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December 27, 2009
Pen portrait - Work VS passion by ~ArtisAllan is too cool of a concept to not feature. An appropriately sprinkled grain of realism intensifies the message being conveyed. Biro work at one of its finest; please enjoy!
Featured by snowmask
Suggested by Raishuu
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Ball pen art - Work VS passion

Ballpoint pen self-portrait !
Sometimes, the fight between work and passion is a hard thing for an artist ;)

29,7 x 42 cm size
There is a little video of the evolution of the portrait [link]

Thanks you For the DD and your Many great comment ! I'm happy to make you discover what we can do with some simple polychrome ballpoint pen !! Do not hesitate to joined me and many artist on my ballpoint pen art forum to discover freely how to draw with ballpoint pen ;) [link]

Follow me on FaceBook [link]
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calistamonkey's avatar
That is a severe amount of talent right there!  What an awesome drawing, and you drew it all with ballpoint pen!  Stunning! :D  Haha, love the facial expression too XD
DejectedOsprey's avatar
Once you really get a look at it you can see what makes it not look like a photo, but still this is really amazing :D
jane-beata's avatar
FEATURED in a #projecteducate's article Procrastination & Creativity. Thank you for an inspiration!

ArtisAllan's avatar
and thanks for featured my work :)
withlove-marcela's avatar
oh my god i thought this was a photo :O amazing!
Tarriq's avatar
It looks really good don't get me wrong, but his left cheek (right side of the paper) looks odd...the pink to the right of the nose. That is the only thing that I can critique, everything else looks AMAZING. But any tips on how to draw the eyebrows/eyelashes/hair with pen?
ArtisAllan's avatar
this is perhaps the shadow of the nose :)
To draw eyebrows and eyelashes with pen, just draw them one by one ;)
Tarriq's avatar
Okay good then I still have to find something to critique...ummm lets see...It looks to much like a photo...fix that!...joking looks boss lol :)
Oh yay I love drawing hundreds upon hundreds of hairs one by one! Just kidding, I am obsessed with art, I am on my 8th sketchbook and in art 4 Advanced, I think I know the patience people need to have in art.
cheetahjammies's avatar
OMG, I thought this was a photo until I read the description!
magdagermano's avatar
mushivada's avatar
i thought it was a photograph for a second.
mychemplan's avatar
Ballpoint pen woooah Dude that is amazing !!! :D I love this it makes me really jealous haha
blood's avatar
Oh yeeeeah....I'd forgotten how much I hate you. Thanks for reminding me.
ArtisAllan's avatar
You are very welcome :)
BOYKINS's avatar
you've been featured in my deviantart journal[link]
fake-magical-girl's avatar
That's a weird photo, dude :|
Doctor-Pencil's avatar
You are a cross-hatching genius :D:D
MissBlueWolf's avatar
That is so pro lo,l I like how you used pen, need to try that ^^ because it adds interesting texture to the portrait
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