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Ms.Potts Refitted

By Artipelago
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Tada! This was the piece I reworked again. I know no one likes reposts, but I felt better finishing this one. I'll have some more NEW art soon. Stay tuned everyone, and take care!:peace:
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this is amazing bro
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I love this piece. It's truly classy for a pinup image. I like the older version, too, because of the way you rendered Pepper's expression back then. But this still has nice motion and presentation.
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I both love it and hate it.
The drawing itself is amazing, the effect is stunning - shading is perfect(imo) and the amount of detail is impressive. I absolutely love the colours.

What I dislike is the fact that every female version of a superhero ALWAYS has to be overly-sexualized. XD
Here comes the iron wh*re!
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Maybe this one you'll like better then. Its an older version.
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Still don't get why she's naked underneath, but it's a great drawing!
Excited Blush 
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You're assuming quite a bit, but oh well. :/
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Great shading and lighting effect. Looks like pepper choose to wrong place and time to deactivate her armor.
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This is BAD ASS. DAMN!
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... so all it take is some emp to get em naked.
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the term Iron Girl is copy-righted by my step-brother as there were never any characters coined 'Iron Girl' However there was a 'Rescue' when Pepper Potts had to don an Arc Reactor in her chest and later became Rescue
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Iron Girl, I love the concept and the realism. Good Job!
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who says people don't like reposts that are better than the first?
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magic always magic
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This is so awesome! I love how she looks so sensual and strong :)
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Looks great! I appreciate the repost, might have missed this otherwise.
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This is gorgeous, too!
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Lovely work! It's about time we get to see a beautiful woman wearing the iron man suit. Very cool!

BTW, your art reminds me a bit of `Artgerm's.
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So this is when Stark gave his suit to Pepper to save her...I take it pics of her own suit, Rescue, are in development?
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Is a spoiler but now I find Iron Man interesting
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