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artisan craft by MyntKat
Pendant Lunula with blue labradorite by mirraling
Ripples - multi by a-kid-at-heart
Eshne- wire wrapped necklace, labradorite, silver by mea00
Never More earrings by omegaptera
Needlework, Fiber Art and other Textiles
Yoshi Blanket by FearlessFibreArts
Mini Patchwork Dragon No. 28 by Kyle-Lefort
Ariel by xMelodyHeartsx
the green one by KiriCrafter
Clothing, Costumes and Props
Naruto Shippuden jacket by Highwinds2C
Short brown cape back and front by MARIEKECREATION
Dragon Eggs Props by Euderion
Soft leather tunic by MARIEKECREATION
Dolls, Plushies and Toys
Family photo))) by WorkshopAyami
Commission: Small Death Egg Plushie by Miss-Sarasa-Designs
Tiamat by TheSeaKnight
My Stitch plushie by ClayfrommyHeart
Polymer Clay
Sculpey Venus Djinn by Polytropic
Artist Bling Palette by tishaia
Toothless dragon by SINKandSHTAYN
Turians by DeathMystery
Glass, Ceramics and Clay
Solder tree against glass dawn- my 1st commission by Spectral1um
Raichu super light clay figurine by Color-And-Adoptables
Ceramic Simple Obvara Kitty by TeleviCat
Velocidrome-Symbol by FLSC
Culinary Arts
Game of Thrones Fondant Cupcakes by ToughSpirit
Gingerbread map by aka-Selva
Put Avengers in your mouth! by dciphoenix
Fluffy(Everwing) Cake by ginas-cakes
Bronze Hand Mirror by MrSoles
Fancy Fox Sculpture by WolfDenStudio
New Demons by seanpt
Pixie figure by LInaMalinaX
Paper Crafts and Bookmaking
Origami Bonsai type flower by OrigamiAround
Remade it again - Herman OLD 2012 vs NEW 2019 by JakoHun
Omega class destroyer (Babylon 5) Paper model by BHAAD
Fantoft Stave Church pt.1 by asleifr
Leather pouches by Glapsvidur
Little pangolin by stepsbeyond-purity
Wooden Beer Opener by matcheslv
World of Mermaids bag's collection_1 by ladymisterya
pokeball mah 2600 by nbv555
Dragons Contest Entries
gold scaled black dragon by luciferasa
Jewelry - full
Soul mirror by HolyWoman
Jewelry 2 - full
Magical Bubble Tree Pendant by Meowchee
Dolls, Plushies and Toys full
Arctic Owl Bear Doll by Sylvaerian
Jewelry 3 - full
Aquamarine Wire Wrapped Bracelet by DesignByPatri
Needlework, Textiles and Costumery
Cactus by anguana
Needlework, Textiles and Costumery - Full
Dinosaur Contest Entries
Dinky the T-Rex by DirtScraps
New Artisan Crafts stamp by ArtisanCraft









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:bulletgreen: Our super group status has run out and we need your help to raise funds to renew our subscription so we can bring you great features, highlights and specials.
For this we will need 4796 points to cover a whole year!
Since groups can't collect points, Cayca has started a donation poll on her profile. Please, donate points to upgrade, no matter how few you can spare, so we can continue to have all of these awesome features. ALL DONATIONS through this collection will be used to renew our super group status. If we get more donations than we need, the extra will be used as prizes in a contest.
You can get points here llamatrade
Every little bit counts. Thank you.

:bulletgreen: You can join in The Great Tutorial Round-Up! which might be a monthly event. Read more about it here The Great Tutorial Round-Up!Hello, my fellow artisans and crafters! :w00t: 
I have to tell you, it feels downright unreal, being your Community Volunteer. I've been in the community for a while and I know my wonderful and amazing predecessors. It's almost scary, I tell you: I have such big shoes to fill! As the "new guy" on the block, I've been thinking - how do I get more people more involved? Then... it struck me. 
Artisan crafts is all about the hands-on. We artisans and crafters are tinkerers at heart, engineers in disguise, chemists incognito and adventurers in spirit. We know that in order to create great art, we need to devote time and energy with trial-and-error. So, I figured I'd help the process along a little bit. A number of your fellow artisans and crafters have written wonderful tutorials to get you a head start into their field of expertise. So why not get them all under one umbrella for quick and easy perusal? So this is my "The Great Tutorial Round-up" casting call.

:bulletgreen: AC has gotten a new Community Volunteer - SinistrosePhosphate SinistrosePhosphate joins us as a CV!Hi everyone! :love: The wonderful SinistrosePhosphate is joining me on the Community Volunteer team for us artisans. :) You can now send Daily Deviation suggestions to either of us! :la: His DD Guidelines can be found right on his profile. :D
Join me in welcoming C.J.! :love:


:bulletgreen: Two new AC categories have been created - 3D Printing and Floral Arrangements Announcing: Two New AC Categories!:bulletpink: Hi everyone! I'm here to announce two brand new categories to the Artisan Crafts gallery - not just for the CRArtisanCrafts group, but for all of DeviantArt! :dalove:
These are things us Artisan Crafts Community Volunteers (myself, Talty, Brookette, and cakecrumbs) have been working on for a very long time. I myself, personally, have been invested in this for over a year and a half, and I'm SO HAPPY it's finally done! :squee:
The first is 3D Printing!
3D Printing refers to processes used to create a three-dimensional object in which layers of material are formed under computer control to create an object.
This is something that we worked in tandem with the Digital arts CVs. It came down to the fact that because the items are physical they belong in the artisan galleries. It also reflects the fact that many 3D printed pieces go through intensive "post-processing" (if you will), where the 3D Printed "base" object goes through detail

:bulletgreen: You can see the monthly DDs roundup here Artisan DDs for August!Bullet; Pink Hi! Hello my sugar covered marshmallow chickens! If you're like me, with terrible internet, or if you're also like me, with no free time, then you might have missed checking the Daily Deviation page every day. Here's a kiss for you, my love! It's okay! I'm here for you! (By the way, you can see the page [here]!)
Here are all the beautiful things I had the honor of featuring on the front page in August. Love Please give them love if you haven't already. Drop them a comment of congratulations or just downright tell them how much you've been inspired! :D (Big Grin) Comments like that keep the artistic elements flowing!

:bulletgreen: This month's challenge theme at :iconcrartisancrafts: is Equines Monthly Feature Challenge: EQUINES:bulletpink: Hi everyone! First things first, you're probably noticing this fancy new CSS! :la: This recent change is to make up for the fact that I've been posting these challenges for a bit over a year and a half under my personal journals, rather than in an official capacity as an Artisan Craft Community Volunteer. :)
:bulletpink: Equines is a fancy way of saying horses and anything horse related. I'm chucking unicorns into this classification too, since they're usually pretty horse-like, even though many things can theoretically be unicorns. :lol: And you can count pegasi, centaurs, kelpies, and so on! While we're here, you can also count things like zebras and donkeys too. :la: I could write a little snippet of the history on equines for you here, but it's sort enough for me to say that while I find them to be gorgeous, intelligent creatures I just... don't really know that much about them. >.> Doesn't that I mean I should be teaching you guys?! Well, if you're interested, h

contests and giveaways

:bulletgreen: You can find a list of Artisan Crafts contests and events here…

interviews and features

:bulletgreen: NevaSirenda posted two-part journal with tips on how to become a published crafter Tips on becoming a published crafter - Part 1Art in the Professions
Part One: First Contact! – or, How to Submit to a Publication
I became a professional craft designer almost accidentally. I had been a crafter all my life (an inherited gene that ran through my maternal line) but had not really given much thought to where all those great patterns came from. One of my favorite cross stitch magazines ran a contest every month for readers to try their hand at designing; just for fun I entered a few times and won first place on two occasions and runner-up on two more. Then came the perfect storm: It started with a hostile takeover at my day job that took place while I was on maternity leave, so when I came back to work I discovered I was out of a job. I needed a new job quickly, but was hoping for one that would allow me to spend more time with my new son. Coincidentally, a new cross stitch magazine was starting up just across town and was advertising for stitchers. This sounded ideal, so I called for
Tips on becoming a published crafter - Part 2Art in the Professions
Part Two: Getting Your Name, and Project, in Print
Congratulations! Your design concept has been accepted for publication! Now, let's assemble all the things your editor is going to need in order to secure your spot in an upcoming issue.
First you will need to familiarize yourself with their formatting and write or draw your patterns or charts in the manner the editors prefer.
For crafts like knitting or crochet, this may be as simple as carefully studying the published patterns in that magazine and writing your pattern in the same format. For other crafts, like quilting, sewing or woodworking, you may be required to provide pattern pieces drawn to scale.
Make sure all the pieces are drawn to the same scale proportionally, and make sure they are cleanly drawn and easy to read.
If you can, draw them in a graphics program like Photoshop and submit a clear PDF, GIF, or whatever format the publication prefers.
Have another crafte

:bulletgreen: pinkythepink covered several points regarding beads and beading The Difficult Art of Acquiring Bead SuppliesArt in the Professions
It's time to build your treasure hoard.

    Beading covers a massive range of applications, from simple pony-bead keychains on backpacks to the most intricate swirls on a bride's dress, from the obvious jewelry to the unexpected dollhouse miniatures. Dipping our hands into a barrel of semiprecious stone beads or running our fingers through the finery of petite seed beads is a wonderful feeling. But, for beaders, finding the right supplies is a challenge all of its own. It would be an epic undertaking to examine each and every possibility in one Project Educate article, so to compensate I'm going to start broad and get more specific as we go. :heart:
What is a bead?

    Beads are literally anything with a hole drilled through it. That could include tires if you were working in a Fallout world making jewelry for Supermutants! In the real world, that actual

sales and special offers

:bulletgreen: If you have a sale or special offer do send us a note. We'd love to spread the word.

Weekly Gallery Highlight

We decided to highlight some of the best submissions to the group gallery every week. I'll go with 25 featured submissions per week. This selection is purely subjective and represents my favourite submissions to our galleries. If you disagree with my selection, please feel free to go to our galleries and :+fav: any deviation you enjoy, artists also appreciate comments on their works! Spread the love! :dalove:

'Silver Serenade' sterling silver wedding rings by seralune Pink Strawberry Bracelet by Cateaclysmic Lady from the Past by LuthienThye Pillow case Sea turtle by InferaDragon Cross-Stitch: Pokemon Sun and Moon - Acerola by Aminellelia White fox head by Kayruuuu Bosmer Wild Hunt Armor  - Skyrim by ArsynalProps Sailor Venus (Noflutter Version) by LauraNiko Stitch from Lilo and Stitch by monkeybusinesstoys Potato custom plush by DemodexPlush Lucky Cat Slime Rancher by WollyShop Rainbow Watercolor Dragon by HowManyDragons Steampunk dragon eye pendant #1 by Tree-Frogs-Lair WH40K Commissar Stamp and Handle by BrenZan Starter Pokemon Cupcakes by ToughSpirit Pennywise Custom Sculpture | FANART by buzhandmade Astral by Ikhramet Little Dragons by Katinka-Duval Umbreon papercraft by Amber2002161 USS Bogue by PascaKanonno Swamp Necromancer Armor by SteamViking Undine by mtomsky Owl by rcdog Carved Badger Skull by Samishii-Kami :thumb706246305:

Again, this was a selection of my favourite submissions and does not represent a qualitative or artistic evaluation!

If you would like to help the group by writing features such as this or anything else, please get in touch with me via note to the group and let me know what you would like to contribute and how often (for example a weekly feature of 20 deviations from the group galleries or a monthly article written about something craft related). We are always looking for fresh blood. :D Also feel free to send us a note if you do art features containing artisan crafts and/or sculpture or if you are having an artisan crafts-related giveaway, sale or special offer.
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