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Deviation Actions

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We ask you to please follow these simple guidelines!

If you fail to do so, your submission might not be accepted!

Feel free to ask if something is unclear.

Submission Rules

• Only members can submit to the group!

Make sure to submit to the correct folder within our group gallery or your submission will be rejected! If you aren't sure which folder you should submit to send us a note before submitting so that we can help you find the most appropriate folder for your work.

• We only accept submissions that are uploaded to the Artisan Crafts or Sculpture galleries here on dA.

Up to two submission per month per member!!! The submission system is set up to count your submissions. Once you have submitted two pieces, it counts down 30 days before you can submit again. This means you could theoretically submit two pieces every 30 days or one piece every 15 days.
Please be aware that the system counts the submissions you send out, regardless of whether they are accepted, denied or you withdraw them! This is the way the group system is set up and we can not change this. If you have trouble submitting, please send us a note.

• Additionally to your two submissions per 30 days, you can also submit 1 tutorial per week (7 days). Tutorials must be submitted to the Tutorials folder in our gallery.

• We do not accept WIP submissions, please only submit finished pieces.

• Please ensure your submissions are focused and in pretty good quality.

• The item has to be made by you, otherwise it should go into the Photography galleries rather than Artisan Craft (read the Artisan Craft Gallery Explained article if you are not sure where to put your deviation)

• Make sure your submission is representative of your work. If you have different angles of one piece, please link to them in the deviation description so people can find them.

• We do reserve the right to refuse any posting that seems inappropriate.

Please read…  for more information on folders.


There are different ways to submit to the group gallery. Before submitting, please make sure you know which folder you want to submit to! Here are three easy ways to submit deviations to the group:

1. Go to the deviation you want to submit. Under the image, to the right of the description, is a button that says "+ Submit to a Group". Once you click it, you can select the group and folder you want to submit the deviation to.

2. When uploading a new deviation you can select the group and folder you want to submit to.

3. Go to our… (gallery) and find the appropriate folder for your submission. Open the folder (by clicking on it) and then select "+ Submit to This Folder" at the top right. From here you can either submit a new deviation that has not been uploaded to dA yet, or select a deviation from your gallery.

If you have difficulties submitting to our gallery, here are two tutorials to help you:

We try to accept a maximum of 25 submissions per day, sometimes we get many more than that. It may take a few days for your submission to be accepted, please be patient!

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Thank you for the clear rules :)