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[Killzone] The Helghast-Vektan Synthesis by MrImperatorRoma, literature

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Hi folks, I am opening up for non-commercial commissions until I am booked up. If you need a commercial use license, just write me an email and we will discuss that. All the items in the list can be added up together in a package. If you need a composition with many characters or items not fully designed or rendered (as in a scene with an army on the BG for ex) just reach me and we will discuss a fair price as a composition instead.   Items refer to things like a weapon, a piece of armour or a small collection of objects presented as a single drawing. Characters include the concept design (I only proceed to the final rendering once you giv
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To all the great people that joined my raffle: After a long long wait, the parcel finally reached its destination and I have the pleasure to reveal who is the benefactor of your generosity, including a message from him to you: Hello, my fellow deviants! My username here in DA in :iconmentat0209: and I've been here in DeviantArt for over 12 years. As some of you guys may know, I specialize in pen and ink illustrations, but many of you guys may not know why: I am colorblind. I have a strong protanomaly, and according to Wikipedia: 'Is caused by the complete absence of red retinal photoreceptors. Protans have difficulties distinguishing between blue and green colors and also between red and green colors... Pure reds cannot be seen, instead appearing black; purple colors cannot be distinguished from blues; more orange-tinted reds may appear as dim yellows, and all orange–yellow–green shades of too long a wavelength to stimulate the blue receptors appear as a similar yellow hue. It is
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Good news to all the good people that contributed to my raffle. The package should be arriving at its destination any time from now. I will keep you posted with news. Thank you again for making this possible, I am excited to learn how well it work
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So theoretically, a dwarfen war-hound. Like a corgi, but a bit more terrier and big paws for digging, stocky to carry little packs of emergency supplies. Or even armor for combat. Low head with a thick skull. Perhaps a goat-like 'beard' in honor of its patrons.

I like the sound of it. Where did this come from?

My braaaaaiiinnnnnnn!

Sounds interesting there :D

When you come back, please submit your inspiring fascinating concept art into the gallery of our active and ambitious group: ! We would like to feature it even if fantasy isn't our main focus:

To make your job easier I've collected the desired items here in a favorites collection with your username:

Please take your time and submit them from your end to our group gallery! I can't do it myself since I'm mostly out of submissions these days as a group founder (10 per day is nothing).

If you have speed paints, tutorials etc. on this thematic please let me know!

Let me know if you don’t know how to do any of these or you having difficulties being on mobile!

You can definitely also join our group!

PS: judging by your few but exceptional historical work in the past, I beg you to consider touching a bit more this subject nowadays. With your current skills it would go way beyond that.

Thank you very much for the appreciation and offer.

I will have to disappoint you I am afraid, I have very little time to spare and it is difficult for me to manage my own portfolios let alone participate in groups.

I am thankful you shared my work there and you are always welcome to do it but unfortunately I will not be able to help otherwise.

Best of luck with the group.