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Hi, guys! So I've been having some trouble with the DA mobile app and realized several (at least 11) of my fanarts have been labelled as Mature Content by the DeviantArt bots, and, as such, are completely unavailable on the iOS mobile app. I contacted the DeviantArt support team about the problem only to be told there was nothing they could do "but the pictures are still available on desktop". This is ridiculous and I greatly apologize to all of you for the inconvenience. If you're new here I want to make it absolutely clear that all my content is meant to be completely family friendly and in face family oriented. I am not a NSFW artist and take great strives in my work to make sure it is not only safe for all viewers, but holds no negative connotations or spreads ill-intent toward anyone. I'm especially sorry to any of my underage followers who may now see that some of my work is restricted from them. :saddummy:

Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness Review by GentleAir, literature

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My Bio
Looking from the outside I'm just a normal - almost boring little online marketing manager, who wastes her time with working, laundry, watching TV and sometimes party.
On a closer look I'm not only boring, but slightly crazy, spending my (very little) spare time with drawing, writing fanfiction and making up fantastic stories beyond usual human imagination.
I am the falling star, that shines bright for a few moments and then disappears forever, after leaving a glorious first impression.

MtR Podcast

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yeah, little update on that. I had a surgery on my back last year, life looks brighter since then. Looking at my last post I got to admit that I was in a daaark place. It messes with your head when you are unable to pick up and care for your own baby. ANYWAY. Part 3 of my novel series is in the making. I hope to finish it until april 2023. In the meantime I had a guest appearance in the Postcast "Stranger than FanFiction", which talks about old MtR fanficitons. You can listen to episode 29 here. Since some
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Damn 2020

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fuck this year. it had some pros and cons. so let's see. + i got married before covid was a thing outside of china. + pregnancy and birth of a cute baby girl - i broke my nose - lock down - my boss got fired and i don't know wether i will still have a job next year - i got a slipped disc during birth (01.10.) and I'm still in consant pain. soooo, i'm writing this because i'm downing in self pity. i only see the negative things right now. i have the cutest baby, but I'm unable to pick her up, carry or cuddle her. it only works right now, because my health insurance covers for my husband staying at home for 2 more months (until end of january). he does everything right now. everybody tells me to be patient, but how can i keep up a good mood, when the pain gets worse instead of better. i do all the excercises, like the doctors said, but the pain gets worse. any of you has experience with a slipped disc? maybe you have some words of comfort ...
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2020 so far

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Woah guys, what a year! First I broke my nose, then I married and appearantly I was pregnant during all of that :XD: And now there's this corona shut down. I practice strict social distancing, ya know, beeing pregnant and all. Aside from that things are great! :D The second book of my novel series will be published within the next weeks. yoink! How are you doing? How do you cope with corona?
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Hello again artificus!

Thanks, again. 
I am glad to see you support my drawings 
That's why I have one more favour to ask of you, my friend.
If it is not too much trouble, can you take a minute to subscribe to my youtube channel? 
I want to make it as a freelance artist and I think youtube is the way to go.
That's why if you do subscribe to my channel, don't forget to click the notification icon to get notified whenever I post an art tutorial

I make tutorials because I want to repay your kindness for supporting me :D 
I want to give back to you, and our community

Here is the link :… :happybounce:

If you are hesitant, I understand. 
I might sometimes sound too straighforward and I apologize if this comment inconveniences you. 
If you just want a sample of what Kind of tutorials I make, here (face tutorial, step by step) :
Thank you again, I really do mean it. And would love to have you join my youtube family, artificus!

would you like to take my challenge
read this in the link below about what it is and what the rules are


so do you accept the challenge cause this is really important to me
reply back if you accept the invite if you are reading this right now

can you make some disney characters as babies please
what will you give me in return? nothing is for free, ya know