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GM's day sale is on!
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So, my first OSRIC module is out for sale in pdf.
POD versions will follow suit.
Get it here:……

and here:…
Last sketch for this month, on my Patreon…
Flight tickets? Check
Dragonmeet tickets? Check
Now comes the worst part, make a selection of art from my Portfolio to show around.
So... in the next couple of weeks I'll lose my sleep and be devoured by anguish for picking all the wrong pieces ;P
Sooo, after a rather long dry spell I've finally received a new commission -I actually hunted it down- and at the same time decided to give Patreon a go.

Why Patreon? It seems the way to go.
As much as I like working with publishers (and maybe even on established IPs I love) there is a few considerations to make:

Dry spells: a long one can kill you. Patreon grants the chance to have a kind of regular source of income you can turn too IF you are good enough.

Freedom: everyone loves a challenge, I really love it when a customer asks me to draw something outside my comfort zone ("Ok I need a zombie Nun and a transgender Nurse fighting an alien cthulhoid bear on a taxi").
But sometimes giving a go to the idea that has been burning in your backbrain for months is vital.
There is also another kind of freedom Patreon grants me. I can experiment. Surprisingly customers sometimes aren't visionaries, they hardly imagine you doing something different from what you've shown them or shown around.
It becomes very easy to be typecast.

Advertising: a new place to showcase what you are good at, simple enough. Also Patreon seems kinda on the rise in my circles. So I may not be an early bird but it's better to get there before it gets too crowded.

So, have a look at my last sketch for this month up on Patreon:…
In the next week or so I'll start working on the finals of this first wave.
The downloads should be available by December the 15th (compatibly with my schedule and further commissions!).
Hello guys,
I'm happy to announce I've released a DM's screen for OSRIC. The product includes three pdfs: the screen's inside (5 pages), the outside and a 28 pages booklet with encounter tables, spell lists, a thief's skills table and exploration procedures.
The Screen is available on drivethrurpg for 7.5 dollars.

This project proudly supports the Knight'n'Knaves Alehouse forums!
One third of the revenue from this product will go to fund hosting expenses of this notorious and benemerit Old School board.…
Do you have fond memories of Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf? So it may interest you that I've embarked on a new quest with +David Konkol: I'll be illustrating his new Gamebook if the Kickstarter gets funded.
More info can be  found here:…
... I'll be "closing shop" till the first week of september!
As a kind of thought experiment I'm selling single pieces instead of collections over at…
Tabletoons! Is an updated version of a small three player boardgame I wrote 20 years ago with Andrea Angiolino.
Tabletoons!  Is based on classic cartoon animations and plays fast.
You can get Tabletoons! As a Print-n-play game here:…
Is now available as PWYW pdf. I contributed some art along with the fabulous Tim Hartin and David Griffin.
The Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay is a FREE Labyrinth Lord™ supplement that details the people, layout, and government of the City of Dolmvay. The city is presented in broad strokes and is open to customization. It was specifically designed to give Labyrinth Lords a convenient and familiar city setting to place their adventures.

The Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay is largely open content. Small Niche Games would like to encourage professional and amateur publishers to use the Guidebook as a shared city setting and set their commercial adventures within the City of Dolmvay. Labyrinth Lords (and publishers) should feel free to change, add, or remove any of the information in this book to better suit his or her own game.

If you are in D&D and similar games have a look here:…
Chris Brandon has released his Rogue Space science-fiction rpg. It's a small rules-lite game with lots of neat stuff.
I'm now free to show to the world the art I did for it.
Go get it here:…
I contributed some art to James Maliszewski's latest supplement for his Thousand Suns RPG: The Five Stars Sector
If you like classic science fiction you can't go wrong by picking Thousand Suns
My wife opened an Etsy shop, you might be interested in having a look here:
The City of Dolmvay Guidebook for Labyrinth Lord has funded and reached its second stretch goal!
Keep up with the news here:…