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Primitive Dwarfs

Stone age dwarves.
I will be happy if you guys notice my reference ;D
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Look like the ones from the Poetic Edda. That one that had the picture that looked like these guys.

I actually have a setting with semi-stoneage dwarves. Thank you for the inspiration.
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A doodle for fun loosely inspired by master Artigas' above Dwarves, and Lorenz Frølich's by extension:

Mature Content

Cave Dwarf of the Mountains of Gold by KarakNornClansman
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A great piece. I loved it. I like the dwarves' features and the wiry hair in particular.
Great touch with the flies.
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It is inspired by an illustration made by Lorenz Frølich for the Völuspá, right? 
KarakNornClansman's avatar
Ah, yes. That's indeed it. Well spotted:…
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Yes!!! Finally someone got it! Very well done my friend!
This poem was the biggest inspiration to Tolkien when creating his dwarves as you might know.
Ovis-gmelini-aries's avatar
Thank you. I know this was one of his inspirations.
By the way: I really like your works!
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Thanks a lot bro.
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Hmm, it's an interesting idea, although I confess to being a little skeptical. The Dwarves were pretty much set up to skip the Stone Age and skip through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, well before meeting the Moriquendi. That being said, it was an interesting and well-thought out illustration. If I had to include Stone Age Dwarves in a game setting, I would use this picture. 
Artigas's avatar
Well I see your point here. I differ of course but at a middle ground of sorts, because I imagine their stone age lasting for a few centuries or a maximum of one millenium as opposed to hundreds of thousands of years in real world history.
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I think you and TurnerMohan have gotten a good grip on the Dwarves at the very beginnings of their existence in the Ages of Stars. It's an image that is hard to grasp, since when the Elves met the Dwarves, they had already become the people we would recognize as "Dwarves". 
Artigas's avatar
Well, I can't really talk about it now, but keep posted for stuff like this coming from us soon.
I think you will enjoy it :D
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 Ug, ugga ug-ug Otzi, UG?Nod 
Artigas's avatar
He was one of the references for the gear but nope, the main tribute is harder to figure out but very important :D
Libra1010's avatar

 (Hmmm, I'll just have to keep scrounging in the deep places of my memory - although one fears my knowledge of Prehistory is more Animal than Human; I have a particular fondness for the Creatures that made life interesting between the Extinction of the Dinosaurs and the Ascent of Man).:) (Smile)  
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Ok. I feel you can use a hint. Where did Tolkien get his inspiration for the dwarves in ME?
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 Norse Myth? Are these stout fellows partly based on some Prehistoric Scandinavian?
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Yes! Its very hot now!
Libra1010's avatar
 Then I'll have to soak up the warmth while I try to pin something down!:D (Big Grin) 
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Thats basically what Tolkien dwarfs are.
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