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Our First Friday Project is Finished

I'm really happy and proud about our Friday Project beeing such a success. You made some amazing works and prooved to me that there is a club spirit here who likes to learn new things and it's not affraid to venture from it's usual path.

I'm posting submissions we received this last week and would very much love to hear from you which are your favorites - favorites out of all the posted ones :nod:

Next Friday we will publish a new Project/Challenge :dance: I can't wait to give you the news then :excited:

Chat Room

I'd really like to see you using our chat room more. It has been rather empty even though we had our meets arranged. And I really think it should be more crowded in there over the week-ends. Don't you think?

:iconstudioharajuku: made this wonderful stamp for our chat room Artisan Crafts Chat Stamp by StudioHarajuku Thank you so much!

Your Suggestions for Improving our Projects

I need your input people....

Are you happy with the way this was done? Would you like to have different project every week? Every 14 days? Is it ok to have more projects/challenges given at the beginning of the month?

Should we change the name to Monthly Challenges?

Do tell me please. I'd love to improve what we set up here to do if only I can and if only you give me more ideas to work with. Don't be strangers. We are here together!

And Happy Halloween to everyone!

:pumpkin: :heart: :pumpkin:


4th WEEK SUBMISSIONS :excited:

Winged Heart Pendant - Aqua by pandacub143 by :iconpandacub143:

:thumb101943439: by :iconfoxglove-honey:

Happy by Itti by :iconitti:

Cat-O-Lantern by kittyvane by :iconkittyvane:


Silver and Lapis Lazuli Ring by WireMySoul, Silver and Red Jade Ring by WireMySoul, Silver Coral and Pearl Ring by WireMySoul,
Silver, Garnet and Pearl Ring by WireMySoul and Silver and Crystal Ring by WireMySoul by :iconwiremysoul:

:thumb100937081: by :icondelectable-decadence:

wire wrapped broom by taralynnjane by :icontaralynnjane:

Red Flower and Leaf PhoneCharm by StudioHarajuku by :iconstudioharajuku:

2nd WEEK SUBMISSIONS :excited:

:thumb100348275: :thumb100438194: by :icon2dazed:

Autumn Breeze Pendant by pandacub143 by :iconpandacub143:

Through the Fire by DarkFireRaven by :icondarkfireraven:

Friday Project Wire Wrapping by PiratesGlory by :iconpiratesglory:

Crown Key by dollmaker88 by :icondollmaker88:

Happy Halloween by Rebelshade by :iconrebelshade:

:thumb100856128: by :iconsleepinglynx:

Persephone Pendant by magpiesmiscellany by :iconmagpiesmiscellany:

:thumb100892377: by :iconvyww:

Dreaming of the Fall by razzigyrl by :iconrazzigyrl:


Aquarium Pumpkin by voodoomaggie   Autumn Splendor by voodoomaggie by :iconvoodoomaggie:

Autumn Pendant by GoblinMorningTea by :icongoblinmorningtea:

Friday's Project by Rebelshade by :iconrebelshade:

Red Glyph Choker by ErrantDreams   Blue Butterfly by ErrantDreams   Drop of Water Pendant by ErrantDreams  by :iconerrantdreams:

Welcome everyone to our first Friday Project!

For most of you, the air is getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to crunch underfoot. Fall really is my favourite time of year. You just can’t beat those colours, can you! I just wish I could carry a little part of those gorgeous colours with me all year ‘round.

So this month’s Friday Project will have a decidedly Fall theme! Of course Halloween is coming up soon and we can’t forget that!

Wire Wrapping

Due to its popularity I thought we’d start off Friday Projects with wire wrapping – but with a Fall twist. Show us some lovely rich ambers and deep reds, with a little green thrown in to give it some freshness (this is just a suggestion of Fall colours you might like to use – look around you for more inspiration!) You don’t have to break the bank to do this craft – just a quick trip down to your local craft store for some beads and some wire and a pair of pliers and you’re set!

So here are some tutorials to get you started:

:bulletblue: WireWrap tutorial by RipItUpGenki Wire wrap tutorial by RipItUpGenki

:bulletblue: :thumb26917358: Forming basic shapes by kirylin

:bulletblue: :thumb26918626: Forming 4 leaf clovers and flowers by kirylin

:bulletblue: :thumb76835170: Dragonfly ring by LaNausee

:bulletblue: My hand at a Tutorial by dragonofgaea Wire wrap bracelet by dragonofgaea

And a lot more off site where you can find Tutorials for everything from earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings, from beginner to experienced.

:pumpkin: :pumpkin:

Pumpkin Carving

And what would October be without some Halloween crafts? For this one all you’ll need is a pumpkin and a knife!

:bulletyellow: Easy Pumpkin Carving Tutorial by escadevotion Easy Pumpkin Carving Tutorial by escadevotion

:bulletyellow: Pumpkin Carving Tutorial [updated 2023]
INTRODUCTION: This is an advanced carving tutorial. It should be useful to both beginners and experienced carvers who are looking to fine-tune their techniques. If you’re a beginner, I recommend starting with a simpler pattern. Once you have some practice, you can move on to more difficult designs.
DO I HAVE TO BE AN ARTIST?: Transferring and carving the pattern do not require any drawing ability. If you have a few hours and a lot of patience, you can carve an amazing jack-o’-lantern.
WHERE CAN I FIND A PATTERN?: There are many patterns on the web. Try searching for “pumpkin patterns” or “jack-o-lantern patterns.” Stoneykins has shaded patterns ranging from easy to difficult. You can also try making your own patterns, which is what I do.
CHOOSING A PUMPKIN: Find a large, fresh pumpkin. Check the entire surface for blemishes and soft spots — especially the underside. The stem s
Detailed Pumpkin Carving Tutorial by Kamose

:bulletyellow: Pumpkin design tutorial by Atsuiai Pumpkin Design Tutorial by Atsuiai

:bulletyellow: Tutankhamun Pumpkin Pattern by Kamose Pumpkin carving pattern – Tutankhamun by Kamose

Please be very, very careful when carving. Always carve AWAY from yourself.

:pumpkin: :pumpkin:

At the end of the month we’ll be showcasing all your lovely Fall crafts, so if you’d like to craft along with us, the deadline to be featured is Thursday 30 October. Just send us a note with a link to your wire wrapped jewelery or pumpkin!

Subject for submission notes: Friday Project 1

We'll accept only new deviations that have to do with wire wrapping and pumpkin carving.



Let’s go craft!

Happy Friday!

:iconrestlesswillow: restlesswillow (former Friday Project Coordinator)

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I was so frustrated not to get to finish my piece for this. (A family crisis came up, leaving it half done.) I think it's a great idea and am really looking forward to the new theme coming out. I wouldn't mind them coming out more frequently (maybe twice a month) but the once a month gives people a good amount of time to learn a new craft and make something to be proud of.

The entries look great!