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More and more people leave home, move abroad to find better luck, chances for a better life, jobs, dreams or purpose. For everyone who decided to stay in Greece and try his/her best to live decent, time only shows the flaws of such a decision. Me among them, I am starting to feel the lack of perspective in every move I try to make business-wize, and even though things are starting to evolve in my business I am finding difficult to understand a valid way to offer me enough to live through.

Yet still, I stay an optimist and try my best to survive these difficult times. But only survival is not an option for me and that's what troubles me most. Should I stay or should I go, as the Clash very prophetically wonder many years ago.

I know I haven't updated my page enough for the last couple of years, but its hard to find interest, time and talent at the same time to organize and start or complete ideas and projects.

Summer has come Ladies and Gents, and its time for the Sun and the Sea to take us away...

Have a nice summer everybody!  
  • Listening to: too many people sometimes
  • Watching: Daredevil s02
  • Playing: Might & Magic Duels of the Champions
  • Eating: checked!
  • Drinking: checked!
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Submitted on
June 1, 2016