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Ballpoint pen Art : Cacatoes

By ArtisAllan

That it !! Finished !
Here is a cockatoo done with coloured ballpoint pen on a A4 size.

Here is the step by step [link]

:facebook: [link]
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TheEvilHadrosaur's avatar
Mind-blowing! :clap:

I'm really curious how long it took you to create this, just wow :o
GreenWingSpino32's avatar
Made with ballpoints....Mindblown....Awesome work! :D
Dr-Kineil-Wicks's avatar
Okay, this is awesome--I honestly thought it was a photograph until I looked at the description, and then I went back and looked closer and barely noticed the penstrokes. Most excellent work, I can't imagine how long it took. :wow:
Awesome job! :clap:
KarRedRoses's avatar
(((((gasps and gawks))))) 

From the thumbnail I initially thought this was a photograph or a manip. To find out this incredible portrait was done with ballpoints is awesome in the truest sense of the word, it is mind opening. 

maggiemaybecrafty's avatar
Love the beautiful sulfer crested. Your work is amazing.
SpiderMilkshake's avatar
:wow: Beautiful work... it's amazing you can do this with ballpoints only! :heart: Really a charming pose for the bird too! 
BGai's avatar
Lovely! Better than my photos!
jellybean828's avatar
OMG this is simply - B-O-N-Z-A!!!!!! It's just so amazing! I can't believe it- it's so beautiful!!!
Zodiak12332's avatar
When ! f!rst looked at th!s, ! thought !t was a real photo :o You are s!mply astound!ng w!th the amount of real!st!c elements you add to the colors of your draw!ngs ;n;
agnes21's avatar
This is perfect!
aetArtakTorosyan's avatar
nice, Allan, nice !
WhizzieWhizzer's avatar
wow awesome work Allan......... and you drew an Aussie to =D
ArtisAllan's avatar
Thanks. What is a Aussie !?
WhizzieWhizzer's avatar
lol the cockatoo, I have them flying in the wild everywhere here, making a shit load of noise lol
Shoeborn's avatar
Cockatoo! Gorgeous. :33
Vulpes-Corsac's avatar
I thought it was a photo O.o
JanKov's avatar
Wow, what a great picture! So full of life!
Danmew's avatar
Insane. Absolutely insane :D Awesome work!
Aki-rain's avatar
This is amazingly realistic! You have so many different textures and color mixtures here, it's hard to believe that this isn't a photograph. All your shading and colors seem to be just right. I especially like the way the feathers look on the cockatoo. The way you shaded them and gave them texture makes the cockatoo look so soft!
I want to hug it. XD
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