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Jack Sparrow draw with ballpoint pen

Jack Sparrow draw with coloured ballpoint pen - size 29.7 x 37.5 cm

See every step on :facebook: [link] and here is the video [link]
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He's really freaky freak. :) :) !!
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Incredible! This looks so real, how do you do it??
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Truly impressive
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Bloody hell, this is one piece of impressive art. I don't get how you could make this with ballpoint pens, tho (when I try, it looks like a blurry mess). Beautiful! You are a true talent.
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Thanks! I have been checking them out. :)
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I got a jar of dirt!
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magnifique superbe :) 
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Wowser!!! Great work!!!
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i can't believe!!!!!! really don with ballpoint pen??????
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Amazing work!
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great work!! very beautiful done ! 
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For a moment until I read the title, I thought this was a photo! XD Amazing job, simply astounding!! :D
eagle-of-the-dawn's avatar
Wow.... How?! Just how! You aren't a human you have to be a god!
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this  is  amazing ! 
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This is just perfect... / Esto es simplemente perfecto...
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I completely thought it was a photo, I can't even draw 1/10 that good with a $3000 Cintiq
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This is really well drawn with good attention to details.  You have fantastic technique !
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