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Jaehaerys I Targaryen

By Artigas
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Today’s piece was brought to you one more time by Mr KaprosuchusDragon:… who kindly commissioned this artwork.

“Jaehaerys I Targaryen, also known as the Conciliator, the Wise, or later in life as the Old King, was the fourth Targaryen king to sit the Iron Throne. He ascended the throne in 48 AC following the death of his uncle, Maegor I Targaryen. Jaehaerys was the longest reigning Targaryen monarch, sitting on the throne for fifty-five years. He was a dragonrider, riding Vermithor, the largest dragon after Balerion and Vhagar.”

This is my take on Aegon’s grandson. An inspiring character and an example of what a great king should be.

He is depicted here in his thirties, fully matured into his role as a monarch and at the height of his power, mind and physique.

My main inspiration for the composition and mood was those renaissance’s “armour portraits” of members of the nobility. I always liked that era for painting as the gloomy environments always contrasted so well with the shiny elements like armour and fine fabrics like silk and velvet.

The armour follows the Byzantine Cataphracts’ style as its main inspiration, because it fits the “pre-medieval but on its way” aesthetics and timeline for when the king was alive.

His armour is made of Valyrian steel, naturally, and richly embossed with images of dragons and other grotesque beings. He is wearing a padded Surcoat (I reckon it still classify as a Gamberson) of fine silk embroidered with gold thread. His helmet is an early type of great bascinet and sports a hinged flight visor/goggles. He is also wearing a flight belt, equipped with all the hooks and hoops meant for attaching it to the dragon’s saddle.

The sword is naturally Aegon’s Blackfyre.


Many thanks again Mr KaprosuchusDragon for sponsoring this project, I hope you guys get some joy out of it.




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Liquid-NitrogenHobbyist Digital Artist

Loving the details on this, thank you for sharing.

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Thank you so much.

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Interestingly, even after being learning that this is the Old King in his prime, this makes me think more of the monarch who cut down Sir Braxton Beesbury - i.e. somewhat older - not least because this portrait definitely has a strong "Touch my daughters without my blessing and there'll be a funeral before there's a wedding" energy.

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One cannot be soft and gentle to be a living king in Martin's universe, that is for sure ;)

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The great flaw of a Feudal Monarchy Vs a Constitutional one!

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Well, they definitely would be more decisive than the politics of today :P

Libra1010's avatar

Quite so - unfortunately that includes Bad decisions along with the good ones!

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Hence the "breaking some eggs in order to have an omelette" nugget of wisdom.

The trick is making sure you don't break too many eggs ever :P

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The real trick is to make sure you make an absolutely excellent omelette!

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You sir are a true wise man. I take my hat off to that.

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Another most outstanding 'State portrait' Maestro - this makes an excellent companion and an intriguing contrast with the 'official' portrait from Amoka (The hard edges of the sovereign, that allowed a boy king to live long enough to become a legend).

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One can definitely be proficient on both the pen and the sword. I have lived my whole life according to this creed and I can attest it is possible and even particularly desirable, as I see it.

I wanted this king to embody my personal ideal of a "strong and wise fatherly figure", and a self reliant and complete, exemplary man.

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Interestingly King Jaehaerys was - at least according to FIRE & BLOOD - rather better at being a Father to his Country than to his younger children; that adds an interesting wrinkle to this greatest & most successful of Targaryen Kings.

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Very cool indeed. Makes him more human and relatable.

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It certainly makes him more human, painfully so.

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That is very nice.

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Oznerol-1516Hobbyist Digital Artist

I think you just put to shame all of us, ASOAIFantartists. Because this piece is sublime. I could spend a whole hour commenting on every detail I like, but it's overtly superfluous, because it's a gem. I bare my head to you, sir, and bow. Bravo.

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My dear Master Oz, your work is absolutely excellent in its own right and you need not feel it suffers by comparison - not even in the slightest!

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Oh man, thank you so much for the kind words and appreciation. It really means a lot to me. I dig your art a lot so it is specially nice coming from you.

I just added a description with my thought process for this piece that you might enjoy as well.


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Oznerol-1516Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm so very thankful that you like my artworks, that you made look like half-baked pastries with this piece, hahaha.

The description is throughful, I like it. Even if I kinda guessed your motivations between each shit and the inspiration behind them. There's only one discrepancy I would have with this portrait: the absence or lack thereof of any symbol of his lawmaking/cultural reputation he has. The image of the "sapiential/wise king" has certain tropes and Jaehaerys here looks more warrior-like, more Maegor than Aenys. The lawmaking/wise medieval kings made sure to be depicted dictating, looking over scribes or represented being in charge of the process of compiling and writing their literary works or law codes. You have an easy example in Alfonso X the Wise, king of Castilla, whose likeness I would use myself as inspiration if I had to repaint Jaehaerys the Old -my artwork of his is an early, subpar thing.

I also wonder how much a commission of yours is, from a friendly pov and also rather interested in if I could afford it or not. Who knows.

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KaprosuchusDragonHobbyist Digital Artist

this is something i should have considered when i pitched this commission but at the same time i feel this fits since he was noted for being and exelent strategist and swordsman as well but i really like your ideas

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Thank you so much my friend. I am delighted to see how you appreciate this piece.

All that you say is right and valid criticism, he was all these things, but he was also a Dragon rider, so this side of his is equally real and I wanted an image of power and regal splendour just like on renaissance paintings. Like a portrait of him that would hang on the walls of the Red Keep for centuries.

That doesn't mean a more "human" portrait of his wouldn't be in order, I definitely like this angle as well. Maybe in the future, as I cannot get tired of drawing a Targaryen anyway :D

My commission rates are:

Commissions Open

I will start a Patreon soon so people will be able to tip-in and collectively sponsor commissions. I guess it will be a nice working model so I can give you guys what you want for an affordable price and not starve to death in the process :p


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mentat0209Professional Traditional Artist

Superb! How do pick you your palette Sergio?

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Great question, I hope I can answer it satisfactorily as it is a bit complicated.

Most of my drawings start their life as a sketch that I colour with watercolours to test what works. I usually use a Sakura Koi kit with 24 colours which already limits my choices and helps with consistency. But sometimes I use Ecoline paint and I have a pile of colours so it gets more random then.

The logic I use to choose colours digitally or otherwise is: I tend to have a dominant colour for each piece that occupy most of the colour space, and one or two secondary colours. I normally chose complimentary colours as well.

I also tend to favour one “neutral” colour as my dominant one for each piece and then use much brighter and saturated colours for contrast as my secondary tones.

I always pay attention to colour composition as well. Saturated or very dark tones are “heavy” so I tend to balance them very well by either using them in smaller areas (the heavier, the smaller, if that makes sense) or by carefully balancing the other tones to offset the stronger ones.

Apart from that I also employ some pos-production adjustments on PS for the colours and values until I am content with them. I do this kind of thing by “feeling” alone. No techniques for that I am afraid.

Another thing is I tend to always employ my favourite colour combinations as much as I feel it is right in order to build a colour identity and style throughout my portfolio. So basically, choose your favourite colours, choose 2 complementary colours that go along nicely with them and call that a palette. Have a few of these to choose from. Then have them dominate your piece and use other colours only sparingly.

I hope that helps, but ask me if something is not clear.

Also, It might interest you that I am currently working on setting up a Youtube channel where I will teach my techniques and also drawing in general. I will let you guys know once I launch it.


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