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I've been really inactive on here lately and thought I would post an update.

My torch will finally be arriving on Friday!! I feel like its been forever since I shipped it off for repairs!!! I can't wait to get back to melting glass!!!!!!!

I've also been working on a few plushies! I'm almost done with the last 4 scootaloos! I also started 2 rose luck beanies and 2 twilight fillies. I just have to finish the embroidering for the twilight fillies then I can start stitching them together! I also finished drafting the pattern for the 18.5" mare pattern! It will have a couple different options for ears but I can't wait to prototype it so I can show everyone! Then make any adjustments that are necessary. I've also been thinking about selling that pattern, but we'll see. I've been talking to :icontheharley: about helping me with that.

If I decided to sell the 18.5" mare pattern would you be interested in buying it? Assuming that it turns out looking good. Thought it might be nice for people who can't afford to buy the plushies that they can jut buy the pattern and make their own! Let me know what you think about that =]

I also started crocheting! I got lost in learning/making amigurumi for awhile too!

Hope everyone is doing well!
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**I will be updating and adding to this as I get the chance.

Commissions are currently open for beanies. They will soon be opening for fiilies and mares. Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to finish your commission, maybe more depending on how many commissions I'm working on. Please remember that I'm a stay at home mom who just gets to work on these in my spare time, or if I get up super early (between 2-4am) in the mornings. Due to this, payment for commissions is made after the plush is finished. If payment can't be made at that time, we can work something out or I can just post the plush in my store.

As I release new designs I will be offering them at introductory prices. My prices will be increasing with the quality of my work.
This can be due to:
-modifying the pattern and the new way takes longer
-I've improved a skill or technique that I thought needed practice

I'll always be taking requests and do my best to make them.

Trades are currently closed.

It's time for me to go to bed, I have a lot of work to do in the morning! I'll add more to this later. If you have any questions please ask! I'll answer to your comment and add it to the entry! I hope everyone has a good weekend!
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Hi! My name is Alley, pretty much everyone calls me Alley. Unless your my cousin, she still calls me Alix. You can call me Alley or Alix, or pretty much whatever floats your boat! I'm a stay at home mom who gets to work during my free time, or if I wake up early in the morning. I have two dogs; Diesel is a lab/American bulldog mix, and Zeus who is partially blind and is a border collie/Akita mix.

I've loved arts and crafts ever since I can remember. I remember painting a lot with my mom. We would paint pretty much anything you could imagine; canvas, sculptures, jars, wood carvings, shirts, pretty much anything! In elementary school I did a lot of drawing and sculpting. I got accepted into the T.A.G art program because of my drawings and sculptures. I never accepted because they wanted me to write a one page report on why I wanted to be in the program. I thought, "why should I have to write a one page report when they asked me join?" They sent a letter to my house every week to join, but I still refused to write the paper.

The one art I've known I wanted to do for the rest of my life was glassblowing. I saw an artist making glass animals at the kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells and knew that's what I wanted to do. I stood there for the longest time just watching in amazement as he made all of those critters, my friend begged me stop watching so we could go play in the water park. I just couldn't stop watching. That's the day I got my blue and orange turtle that has inspired me to chase my dreams ever since that day. The only art I love as much as glassblowing is sewing.

I learned how to sew in high school in my fashion and interior design class. I tried making my own plush at home with silky faux fur. I really struggled and ended up never finishing it. My aunt finished it for me for my Christmas gift and I love it so much! It's a red and white bunny with super floppy ears! I just started sewing again at the end of may 2014. I just started making my own patterns and I can't wait to finish and test them!

I've also loved gaming since I was young, so young I can't even remember the first gaming console I had. I remember getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas and I suddenly became the coolest kid at school. I loved playing super Mario bros with my dad, along with many other games. I loved playing super smash bros with my friends, along with tekken and kingdom of hearts. I also enjoy playing COD, modern warfare, mortal kombat and many others.

Ill keep adding to this as I get time to!

**Anyone who likes my designs and would like to use them, please feel free to. If you have any questions on how I do things please ask as well, I'd be more than happy to answer your questions as best as I can.

Here's a link to my etsy shop:…

If you don't like my plush prices here are some links to the official and just other less expensive (around $25) MLP:FIM plushes:…

Twilight sparkle (more show accurate) by 4DE:…

4DE plushes twilight and pinkie pie (more show accurate):…



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I would love to see glass work that is related to My Little Pony.  I don't believe I've seen anyone doing that except for glass etching as in drinking glasses.  I believe the MLP glass work that you would create would be beautiful and unique, especially if you could do something Christmas related like ornaments of some sort.

Also, your polymer clay figures are adorable!  I love the unicorns you did and you should expand and create some MLP characters USING YOUR UNIQUE STYLE and other words they don't have to be show accurate but have that creative flair/style that you give your other pieces to them.
Slipsntime Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks for adding Scootaloo and Pinkie to you FAVS :) :)
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