimpy: & :iconhellboy200:

Free Yaaay avatar by CookiemagiK Who play the roles of a critic Critique by wenstrom , a photographer Photographer Emote by mattdanna, providers of captions/titles :writer: by arrioch & descriptions Write A Masterpeice by NaturallyPerfect etc (& what not! Pretty much everything except making the art itself :D)

I am my worst critic & they have really encouraged me in all that I do.. They believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself! Owe them a lot for all that I have been able to create :hug:

Thank you, preethi524, for this interview.


Be sure to check :iconpreethi524:'s gallery for more stunning pieces.

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