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This piece was commissioned by… and I tried to draw something that would pull at the strings of his Norwegian heart.
Thank you for the commission Sverre!

As dusk settles over the rugged landscape, casting long shadows across the rolling hills, a lone figure stands atop a grassy knoll, silhouetted against the fading light. Clad in a chainmail hauberk that glints softly in the dying embers of the day, the Viking warrior cuts a striking figure against the backdrop of the twilight sky.

His helmet, adorned with a spectacle-like visor, reflects the last rays of the setting sun, casting an eerie glow over his weather-beaten features. The contours of his face are obscured by the shadow of his helm, adding an air of mystery to his formidable presence.

In one hand, he grips a sword forged from the finest steel, its blade glimmering in the fading light like a beacon of defiance against the encroaching darkness. Etched with ancient runes and symbols of protection, the sword is both a weapon of war and a symbol of honor, passed down through generations of Viking warriors.

In his other hand, he holds a round shield, its surface adorned with intricate designs depicting scenes of battle and conquest. Wielded with practiced skill, the shield serves as both a defensive barrier and a canvas for the warrior's prowess in combat, bearing the scars of countless clashes with foes.

As the warrior stands vigil upon the hill, a flock of crows takes flight overhead, their dark silhouettes soaring across the crimson-streaked sky. Their mournful cries echo through the gathering gloom, adding an ominous aura to the scene as if heralding the imminent clash of steel and the tumult of battle.

Despite the gathering darkness, the Viking warrior remains resolute, his gaze fixed upon the horizon with unwavering determination. Forged in the crucible of war and tempered by the fires of adversity, he stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of his people, ready to face whatever trials may come with courage and valour.

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He looked to the Horizon, contemplating the great sea and thinking about the rumors broght by the merchants. On the other side laid rich lands to take, foolish southern kings and lords fighting each-other for power, and large buildings wih funny balding travestites amassing vast amounts of gold and silver for a dead man. All sorts of riches left undefended, ripe for the taking !

Bjorn saw this across the Sea and wat he saw was Good. Thus he declared these prophetic words :

"By Odin's Eye, this is free Real Estate."