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Swords of the various Dwarven cultures



I- Longbeards, similar culture to Anglo-Saxons.

II- Stonefoot similar culture to ancient Canaanites

III a- Northern Firebeards, similar culture to British Celts

III b- Southern Firebeards, similar culture to Continental Celts

IV- Broadbeams, similar culture to the Germanic tribes

V a- Ironfists nobility’s “Sverð”. Similar culture to the ancient Norse. Made of meteoric steel (Star Iron).

V b- Ironfists commoner’s “Langseax”

VI a- Northern Stiffbeards, similar culture to the Inuit. Handle carved from mammoth’s Ivory.

VI b- Southern Stiffbeards, similar culture to Mongols and Himalayan peoples.

VII- Blacklocks, similar culture to Akkadians, Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians.

Name your 3 favourites please :D

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