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Azog220Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hey Artigas, just wanted to recommend some books that I’ve read that o think you’d really enjoy. They are parts of a series called Creature Warfare by Osprey Publishing; the current books are Orc Warfare, Dwarf Warfare and Elf Warfare, with a fourth book titled Undead Warfare coming out in September. They were written by a man named Chris Pramas, whose worked on several RPG supplements, including several from 4th Edition D&D. How you can check them out and enjoy them as much as I do!

Hello Azog220,

Thank you kindly for your recommendation. You would be spot on with it where I not already read the books. I am a lifelong big fan of Osprey publishings and I was super excited when they announced these books, and I was gifted them by a good friend of mine.

To be honest, I cannot say I loved it. I was fascinated by it of course, but not in love. It made me think about what I didn't like about it, what was missing and what was just no as good as it could be.

This thinking led me to concept after concept and all I can say is I've been working on Illustrating a book just like that but with my own ideas and art. I've been working on it slowly but surely, and I will soon post some of the first images for that project. I hope it will appeal to a decent number of people, as I have plans to pitch a few people about it :D

Best regards,


great stuff adding to my watch.

I am glad you like it.


I'm looking forward to the day, you'll do some mongol-warrior concept! You would have great abilitys for that!


One of my favourite cultures of all times. I am open to commissions atm, wink wink

FaegirrStudent Digital Artist

THIS IS IT! THIS IS GOOD ART! Love yer stuff laddeh! Especially Dwarves!