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Swords of the various Dwarven cultures


I- Longbeards, similar culture to Anglo-Saxons.

II- Stonefoot similar culture to ancient Canaanites

III a- Northern Firebeards, similar culture to British Celts

III b- Southern Firebeards, similar culture to Continental Celts

IV- Broadbeams, similar culture to the Germanic tribes

V a- Ironfists nobility’s “Sverð”. Similar culture to the ancient Norse. Made of meteoric steel (Star Iron).

V b- Ironfists commoner’s “Langseax”

VI a- Northern Stiffbeards, similar culture to the Inuit. Handle carved from mammoth’s Ivory.

VI b- Southern Stiffbeards, similar culture to Mongols and Himalayan peoples.

VII- Blacklocks, similar culture to Akkadians, Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians.

Name your 3 favourites please :D

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III a: I like the design of the blade as well as how it seems to be for hacking and slashing rather than stabbing.

IV: I like this one due simply to how I sketch out, both mentally and physically, Dwarven weapons and feel that this is what I usually think of arming my own Dwarven characters with.

V b: I like this one due to personal preference in melee weapons

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Thanks for the message! I am glad to hear all of it.


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those swords have very short handles 030

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Don't talk about things you know nothing about child.

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they do look very neat their short handles make a perfect fit for dwarfs and hobbits too :3

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Thanks then. But trust me on that, those are normal proportions based on real swords.

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ah yes single hand swords so the wielder can carry a shield on the other arm :3

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Not only that, they were indeed tight fitting handles.

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for better control of the weapon :3

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Not really. It has to do with technique and other poorly understood reasons. Nothing is ever as simple as that.

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Pls. consider doing a panoply of historical swords in this style. I'll be featuring in our group ArsMilitaria | DeviantArt

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I am taking commissions my friend.

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You've gone in a very interesting design direction. :-)

The designs are obviously a bit "Jacksonian", but I appreciate that you avoided some of the design mistakes they made for one or two dwarven swords in those adaptations. This is like a refinement of what they did, without those minor unfortunate errors, and done entirely your way.

Bravo !

I also appreciate that there is a variation among the dwarven tribes based on the geography they inhabit. Sensible. And does the presence of mammoth ivory on one of the hilts indicate that the oliphaunts have woollier cousins in the north ? ;-)

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Thank you for the nice words and for pointing out what is it you liked about it. You pretty much hit the nail in the head about all my motivations and design choices. Very keen eye.

Yes, of course the Oliphants are not alone. Now you have Woolliphants too :D

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My favourites are VI a, VI b and VII. Great work!

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Thank you! You are a Eastern Houses fan then :D

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Masterwork. Beautiful patterning, and the fact that such veining mimics layering in stones only makes it all the more fitting. Such a fine touch above and beyond the call of duty!

Lovely attention to regional variations among the Houses of the Khâzad. Especially clever take on southern and northern Firebeards: Nogrod and Belegost. Good expansion of scope for the Stiffbeards as well, and especially nice decorations for the southern one.

It's hard to pick three favourites when there are in fact ten, but here goes:

I - Very good ornamental work on the blade, but the handle and hilt shapes truly sells it, as it were.

V a - The shape sticks out as Dwarven ever so slightly more than the other ones. I'm partial to the blue inlays as well.

VII - Quite possibly because of the blue (and gold). Favourite colour. Exquisite shape and detailing otherwise as well!

This artwork is a Dwarven master weaponsmith's tour de force! You're somehow outdoing yourself here. Excellent in every way, and incredibly inspiring and encouraging to discover! :)

Ah, and since this revolves around the various Dwarven cultures, that makes it called for to update a number of threads and albums on various websites. At once.

Speaking of it, a couple of members over on The One Ring wargaming forum had this to say:

GreatKhanArtist: "The pictures are beautiful and very evocative. I'd love to see minis of these guys, any of the tribes."

Tar-Minastir: "They look great. I'd like to see his take on the petty dwarves."

Furthermore, there are a lot of compliments for your work on the Seven Houses over on Warhammer Empire forum and Lustria Online in particular (both online communities are exceptionally friendly and good at brainstorming and coming with creative feedback in my experience):,52944.msg1042619.html#msg1042619


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Thank you so much for the appreciation and for pointing out exactly what is it you liked. It helps me going forward.

Also thanks a bunch for all the sharing you've done on all of these forums. I just read the email in detail and it is very incredible you would take time to do that. I am very thankful and I appreciate your gesture a lot.

Thanks you so much.

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No problem. Gems deserve to be recommended and shared around vigourously. Quality shall endure and stick. Your masterworks are true gemstones. :)

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I like that and I hope I made the cut (definitely pun intended).

Thanks my friend :D

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PS. People have started picking favourites on forums. Warhammer Empire and Ulthuan so far:

Also, a particular comment from an ardent lover of ancient cultures over on Chaos Dwarfs Online, Antenor:

"Great art and very fitting writing. Of course, who among all the dwarves should be suspected of dealings with Mordor but the guys with the Mesopotamian bronze age aesthetics?

I think especial praise is due to the artist for getting his dwarves’ different styles, inspired by many different ancient cultures, to fit each other so neatly. It’s a great variety, but there’s still a feeling that they all belong together."


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