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BDSM Fantasy setting, perhaps for a video game

A fugitive Noble seeks to clear his name with his father. With the aid of his slave wife he learns of the corruption in his father's court, and must overthrow the wicked king.

There is a lost religious order, the Church of the Fallen God. A very sex-positive faith, they trained consenting sex slaves. A holy Order of sex slaves, with the same kind of commitment and devotion we see in nuns [obviously with a very different attitude towards sex]. Not only did the Sisters offer up their suffering for the blessing of the nation, a Sister could also serve as a consort to kings and princes alike. The Sisterhood were highly respected and even in their degradation were considered sacred. Masters were also trained to shoulder the holy Burden of the Whip, a formal education fit for royalty.

The Church venerated the Fallen God. Doctrine states the Son of the King of Heaven was framed by His Mother for a crime He didn't commit (the Mother wished His Sister to become Heir to the Throne), and cast out of the Heavens to Fall to Earth. They hold suffering to be sacred, that their pain should be offered up to the Son so He might rise again.

But that was a long time ago.

The kingdom fell under the thumb of the empire, and Imperial priests spread whispers that the Church took the unwilling, bound souls with black magics, sold innocents to Hell. Centuries of slander, politicking and war erased the Kingdom as if it had never been. All that remains are dark legends of infernalists slavers.

Enter young prince Luke. A scholarly young man, his is accused by a visiting Imperial Priest of infernal activities. His innocnt research into the lore of the Fallen God are held as adequate proof to hold him for inquiry. Here our story begins:

Act one: The road to Northfell

Held for trial, the prince receives a vision that shatters his faith in the justice of his father's court. Using the Control magical techniques he has researched, he escapes the castle. Fleeing the captial he makes for the port city of Northfell, built upon the ruins of the Kingdom's ancient capital.

Act two: Life of a Rat

Luke must survive the city of Northfell, keeping as low a profile as possible while researching the lost Temple of the Fallen God. Something there calls to him. His pursuers slow put the pieces together, and turn more and more attention in his direction, first in the form of bounty hunters then Imperial Inquisitors. The High Inquistor (from Act One) is moving closer.

He encounters the ambassador's daughter Heather, a scholar of history herself, while "acquiring" several texts he requires. He calls again upon his knowledge of Control and is surprised by the strength of the bond created. At first just to ensure her silence, then for her research assistance, and finally a hostage during his daring escape from the Ambassador's manse.

Though he does release her as he descends to the gates of the Lost Temple (buried beneath the streets of the city of Northfell), she refuses to leave him. History is her passion, after all.

Act three: Cleansing the Temple

The Temple of the Fallen God welcomes these two young adherents. Unfortunately, what every purity remains in the House of Whip and Collar is buried beneath centuries of filth and evil. Every manner of evil has infested the Temple, foul beasts and demonic creatures alike.

Heather and Luke find the tools of subjugation, and by submission and domination unlock powerful abilities that allow them to prevail. They are tested again by the Inquistors dogging their steps ... though the holy spirit of the Temple slows pursuit, their greater numbers and strength push deeper and deeper.

Eventually Heather and Luke reach the main altar of the temple and battle a foul Archon of the Imperial Faith ... a supposedly divine being, in practice tainted and foul. Defeating it allows the Temple to purge itself.

Act four: Resurgent faith

With the Temple purified and safe, Luke and Heather can begin to go on the offensive. The Fallen God speaks again, and some hear his calling. Some find their way beneath the city to the lost temple. Some take up the lost faith again. Soon Northfell is under control of the faithful, and The House of Whip and Collar is filled with joy cries of pain again.

Luke must direct his followers to infiltrate and subvert, raising paranoia between the Imperial Church and his father's Royal magistrates, turning them away from his activities. He discovers whispers of intrigue and betrayal ... his mother's complicity in his accusations. His older sister to be crowned Queen and submit to the Empire as a vassal state.

In the finale, Luke presents evidence to his father ... and is captured and imprisoned. His father does not care for evidence. He does not want the truth. He believes in his wife, and no confession from her hand will break his denial.

Act Five: Ascension of the Fallen God

Luke must escape, rescue Heather, and stop his sister's coronation, his father's assassination, and the Imperial invasion ... all in a capital city hostile to him and eager for his death. In the end, judgment will fall upon the capital and the city wiped clean ... leaving Luke and his slavewife Heather to found a new Kingdom from Northfell.
I just found a hundred dollar bill lying on the ground. Because this is how my life works. I'm not even surprised anymore.
Does anyone else feel ashamed of the bondage porn art they create? I feel a lot of shame.

Let me be clear: I don't give two fucks about what anybody else thinks. I don't want to rub my sexuality in anyone's face, but I like what I like. No one else's approval required. Heck, I don't respect most people enough to care about what they think. I'm not bragging, that's just ... I've had to learn how not to care. It's a survival skill in my life, and I'm mostly pretty good at it. But still ...

Shame. I don't understand where it comes from. In the privacy of my own home, starting something I promise myself no one else will ever see, I pick up the pencil and ... bam. Shame. The spark of creativity gutters and dies. I suppose I've internalized the judgments and condemnations I grew up with, to the point that my subconscious disapproves of my sick, sick fantasies even when no one else is around. I shame myself when no one else is there to do the job? I guess so.

Anyone else have to deal with feelings of guilt and shame about making pornography? I'm talking about internal stuff that lives in your head, not ... not like worry about what the critics will say.


United States


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