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Jeremy stood looking at the papers wearily as his glasses sat askew on his face; the dilemma he was now facing a more pressing matter then the slightly crooked spectacles. A neat stack of papers was held firmly in his hands even as he re-read the newly printed booklet twice more. “I can’t believe this.” He whispered to himself; the letters he held in his hands were a contract from one of the most well-renowned businesses in the world… RED.
Hesitantly, Jeremy placed the papers down before thinking about the offer he had received; the monthly salary alone could pull his mother and brothers out of the debt that hung heavily on their shoulders as well as solve most of the issues that seemed to be tearing the family apart. Jeremy knew that if he took this job all his problems would disappear but… It would force him to be a long way from his family in a strange new place with no-on familiar: forcing him to completely dedicate himself to his job. He didn’t want that.
Knowing what to do Jeremy stared up at the gorgeous woman before politely declining the offer. “I’m sorry,” he said firmly “but I can’t take ya offer.” giving her an awkward smile he glanced down at the papers before pushing them towards her. “That is… Unfortunate; is there anything I can do to change your mind? You still have that debt we could pay off.” She asked one more time.
“No, sorry.” Jeremy said resolutely shaking his head. “Alright then; I can’t force you,” She finally concluded reaching out to receive the stack of tussled papers before turning to leave “I think you’ve made the right decision.” She said as she walked out of the door leaving an incredulous Jeremy in her wake.
~6 years later~
Medic looked out over the heads of his fellow mercenaries as he tries to corral them all into the hospital that they would be working at for the next month. Both he and Engineer were alerted of this mission during their scientific research catching them off guard. The mission called for them to blend in with the crowd when they sought out their target but, as they bustled around and wandered off, he soon realized the impossible task that it would be; especially for the likes of pyro and soldier who did not succumb to the social pressures to change.
At that moment Medic was trying to figure out a way to get around that issue when he watched spy bump into one of the staff who was running at an Olympic pace; making the running nurse fall face first into the floor as well as drop everything that he had been carrying.
“I am terribly sorry young man. I did not see you.” Spy’s suave voice rang as he reached out a gloved palm before stopping in shock; staring at the person on the floor even as his outstretched hand was taken. “No it’s my fault,” The nurse mumbled in a thick Boston accent pulling themselves from the floor, brushing themselves off and bending down to pick up the fallen apparatus and documents up from the floor. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”
The lit cigarette that had been precariously perched on spy’s lips fell to the ground in his momentary stupor as his mind registered who was stood in front of him balancing the obviously heavy equipment in his arms. His son, Jeremy. Immediately spy bent down; grabbing the mess of papers that had fallen around them.
“Do I know you?” Jeremy said as he stared at the fancily dressed man in front of him with a look of gratitude and curiosity. “Non, I do not believe you do.” Spy answered hastily trying to cover up his blunder and re-affirm his composure. Jeremy waited in confusion before remembering what he was doing. “Sorry, I have to go but I hope I can see you and your friends around!” He shouted as he took off again running in the surgery’s direction before disappearing through the white double doors.
Scout no more.
TF2 au where Jeremy declines the position of scout. Inspired by… Please enjoy!

Midnight Reading.
Created in SCRATCH.
This is my MLP OC called Midnight Reading. She is an earth pony who loves to read late into the night and owns a little bookshop in Canterlot. She has never met any of the mane six but have definitely read their friendship journal. She wants to read as much as she can and has even started trying to collect rare books that study lost magic and herbal remedies but has only found two really good ones. She can be a bit clumsy with her head stuck in a book but she is very intelligent and confident even if she stumbles on some words. She is sometimes seen as arrogant and stubborn but usually only gets really invested in the conversation.
Likes include: Reading, Writing and Going out with her friends.
Dislikes include: Mornings, Avocados and Stuck-up/Snobby ponies.
If you come into contact with Carpa90 on Deviantart or Matteo90 on Discord and Skype. Immediately block and if you can report him! Please don't listen to his questions; he is not to be trusted!
Hi, for anyone who reads this I'm starting fanfiction requests. Just tell me what fandom you want and what you want to happen with the characters. Basically just give me your ideas and I'll try to capture it as best as I can. This isn't for monetary gain; I'm just wanting to write. If anybody wants to use anything just ask and give proper credit.
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Idk... I like Portal and Tf2? Might write loads of fanfics about that. Enjoy.


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