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Ironfists: Proud, strong and fierce, the Ironfists are renowned for their formidable warriors of noble descent and their military might. Hailing from far up north on the Orocani mountains and near the gulf left by the now extinct sea of Helcar, they are said to be the first to unveil the secrets of Iron and Steel, which they brought to Durin as their gift when they answered to his call. They are a very warlike and greedy people though, and are accounted to have been involved in many shameful minor wars against other clans, particularly with the Firebeards, to whom they bear a grudge and consider to be their rivals. It is also with great difficulty that they accept to be ruled over by the Longbeards, and despite recognising their authority as rightful rulers of the dwarfkind, they take every opportunity they can to act independently. 
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not always the easiest to get along with but always good to have at your side in a fight, I really like the way these guys look and the fact that they are strong badass warriors
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Exactly. Maybe not great friends for an afternoon tea but will get your back when the orc hordes arrive.
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I think I've already stated that I'm not fond of the viking hypotesis for the Ironfist because for me the viking-dwarves are the Longbeards of Erebor already (they have viking names and live along the vikingish people of Dale). Also if Hobbiton is at the latitude and approximate situation of Oxford that would make Scandinavia somewhere around Erebor and the Baltic Sea somewhere around the Long Lake.

I was thinking that a good way of making eastern Dwarves unique would be to take inspiration from jewish history just like Tolkien did ... I believe you've done that already but I think it can be done even more.
I like the idea that they would be the first masters of iron though and in the Torah the first blacksmith is Tubal-Cain (you could easilly make a hebrew name from that like Tubulkan) the adversary of Noah in the eponymous movie (in which our good friend TurnerMohan starred) ... Some scholars have made his land some part of Anatolia, others placed him in Iberia, Tuscany, etc. So I believe they could be caucasians but with a more southern/mediterannean type.

The Georgians also claim descent from Tubal-Cain which could be a good inspiration too, mixing Pyrenean and and Caucasian cultures : two good mountains to hold Dwarves and two good places for them. May be they fled from one (Orocarni/Caucasus) to the other after they were attacked by Dragons (which happenned since their Ring was melted like the others by Dragon-fire).

Making them central-asian (Caucasus) of origin would also make sense as they are paired with the Stiffbeards in your fan-lore. I believe your Stiffbeards could very welle be inspired by the Khazars : an ethnicity of nomadic, central-asian jews. Not far from how you imagined them don't you think ?
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I like your ideas for Stonefoots better than the ones for Ironfists. According to my measurements, Erebor would be as far as Denmark. This is why I chose the Nordic approach for them.
But they are all good seeds of ideas and I will give it more thought.
Thanks a lot for sharing such in-depth ruminations. 
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Which idea for Stonefoots ? I have some but I don't think I've shared them with you yet (I just think your Ethiopian Dwarf is a more original and appropriate design than the current one). And you're right : Erebor could be around Denmark but where would you place the Ironfist then since they should be further East ? Erebor was discovered by the Longbeard and the Ironfist awoken (at least) as far east from Khazad-Dûm than the Ered Luin are in the west. Which put them around Rhûn.

*I meant a kuzdul name from Tubal-Caïn (already hebrew) like Tubhulkan or something.
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I assumed your ideas about caucasian and jewish Dwarfs would be referring to the Stonefoots. It fits them well.
Following your logic, the Ironfists would have awoken around modern day Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, maybe even before the Baltic sea existed.
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No I was refferring to the Iron Fists for being the Caucasian/Russian Jewish House. As for the Stonefoot I imagined them similar to the Falashas following your idea that they were the first house to recognize Durin just like the Queen of Sheba was among the first to recognize king Solomon. I imagine every house of Dwarf to refer to a mythical or historical group of jews (the western Dwarves being similar to the jews of western Europe made the oldest community when in history they are among the last to form).
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Warriors and ironworkers. Great weaving together of ancient Germanic warrior culture with Arda's Dwarves, both in art and background. War for the sake of war.
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Hardcore Dwarves.
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Aye! Now also with a doodle partially based upon them. :D

Nevaz Barim Dwarf by KarakNornClansman
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This is absolutely gorgeous my friend! Please keep them coming! This is one of my very favourites now!
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Thank you most kindly, my friend! I'll take a plunge into post-apocalyptic stuff during much of the summer, but I'll try to find time to churn out some more Dwarves nevertheless.

Most encouraging, Artigas! :)
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