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A Beginner's Guide :: Literary Commissions
This guide was written a little over three years ago, so it was in need of an overhaul. With more commissions under my belt, I feel I'm more justified in writing this guide for newbies who are wanting to sell their skills but have no idea where to start.
If pricing is more what you're looking for, we have a guide on that as well! You can view it by following this link:
The Important Things
When you're considering to sell your skills, there's something you should ask yourself: Why am I opening up commissions? Do you want to get more experience when it comes to writing another person's ideas, or simply for the fun you get from writing and hey, if you get extra money on the side, that's awesome too? Perhaps you need the money to pay for unexpected expenses or the joys of adulthood, aka bills. This is something that not will not only reflect what you price your writing, but also how much enjoyment you'll get from bringing a commissioner's ideas to life.
:iconwriting-commissions:Writing-Commissions 176 150
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Ansleys Subjugation by Ragadabah Ansleys Subjugation :iconragadabah:Ragadabah 157 37
Does anyone else feel ashamed of the bondage porn art they create? I feel a lot of shame.

Let me be clear: I don't give two fucks about what anybody else thinks. I don't want to rub my sexuality in anyone's face, but I like what I like. No one else's approval required. Heck, I don't respect most people enough to care about what they think. I'm not bragging, that's just ... I've had to learn how not to care. It's a survival skill in my life, and I'm mostly pretty good at it. But still ...

Shame. I don't understand where it comes from. In the privacy of my own home, starting something I promise myself no one else will ever see, I pick up the pencil and ... bam. Shame. The spark of creativity gutters and dies. I suppose I've internalized the judgments and condemnations I grew up with, to the point that my subconscious disapproves of my sick, sick fantasies even when no one else is around. I shame myself when no one else is there to do the job? I guess so.

Anyone else have to deal with feelings of guilt and shame about making pornography? I'm talking about internal stuff that lives in your head, not ... not like worry about what the critics will say.


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TestRender Featured By Owner May 9, 2019   General Artist
TYfW02 by TestRender  
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Thanks for the watch 
monsterp63 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for watching!
Artikano Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2019
Yeah, I was reading the Smart House story. It's good. I like the non-consenting-but-loving-it thing. Should be a name for that kink.
monsterp63 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you.

You'll find that "kink" in many of my stories, where the "victim" (usually Karen) gets into a predicament unwillingly, but, in the ends, loves it because deep inside, she had a kinky mind. She just didn't knew it then.

"Payback" is another one where Karen is reluctant at first, then embrace it to a whole other level.
As well as Summer Job, Outfitters, For  Rent, Dental Plan and Fashion Television just to name a few that pops to mind.

I wouldn't suggest anyone trying to do this to their significant other, tho. Might get into troubles...
Artikano Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2019
Yeah, fortunately I am pretty good at distinguishing between reality and fantasy (and it bugs the shit out of me I have to make that disclaimer, but I understand that I do). I'd like to play with this, with a partner. Rapeplay, for example, but more than just that. The key, of course, is strong safeword practice. Hell, this is more important for the dominant than the submissive ... it's hard to pretend to be a bad guy if you're not sure your lover understands that it's just pretend.
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The pleasure is mine.
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