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Playstation 4 Concept

Playstation 4

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Whoa, 4 HDMI ports. My GTX 650 only has 1.
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This could acctually make for a pretty good design!
The shape of the console looks good, and the controller is just AWESOME with the little touch screen!
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how it will cost ???
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how it will cost ??
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I like the design, what's the size in real life? Also, there's just something weird about the power button. It looks awkwardly big, you should probably scale it down a tad bit. It does however follow the basic design concept behind Sony Vaio's large entertainment computers, where the hing is a long silver tube with a power button on one end and an ac input on the other.
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Cool design, though I whould reconsider the location of the power input.
And whats up with the 4 hdmi ports, one whould think 1 picture output whould be enough? :P maybe, swap them with usb and/or e-sata ports? :D
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Thx :) Why shall I change the position of the power input?

4 HDMI ports to connect 4 Displays. Could be usefull, if your TV is too small, but you want to play with 3 or 4 friends... I´ve placed 4 USB ports and an e-SATA at the front, would be difficult to reach the ports, if they are behind the console ;)
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Well looking back on the consoles that can stand or lie down, the power input is set to a location closer to the bottom and the surface its resting on. Im thinking its that way in order to ensure that the console is not knocked over if someone for some reason trips on the cable. But now that I think about it again, why whould someone wonder around behind a console and monitor.. But there is still something buggering me about having it on the top like that. :)
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hübsch, aber wäre sony bestimmt zu wenig innovativ-futuristisch.
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Mach mit und zeig was du dir unter innovativ-futuristisch vorstellst ;)(Machst du eig. noch 3D?)

Ist schon richtig, aber ich wollte auch nicht übertreiben, eher lieber etwas realistischer und schöner.
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Ich mach zurzeit garkein 3D. Erstmal keinen Bock mehr soviel Zeit am Bildschirm zu verbringen...
Ist natürlich trotzdem nen cooles Teil!
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Great & nice concept :thumbsup:;)
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You're welcome :thumbsup:;)
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