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Welcome to Art in The Garage!

Jennifer Nicole, Art In The Garage, is a award winning artist from the New York Area. Her whimsical creations have been enchanting audiences for years and now she is bring the art to you! Do you have Instagram? Or Facebook? Follow the Art Trek @artinthegarage for free fun art every day no matter what. Hate social media? Despise being part of the Big Brother Tracking system??/ NOOOOOOOOOO Problem. Check out the Art Trek at to view in social media hell free zone.

Hey... we got you covered.

Jen has been creating art every day since 01-01-2013 and has not missed one day since. That's many years and many Daily's just waiting to be explored and enjoyed! Come join the fun! You never know what she will draw next.

Art In The Garage®

The Selfie
Hey Amazon, Good I am glad I FIIIIINNNAAAALLLY got your attention. Awesome! So here is MYYYYYYYYYYYYY artwork! See My Artwork? now go ahead, look at the bottom right hand corner. go on.... it's okay. See the name??? That's me!!! Jennifer Nicole, AKA Art In The Garage. I have a dang trademark that says it too. That's MYYYYYY artwork and that scummy dirty crook company is selling it on Amazon. They, ever so shitily removed my name, Jennifer Nicole, and is selling it on a sad sad sad...ugh... SAAAAD product. And! Just because I like helping out the big Zillion dollar company, I will go ahead and point out that this should not be so difficult to prove that this scuzzy company stole my work. Just check the last complaint I made about my artwork being sold on the sort of product! Go on,... it's okay! See how its the same picture..... right down to the bad photoshop removal of my name... Jennifer Nicole in case you forgot.... Art In The Garage. Yup, that's me. Thanks for reading this. See you
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Okay, so I don’t really post on DA anymore. Why? Well.. a little lazines… a little I was cyber stalked by a jealous troll. You still watching me kiddo??? Haha, FU! Hope all is well. Enjoy my glory. Anyway, if your interested in my art. Follow me on IG. @artinthegarage i post my art everyday, no matter what. The jealous troll was booted a long time ago from my account and honestly it’s been great! I may even come back to DA soon. You never know. Enjoy!!
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So I barely log into my DA account anymore. Sorry for all the unanswered messages. I am going through them 1 by 1 now. Feel free to follow me on IG. I have about 16K followers now. I’m more active on that site, obviously. I am over 6yrs strong on my Art Trek and I post everyday. Over 2,229 dailies and I have not missed a day yet. Come join the fun. Follow me on instagram artinthegarage (
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Just out of curiosity, what sort of stylus does thoust use on thine iPad?
Good question!

Stylist used: "Ms. Pointy Finger". Otherwise known as the "this-little-piggy-stayed-home". The finger in between "this-little piggy-that-went-market" and "that-little-piggy-ate-roast-beef". If you start the counting piggy's from the thumb.

I do have a intous creative stylus, a paint brush for touch screens and a really nice stylus in the shape of a brush from Brookestone. All of which are collecting dust nicely on my desk.

All you need is an app, a iPad and a finger! Just like the video says:…
Interesting.  I started with a Intuous medium tablet that I'm still getting used to, and now I have a laptop with a touch screen.  I keep thinking that I'd like to try one of Wacom's bluetooth pens for Ipads, but I keep seeing they only seem compatible with Apple stuff, so I've tried one.

What were your thoughts on the brush stylus before parking it?  I've been looking hard at the Nomad (as opposed to the Sensu....I really like the Nomad's shape, kinda like a fountain pen)
OMG! I actually have that brush pen. And...... I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!! But  then again, I am proficient in using my finger.  I felt that the brush just doesn't give me the same flow and control that I can get with my finger. It could be the programs I use, maybe it's the brush... honestly I couldn't tell you. All I know is that I personally hate it.

However, I have a friend who is using hers like it was second nature. She is using an iPad air (1) 16G. She says it looks and feels awesome. She talked me into buying the brush. Her work is lovely! I have no clue how she does it. 

For my big girl computer work: I have a Cintiq Wacom First edition.... I love it!!! It is my baby!!!!!!!!!… was created using that particular model.

The Intuos Medium Tablet is great too. It takes time to learn the control but eventually your muscles give in and conform to your actions. When I am learning something new, I draw the same image over and over again. Case in point, this lovely image:… in my post you can see all the early attempts I made redrawing the same image over and over again. 

Now I mostly just use my ipad Air 2 64G. (And my finger) I have great control, great apps and I am more mobil than ever!  

I know that the itous creative stylus for tablets can be used for non ipad products. I am having issues with it because of the palm recognition support  that was "supposed" be  integrated into the apps I already have... except it turns out the apps never upgraded. Back to the finger I went. 

It all comes down to what you like to do how you want to have fun doing it. 
Thanks for the llama.
Anything for you!!! Wish it could be more:…
Awesome works! Looking forward to seeing more from you! :)