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Artisan Crafts Club presents The Scraps Gallery

In order to widen our horizons and expand our working areas we at the Artisan Crafts Club have decided to host a very special gallery – The Scraps Gallery. Don't be put off by its name and its usual intention which is to hold and hide those bad quality photos or sketches or whatever comes to mind. We have more noble intentions in mind.

We would like this gallery to host the most usable recycled arts&crafts you members make. We are hoping to have as many submissions as possible of crafts that were made out of recycled materials and were thus given a new purpose and meaning. They must not only be a work of art but also usable in any way you guys can think of. Like lamps made out of old umbrellas or flower pots made out of old tin cans.

The goal of this gallery is, to provide the examples of great ideas and their executions so that others can see and use them as basis for their interpretations of similar works. We are hoping to get as many people as possible involved so that together we can make our tiny contribution to a cleaner and better looking environment we live in.

We hope you’ll be as excited about our new project as we are and don’t forget to watch our Scraps Gallery in order to avoid missing out on great submissions.

About Submissions and other Technicalities:

• We are looking for submissions that have a new purpose but were made out of old, used, found, left-over, forgotten-ages-ago-but-still-in-my-closet, etc. materials

• New materials as paints, varnishes, glues and things that just cannot be avoided otherwise are allowed

• For submitting to The Scraps Gallery send your notes to our club and use the SCRAP SUBMISSION as the codename in note’s Subject

• The gallery curator is going to be Ninina-nini and she will have the right to accept or decline submissions you will send to The Scraps Gallery

The Scraps Gallery --> artisancraft.deviantart.com/ga…


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what happened to the scraps gallery?