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Playstation 4 Concept Final

This is my popular first concept of the PS4.

FULL HD Video: [link]
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concept pc tower make it your self
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Too bad it looks nothing like this.
The real one looks cheap as fuck.
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My Dad use to play around with me when I was younger and told me "no ps3 ps4 or ps5 for you". Dad can still use that joke because... I don't have a ps3 :D. (I wish I did though)

Your computer must be so laggy from making a model that good :).
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very nice concept it looks really intersting
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Schaut gut aus ;)
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Anything with that shape always make me LOL...I know..immature...but still..LOL

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looks cool but a ps4 should look smaller i think... its now bigger than ps3....
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Excellent Work .......!
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Very nice render, very realistic :)
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Interesting :D I really like this design..
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That Power buton is Huge lol

Great Design And I see you didnt choose the AMD graphics chip (good)
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schöne arbeit
sollte mal render des tages werden ;)
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Danke :)

Ja, das wär schön :D
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Beatiful! *-*
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This design is amazing, the render too. If I had the money and I saw this in a store I'd buy it for sure.
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ist dir echt gut gelungen :)
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Good design, But PS4 will have AMD cpu not Intel.
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I know, but I like Intel and this is just a concept how I would like the PS4 ;)
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