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Welcome back to our monthly interviews! This month we're interviewing SophieEkard ; please support her by dropping by her profile and enjoy the reading!


Before we begin, let's show the people out there what your craft looks like. What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve made?

Little Phoenix - 3D Origami by SophieEkard Chibi Ironman - 3D origami by SophieEkard Recycled Swan on a Lake - 3D origami by SophieEkard Peacock - 3D Origami by SophieEkard #175 Togepi - 3D origami by SophieEkard Phoenix winging her way - 3D origami by SophieEkard

So, how did you encounter this particular craft? Where did you first see it, and what made you want to try?

I've been enjoying single sheet origamis for 6 years. A friend of mine asked me to do a panda. I did not know how to do it so I searched on Youtube, and I found tutorials for modular origamis. I was so impressed that I felt like I had to try for her. :D

How did you learn how to do 3D origami? Can you give us any idea of the process, or how long it took?

I discovered 3D origami last April. It took some weeks to learn the basic techniques and I'm doing my own design since May. I think you need to do 4 or 5 models with tutorials before doing your own.

What's your favorite part of your craft?

To me, there are three parts in modular origami. The first one is designing, the second folding, and the last one is assembling. I would say that designing is my favorite part, but it can be disappointing when the result is not that good. Folding is also enjoyable because I do them in front of TV; I look like an old grandma who is knitting. :D

Where do you show your work? Do you have any tips for artists trying to promote or sell their work?

I think my mother and my friends are my best publicists. :D I give them origamis as gifts, and they show them to everyone who enters their houses. My galleries are their living rooms. :happybounce:
And of course, I use Deviantart to promote my work. ^^

How do you, as an artist, deal with rejection?

Actually, I experience a kind of rejection with my father. He thinks that what I'm doing is a wasting of time and he doesn't really care when he makes my origamis fall down.
As for rejection by galleries, or in contest, I would say that you have to experience it and get over it. You have to know that what you are doing cannot please everybody, and that you always need to improve.

How do people usually react to your work? What's the general response? (Personally, I think it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen!)

Haha. Exactly like you. This craft is not really well-known. The basic reactions are "Is this really made of paper?!" or "OMG It must have taken FOREVER! :O ". People are impressed and curious, and I really enjoy their reactions. :D

You're easily one of the more popular artisan crafters on dA. How does it feel to know that there are over 200 people watching your work? How does that contrasts with your real life?

I feel really happy because I really love this craft and I think that more people should know about it.
In real life, some of my close friends, especially girls, are my best fans. But others think either that it is a waste of time or that it is weird. I did not even tell my best friend that I do origamis and that I'm submitting them on a website. People I know only care about money and partying, they don't understand how I can enjoy this. :shakefist:

What inspires you?

My friends, my watchers, people I meet and their tastes which give me ideas. When I see something beautiful or cute, I say to myself that I have to do it in modular origami.

What made you join deviantART? And, while we're on this thought, why did you join ArtisanCraft ?

I know this website for a long time, I decided to join to share photos that I had taken of dinosaurs in a supermarket. :D
I think that ArtisanCraft is a great group because it gathers people with completely different skills and interests. It's a kind of artistic melting-pot. :dalove:

Are there any other people, groups, or artwork you'd like to feature? Tell us a little bit about them and why you like them :)

There are other modular origamists that I really admire:
sombra33 especially for her child costume gallery: Child with giraffe suit by sombra33  
She is the first person I watched on DA. She really inspired me when I began. And also, she is a very nice person.
She is also doing another craft, quilling, it's really impressive! Ewok of paper by sombra33

sabrinayen especially for her Batman:
3D Origami: Batman by sabrinayen
She is the second person I watched on DA. The way she does all these characters is so original.  

There is also another type of crafters that I love, the amigurumists. I would LOVE to be able to do what they are doing.
MiaHandcrafter especially for her Pokemon Amigurumi: Dragonite Amigurumi by MiaHandcrafter Charizard Amigurumi by MiaHandcrafter
I love plushies, and I'm a kind of pokéfan, her craft would perfectly suits me, but it looks kind of hard. I hope, one day, I'll be able to try this... I really love her work, and she also a very nice person. :love:

I see you’re not afraid to try new things! How do you go about with a new craft? Do you usually follow tutorials to the T, or do you do your own thing?

I love to work with my hands. Usually, when I see a great craft, I tell myself "you have to try this!". Sometimes, it needs expensive materials or  really great skills, so the idea grows little by little somewhere in my mind.
I do follow tutorials when I'm a complete noob at a craft; I think I'll have to follow tutorials for amigurumi, for example. :meow:
In the case of Découpage, I did my own thing, because the way it worked was pretty clear in my mind.

And finally, I have to ask: Do you consider yourself an artist or an artisan? What do you think the difference is there, anyways?

Hmm... I think that I'm more an artist than an artisan. An artisan does things for someone and to earn a living. Artists express their creativity and do what they like; they do not really care of how much they'll be popular.
If I do something on a request and the person tells me very precisely how it has to be, then I would be an artisan. If I do something, just because I'm sure it will get a lot of views, then I would not be an artist anymore.
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Great, Sophie!! Love it!! You are a very talented artist and a very nice person!! Your work is so well done and creative! I love what you do and I admire you so much! :love:
It's interesting that I identified myself in many things you said ^^
I know how sad it is when some of our friends don't understand our crafts...
Other thing that it is sad, is when somebody looks at your craft and only thinks about how much money someone would pay for it. We know, that we do our crafts not for money, but because we love to do it! It is a piece of us and make us happy :) So, we don't care about the money! I think the best feeling ever is the one that we feel, when we finish a craft! It's unique :D
Well, I don't have words to thank you for your kindness!! ^^ I feel really touched by your words!! Thank you so much! :love: It is really great to know that an amazing artist like you apreciate my amigurumis! :tighthug:
By the way, I am always available to help you, if you need any help to learn how to do amigurumis!! And soon, I will be sharing my patterns, so, you can try to do them xD