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Filiae maestae Jerusalem,
en rex universorum,
Rex vester vulneratus
et spinis coronatus;
ut maculas detergat peccatorum
factus est rex dolorum.
Ecce moritur vita
in durissima cruce;
ecce videte et non eam
sed nos potius lugete;
at nequis reprobare vestros fletus
immo lugeant vobiscum
omnia insensata, plorent
plorent cuncta creata.

Sileant zephyri,
rigeant prata,
unda amata,
frondes, flores non satientur.

Mortuo flumine,
proprio lumine
luna et sol etiam priventur.

Sed tenebris diffusis
obscuratus est sol,
scinditur quoque velum,
ipsa saxa franguntur
et cor nostrum non frangit vis doloris?
At dum satis non possumus dolere
tu nostri bone Jesu, miserere.
Afflicted daughters of Jerusalem;
the king of all
A king wounded
and crowned with thorns;
To cleanse away the sins
He became a king of pain.
Behold life
On a the hard cross;
it does not see, and, behold,
But do not weep;
But in case anyone off your mourning
Indeed, with grief
All things forever weep and
the whole of creation
cries out .

Let the zephyr-winds; and
Let the fields and
The wave lovely
the leaves, the flower is not below are satisfied.

The river is dead,
its light
The moon and sun are deprived.

However, the dark spread
the sun
the veil shall be rent, also,
the rocks are broken
and the heart of one of us does not break the force of his misery?
But, as soon we can not have sufficient time to grieve for
you are our good Yeshoa -  have mercy on us.

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dofaust Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018
@00:49...this is just a prototype... I predict that there will be people & places in the windows & elsewhere here...
artin2007 Creator Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019
ClairObscur16 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018
No trace of Sidney here....Why is this place so lonely? desert? You can't see a living soul. Does the music sound for no one?
artin2007 Creator Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2019
...yes, most definitely lonely and somewhat barren! I must populate this space accordingly....
artin2007 Creator Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018
Yes, you are right! The absence of my tropes cries out to be fixed and then seen
in the next incarnation of this... and... so many other settings to
music crowd my imagination... sometimes I resent being distracted
by mundane - but still important - responsibilities....
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